I have to go through this again?
~ Seth while crying in Camila's problems art

Seth is a character in Glitchtale that first made an appearance in Game Over.


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Seth is a young boy who wears a purple sweater/polo shirt that has a light purple collar with his hair parted in such a way that covers one of his eyes. Due to him having a perseverance trait, his eyes and hair are purple, corresponding to his trait. However, in a drawing by Cami, Seth's hair and eyes turned grey due to an unknown reason.


None is known about his personality as of now.

Powers and Abilities

Purple Slash: Seth fired a slash by kicking the air to attack Betty in one scene, but this was cut from Game Over Part 2, so as a result, it is unknown if we will ever see it officially in Glitchtale.


Game Over Part 2

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After breaking the magic barrier and killing a few people, Bete Noire prepares to attack a terrified Seth. Before she can, Mettaton shines his spotlight on her, causing her to fall. This action allowed Mettaton to get Seth to safety.


  • Seth was first announced in one of Camila's amino posts. But however, his name was first revealed in a different amino post.
  • In a sketch, when comparing his height to the other children, Seth is shown to be the tallest amongst the other children.
  • There was a deleted scene when making Game Over Part 2 where Seth defended himself from Betty.
  • It is possible Seth could play a larger role in Glitchtale as heard during one Cami's P.O Box video.


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