Strelok is a YouTube-Wide Sound Designer. He's Glitchtale's Sound Effects expert.


Strelok's name is unknown, as well as his birthdate and place, but casting those aside, we can understand that he plays a major part in the 3D Sound Effects of Glitchtale.


  • Gained 100,000+ subscribers.
  • Core member of the Glitchtale Crew.


  • Strelok is completely independent for his work.
  • He uses Sound Forge, and Sony Vega.
  • Strelok became a part of the Glitchtale Crew when Season 2 started and has continued to be one ever since that point on.
  • Strelok has voiced several characters like Flowey, Frisk, Akumu, Copper Lightvale, and Ronan.

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