Temmie is a background character in Glitchtale, who has only made a short cameo appearance in My Sunshine. She hasn't made any other appearances ever since then.


Temmie resembles a cat, with dog ears on the side of their heads as well as normal cat ears, shoulder-length black hair. They wear blue shirts, excluding the Temmie Shopkeeper. The Temmie Shopkeeper has grey hair and a striped blue and yellow shirt instead.


Though Temmie within Glitchtale does not actually show any sign of personality, they appear to be very energetic, and quite friendly in the original game. In Undertale, the Temmies are also shown to be quite unintelligent for the sake of comedy, and only seem to talk with some form of intelligence when trying to prove a point.


  • Tall Temmie: This very tall Temmie can walk fast, their legs deal damage. Another occasion is in Undertale when the player refuses to give Temmie Tem flakes their soul will appear in front of the tall Temmie, the head is the only place where the player is safe.
  • Elongating arms: Temmie has the ability to elongate their arms to hit their enemy.


  • Temmie Chang is the name of one of the main artists who worked on Undertale, who makes a cameo in the game through the character.


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