Strelok is a YouTube-Wide Sound Designer. He's Glitchtale's Sound Effects expert.


Strelok's true origins and name is unknown, so is his birthdate and place, but casting those aside, we can understand that he plays a major part in the 3D Sound Effects of Glitchtale.


  • Gained +50,000 subscribers.
  • Core member of the Glitchtale Crew.


  • Strelok is completely independent for his work.
  • Applications used: Sound Forge, and Sony Vega.
  • Strelok became a part of the Glitchtale Crew when Season 2 started and has continued to be one ever since that point on.
  • Strelok has voiced several characters like Flowey, Frisk, Akumu, Copper Lightvale and Ronan.

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