Shane Goldburn, the Wizard of Perseverance, was one of the seven wizards that created the barrier, sealing off the monsters Underground. Despite him being taller and even physically stronger, this wizard is Roy's younger brother.


Shane might have had a somewhat intimidating appearance, however, it has been stated that he has a heart of gold. This is supported during his short cameo in Love Part 2. Due to having a Perseverance soul, he held a persistent persona. Shane is the type of person who really loves nature to where he goes on hunting trips to collect horns of animals and place them on his armor and helmet, or even around his room. Even though Shane loves outdoor. He has a fear of dogs.


Shane has a muscular body, a dark purple cape that is fastened to his light-yellow armor with the help of triangular buttons. His horned helmet appears to hide his eyes and cover most of his hair. He wears grey, finger-revealing gauntlets and dark brown bandages that almost touch his elbows. He wears golden faulds.


  • Arm Blades/Weapon Summoning: Shane has the ability to create arm blades that are most likely able to cut through anything (as stated by Cami) and can also be used defensively.


Love Part 2

Roy and his brother Shane both made a cameo in this episode. In one of Asgore's flashbacks, Roy was seen crying as Shane was comforting him.


  • Camila's two favorite wizards are Kody, and Shane.
  • Shane is the tallest among the wizards.
  • Camila loves Shane's design and how it came in the first speedpaint of him.[1]
  • Shane loves nature, but fears dogs.
  • Shane has collected several things from his trips.
  • Shane and Gaster were apparently best friends.[2]


  1. Camila loves Shane's design and how it came in the first speedpaint of him. (Link)
  2. Shane and Gaster were apparently best friends.