ya had me..."dead" worried there.
~ Sans

Yet Darker is the 2nd episode of the Glitchtale series created by Camila Cuevas.


The Awakening

The episode begins with a message that is constantly flickering between Wingdings and text, which is transcribed below.

Frisk wakes Sans up in Waterfall, and Sans decides to take a shortcut to Grillby's. Frisk gets separated from Sans and finds a mysterious door in a corridor. He opens the door and goes in, meeting Gaster. Meanwhile, Sans arrives at Grillby's, planning to talk to Frisk about the previous timeline (see Megalomaniac), but realizes Frisk is not with him.

However, the door closes behind Frisk, trapping them inside the room. Gaster proceeds to explain that he needs Frisk's soul to become whole again. Frisk tries to reset, but Gaster envelops the button in blackness, saying, "I'M AFRAID I CAN NOT ALLOW YOU TO DO THAT" and attacks Frisk.

Frisk keeps dodging his assaults until Gaster fires a gaster blaster at them, at which point Sans appears, blocks the hit with a bone, and tries to teleport out of the room. Gaster tells him this doesn't work, prompting Sans to blast the door away instead, accidentally killing a butterfly.


Outside, Gaster re-forms (gaining new abilities), and Sans informs Frisk rather bluntly that he can't defeat Gaster. Sans tells Frisk to give him their soul like in the last timeline, to which Frisk agrees. However, Gaster stabs Sans and takes the soul, while restraining Frisk. Frisk's soul was almost taken, but it suddenly refuses and escapes Gaster's clutch, flying right into Sans' hand.

Sans, having absorbed Frisk's soul, is healed by Frisk's determination, and cracks the aforementioned pun. Now stronger with the power of Frisk's determination, he continues fighting Gaster, until emerging victorious. 

In the end, Gaster attempts to pull a surprise attack on Sans but is subsequently killed. Sans apologizes and resets, and tells Frisk to spend more time in the Ruins after the reset so that he can 'do something'.


  • Part of Sans' hand isn't colored in.
  • Gaster's Right Eye is Orange, not Red.
  • Sans' face doesn't appear in Pictures 3, 4, and 5.




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