Veir is co-writer of the Glitchtale. It's known that he also helped with the plot of the story, especially in Season 2.


  • Co-Writer of Glitchtale.
  • A core member of the Glitchtale Crew.


  • He is also a moderator on Twitch.
  • His favorite color is green.
  • Veir started animating in 2009 and did it often until 2012, which became an on/off hobby for him until he finally quit in 2015.
  • Veir cried a little at the Season One Finale.
  • According to Veir, "Frisk is not a pacifist child."
  • Veir is color blind, so he has a hard time pointing out Justice and Integrity.
  • Integrity was the only soul to kill monsters. The tutu did say it was "Dusty" after all.
  • As stated by Veir, Sans gift to Asriel (The flower) was from Asgore's garden.
  • According to Veir, Gaster's fight wasn't just a fight but a "Strategic clash."
    • Gaster sent down small attacks to check Betty, see her reactions, and then send out the ones she could be weakened by.
    • Seeing how Betty would react—learning her strengths, her patterns. Then on the second part of the fight, He went all out. Distracting Kumu with the buzz, Gaster saw Betty attack, distracting Kumu from dodging the shield bubble. He now separated them and attacks at Betty with an ability that covers a lot of the ground, forcing her to dodge by jumping. Once in the air, she couldn't dodge and she didn't have Akumu, making her vulnerable. That's where Gaster hits her with the blaster. He didn't know she grew more powerful when she was afraid, so the power Bete gained when she thought she was going to die, fed to Akumu for more strength, enough to break the bubble. It's not just a fight, it's a strategic clash.
  • Veir doesn't want any more deaths in the show, but Cami's bloodthirsty.
    • Veir's the one who convinced Cami to play genocide in the Undertale game.
  • "I didn't kill a single soul in my first playthrough," this hinted that Veir played his first route as a pacifist until Asgore since he didn't know the combat system.
    • Camila, on the other hand, killed the first Froggit she saw. "Cami was instinctively driven to kill While I was to spare." ~ Veir.
  • Veir didn't want to go genocide on his next route, but he wanted to know how strong Sans was.
    • Vier took fifteen attempts to kill Sans, whereas Camila took eight.

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