I'm excited to see how long you'll survive.
~ Chara

Your Best Friend is the fourth episode in the first season of Glitchtale.


Sans, Gaster, Flowey, and Frisk (who lost his soul power), team up to defeat Chara.


Flowey and Frisk are at Sans's lab behind his house. Sans is fixing a device that will bring Gaster back from the void, while Flowey is skeptical about the whole situation, especially after Sans informs them how he has tried fixing it a couple of hundred times already.

Sans warns the group, telling them to shield their eyes as the machine emits a bright light. Once the light is gone, Gaster is among them. After some banter, Gaster teleports the gang to where their battle will take place. Sans gives the six human souls to Flowey in order to transform him into Omega Flowey.

Not too long into the battle and Gaster is already assisting Sans and Flowey. Gaster protects Frisk using a Kindness shield. During the battle, Chara sends an attack aimed at Omega Flowey which wraps around his arm. Chara tears off Flowey's arm.

Gaster then lowers the shield which was protecting Frisk so he can use all of his magic hands to attack Chara. However, Chara fights back with a multi-directional attack, successfully fooling Gaster. Gaster puts up a shield, but Chara's attack redirects its aim for Frisk. Sans teleports in front of Frisk, which may have been being foreshadowing Dust, but Gaster takes the attack, lowering his HP significantly.

Sans once again uses his real special attack and "kills" Chara. However, they refuse to die and fight back, knocking Sans out. Flowey uses his final attack, the Hope Cannon, to counter Chara's HATE attack, reverting back to his Flowey form. With Chara about to attack Flowey, Frisk recovers his DETERMINATION and summons a shield to protect Flowey. Frisk then calls for help to return the power of the six souls to Flowey along with his own, turning him into Asriel Dreemurr.


  • When Camila was finishing "Your Best Friend" she started to make plans for Season 2.[1]


  1. When Camila was finishing "Your Best Friend" she started to make plans for Season 2. (Link)


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