Season 1 of Glitchtale revolves around a failed Genocide Run, that transforms the timeline to a point where characters like Gaster and Chara have been revived fully. The season ends with Chara dying after they fought Asriel, who was resurrected, and with the Reset button destroyed by Frisk.

The first few episodes didn't have any voice acting, but with Continue, it adopted a Zelda-like dialogue method. The music of Season 1 were originally divided between many musicians, and eventually was concreted to NyxTheShield. Strelok also sounded the last episode, along with a compilation of all the episodes, which was made to incorporate his sound works in there.


Episode no. Title Release Date Summary
Episode 1 Megalomaniac February 27, 2016 After all but completely corrupting Frisk and guiding them on a genocidal path through the Underground, Chara sets their sights on Sans.
Episode 2 Yet Darker March 19, 2016 W.D. Gaster seeks to undo his accidental death by stealing Frisk's soul.
Episode 3 *Determination April 2, 2016 Previous events have glitched the timeline enough for Chara to return as their own separate entity, allowing them to steal the essence of Frisk's determination; Sans and Flowey must team up to stop them.
Episode 4 Your Best Friend May 2, 2016 It's time for round two against Chara, and this time, Sans calls on an old friend to help him and Flowey with the fight.
Episode 5 Continue June 24, 2016 The battle over the timelines will be determined by the battle between Chara and Asriel.


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