The Sword of Determination is a magical weapon for DETERMINATION soul users.

DETERMINATION souls can easily make a magical weapon like the Sword of Determination if they desire to do so. As long as they are determined enough to pursue a goal in mind, their magic will be boosted by their desires.


  • Attacking and Blocking: The main use of this weapon is to attack its enemies by slashing their sword at their target. It is also capable of cutting through the limbs of its enemies as well as block other weapons and blasts.
  • Slashes: This weapon is capable of sending multiple large magical slashes at their enemy that deal large amounts of damage.
  • Explosions: The user is able to create massive fiery explosions using this weapon.
  • Beams: The user can summon beams and blast them at their enemy with their sword.


  • Frisk didn't know how to spawn a sword or a shield in Season 1 because they relied on physical weapons that throw magic out of them, and didn't know how to make a magical weapon until Your Best Friend.
  • If Determination users hesitate on what their goal is, they'll struggle to maintain their sword.
  • Frisk seems unable to blast beams with his sword, while Chara was able to do this in Game Over.
  • Chara's sword has a completely different design than Frisk's and Copper's in Game Over.
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