A two-traited soul (real name unknown) is a soul with two soul traits inside it.


A two-traited soul, is otherwise known as a soul that can change colors depending on what two traits the user has, for example, in Glitchtale Origins...The Black Beast, Amber's soul was seen changing between the colors green and blue during the middle of the episode.

What Camila Cuevas Said about Two-Traited Souls

  • Combining soul traits is impossible but it is possible to use two soul traits. Though extremely unlikely.
  • It is extremely unlikely to have two traits.
  • People with two soul traits will likely have heterochromia or a cool mix of both traits in both eyes (heterochromia means that their irises' color will be two separate colors) that depend on their soul trait, or a combination of the colors of their traits, for example Amber, which will just flash between the two trait colors.