The Gadgetries are different sets of gadgets that were made by Alphys for either defense or for transportation purposes.

It was first shown in the episode named Do or Die near the ending of it. These were used by Alphys for defense, and for Jessica Grey to teleport both Gaster and her to safety.

So far, it's unknown how these are created, but they are quite useful for emergencies.


The Gadgetries are round mechanical spheres with a similar appearance to the one in "The Artifact Room", but only smaller with different shapes on the left side of the device and a different pattern to it. So far, there are only two types of Artifacts that we know of though. These items have two different types with different colors, which are currently known as green and light blue.

The green gadgets have three small circles on the left side of the sphere. Both on the top and the bottom has a metal plate, while there is a white line (paint or wires) making an L-shape.

The Light Blue Artifact has some small triangles on the left side of the sphere, both on the top and the bottom has a metal plate, while there is a white line (paint or wires) making an L-shape, similar to the green artifact.


  • Green Gadget: This Gadget can create a green shield, just like what a soul of Kindness can do for defense or to trap a person inside. A perfect example was when Alphys trapped Akumu inside of the shield.
  • Teleporter: This Gadget has the ability to teleport people to a different location. The number of triangles on the teleporter determines how many people it can teleport at a time. How it functions is that you place a triangle in a certain place, for example, Jessica in Game Over Part 2 placed the triangle of the teleporter at Rave's hut, and when Gaster teleported, he was back in Rave's hut.
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