Season 2 of Glitchtale is the ongoing season of Glitchtale, which started with My Sunshine. However, things don't seem to end well, as a new kind of "monster" shows up to challenge the cast. The season is still ongoing.

NyxTheShield is the official composer for the series. Plus, Strelok is the official SFX maker for the series. However, other music makers like Rush Garcia and Nevan Dove have made songs for Season 2.


Episode no. Title Release Date Summary
Episode 1 My Sunshine October 24, 2016 The monsters and Frisk still need to convince the ambassador of the Anti-Monster Department to join their side, while a certain girl also appears much to Frisk's surprise.
Episode 2 Dust November 30, 2016 Everything is going downhill as Asgore is placed into jail, Papyrus is tricked into following a human's command, and Gaster makes a startling discovery about one of the main cast's friends.
Episode 3 Do or Die February 13, 2017 In light of the events featured previously, Frisk tries to stay determined. Gaster, on the other hand, intends to face the newest threat to their safety directly.
Episode 4 Love Part 1: May 29, 2017
Part 2: October 3, 2017
Part 1: The situation gets dire for the main cast, and in light of it, Frisk starts making harsher, even crueler decisions as the main threat grows in power.

Part 2: As Frisk faces off against Bête Noire, Asriel faces an important talk with Asgore after what happened previously before facing his old self and going out and helping Frisk. Additionally, Gaster feels anguish after he makes a shocking discovery about Jessica.

Episode 5 My Promise April 6, 2018 With tensions rising up and everyone growing desperate as friends are becoming wounded, Frisk decides to take drastic measures to save the timeline.
Episode 6 Game Over Part 1: August 15, 2018
Part 2: January 25, 2019
Part 1: With Chara in the lead, Gaster tries more experiments to save Sans, Papyrus is starting to snap, and a new person emerges with an offer for Jessica. Things can't get worse, or can they?

Part 2: Bête Noire has made her move on the city. As the army struggles to mount a defense against the onslaught of soul-eating blobs, Chara and company race to cut off the problem at its source. The final battle has begun.

Episode 7 Hate December 1, 2019 It's a race against time to stop Bête Noire, and the stakes are rising slowly with every passing minute. But it's not over yet. As new and old clash, ideals are tested, and pasts are flung into the present... Not everyone is going to make it out alive.
Episode 8 Animosity July 2020 Unknown



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