The Shield of Kindness is a type of shield that Kindness souls and/or others can use if they can imitate Kindness magic. It appears to be sometimes a circular green glowing shield, a sphere that can trap objects or people, and can also be a crescent-shaped shield.


  • Circular Shield: The power of this shield can vary depending on the user as if the user is still a beginner, their shields may not be as powerful as the ones powerful wizards are able to spawn. It can also block attacks, but it might crack in the process.
  • Spherical Shield: This shield can trap the enemies and protect the user or another person from all sides. (With the possible exception of being vulnerable from below if the shield is placed on the ground.) The same ability can be imitated by a Gadgetry that Alphys used in Do or Die.
  • Crescent Shield: This shield is similar to the shields mentioned above, though, it is extremely sturdy and hardly breaks or shatters.


  • It's not required to have a Kindness soul to spawn this shield, since Gaster and Chara were able to use it without possessing a Kindness soul, of course, they had their own reasons to be able to do that, such as Gaster having chromas and Chara absorbing the trait's essences, etc.
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