Shane Goldburn, the Wizard of Perseverance, was one of the seven wizards who created the barrier, sealing the monsters Underground. Despite him being taller and physically stronger, he is Roy's younger brother.


Despite his intimidating appearance, Shane is known to have a heart of gold. Shane also loves nature. He takes trips hunting to collect horns for his armor, or simply as decorations around his room. Even though Shane loves the outdoors, he has a strong fear of dogs (cynophobia).


Shane is a tall and very muscular male who's in his late 20s. He wears a dark purple cape fastened to his golden armor, and his horned helmet hides his eyes and covers most of his hair. He wears grey, finger-revealing gauntlets, and dark brown bandages. When he's not wearing his armor, it's revealed that both his hair and eyes are purple, which ties to his trait. He also wears a purple shirt which can be seen under is armor. In an episode, he was wearing silver armor instead of his golden one.


  • Arm Blades/Weapon Summoning: Shane can create arm blades that can cut through anything as stated by Cami, and are also used for defense.
  • Slow Healing: Perseverance wizards are known to cause damage that takes a long time to heal, even with the assistance of a kindness wizard. Shane's unique magic is known to cause wounds that might take up to a few days to heal.


Love Part 2

Both he and his older brother Roy made a small cameo appearance in the episode Love part 2. In one of Asgore's flashbacks, Roy was crying while Shane comforted him.


  • Camila's two favorite wizards are Kody and Shane.
  • Shane is the tallest among the wizards.
  • Camila loves Shane's design and how it came in the first speed-paint of him.[1]
  • Shane loves nature, but fears dogs.
  • Shanes magic can cause cuts that may take days to heal 
  • Shane has collected several things from his trips.
  • Shane and Gaster were apparently best friends.[2]


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