I have to go through this again?
~ Seth while crying in Camila's problems art

Seth is a character in Glitchtale. He made a small appearance in the episode Game Over.


Seth is a young boy who wears a purple sweater/polo shirt that has a light purple collar. His hair is styled in a way in which it covers one of his eyes. Also, his eyes and hair are purple, corresponding to his trait. However, in a drawing by Cami, Seth's hair and eyes turned grey.
IMG 6113

Powers and Abilities

Purple Slash: Seth fired a slash by kicking the air to attack Betty, but this was cut from Game Over part 2. It's unknown if we will see it officially in Glitchtale yet.


Game Over Part 2

After breaking the magic barrier and killing a few people, Bete Noire prepares to attack a terrified Seth. Before she can, Mettaton shines his spotlight on her, causing her to fall. Mettaton then sends Seth to safety.


  • Seth was first announced in one of Camila's amino posts. However, his name was first revealed in a different amino post.
  • In a sketch, when comparing his height to the other children, Seth is the tallest amongst the other children.
  • There was a deleted scene when making Game Over Part 2 where Seth defended himself from Betty.[citation needed]
  • Seth could possibly play an important role later on in Glitchtale as heard in one Cami's P.O Box video.


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