Zachary is one of the characters in Glitchtale. Zachary made his debut in the 2nd part of Game Over.


Zachary is a young boy with spiky blue hair and eyes of the same color. He wears a long sleeve shirt with a collar, thin eyebrows, and a small ball-shaped nose.


  • Magic Sense: It was revealed on Camila's Tumblr that Zachary can see the soul or magic of a person or being, but it doesn't work on things that are an object. [1]


Game Over Part 2

In this episode, Zachary makes an appearance with his mother and Hugo, warning Ronan and Undyne about a large cluster of magical power under the streets, moving towards the school. This is his only appearance in the episodes thus far.


  • Zachary was announced in an Amino post, [2] but his name was revealed in another [3] Amino post by Camila Cuevas.
  • It was also revealed in one of Camila's Tumblr posts that he was named after an OFF character named Zacharie.
  • Zachary appears to be blind (or have some other vision disability) because, in Camila's problems art, he was seen reading braille. She has even mentioned in a post [4] that it was funny that he was looking directly at an object.
    • Zachary has also stated that the fireworks sounded (not looked) beautiful in a post.[5]
  • Zachary can actually "see" things similar to what someone that somehow has X-ray vision would see, he is able to see souls, see other peoples' bodies. However, he cannot see objects such as hats, clothes, the floor, etc.
  • There is a possibility that Zachary would play an important role later in Glitchtale as it was revealed in one Cami's P.O Box video.


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