Scared Of Me is the Glitchtale parody of the Steven Universe song, Stronger Than You, with lyrics written by Camila and Veir, along with music by Amella, sound FX by NyxTheShield, and vocals by ProjectSNT.


Bete Noire sings about her true intentions.


For Lyrics, see Scared Of Me/Transcript.

How it relates to Glitchtale

  1. "The child that claims to everyone they meet they're a pacifist" Referring to Frisk appearing as a kind and gentle pacifist throughout most of Glitchtale, despite the genocide committed in the past.
  2. "With a sword and a shield" Referring to Frisk wielding a sword and a shield.
  3. "Came to face me shaking out of FEAR" Referring to Bete's ability to strike fear into the heart of her enemies, as well as when Frisk was scared when Asriel told him about Bete's true nature.
  4. "Our ancestors already settled once this plight. And just in case you're still curious, my creator was victorious" Referring to The Tale of Two Siblings, when the Wizard of Determination, Copper Lightvale, who was beaten by The Wizard of Bravery, Agate Lightvale, who afterward created Bete.
  5. "All I can see in your grip is a ballet shoe," Referring to the integrity Frisk has lost.
  6. "Are you scared because I killed some of your close friends?" and "Your friend's souls give me enough euphoria" Referring to Bete killing Sans, Asriel, and others for their souls. It also shows Bete's sadism.
  7. "Or because your soul has refused to mend?" Referring to Frisk being in a weak condition, according to Bete in Love Part 1.
  8. "I don't need to use my Rhabdophobia" Talking about Bete's special attack, Rhabdophobia
  9. "I'm made of your worst FEARS" "I am FEAR" Bete's soul trait fear, and her ability to scare her opponents.
  10. "I'm just speeding up the process, I'll just bring it to its end." Bete's goal is to make sure monsters and humans never live in peace.
  11. "I don't get why you cry over your friends dying, especially after your own genocide" Referring to Frisk's genocide. The lyric shows Bete is aware of others' past, further proved by her conversation with Akumu.


  • Bete knows about Frisk's Genocide Run.
  • Near to the end of the song, Bete starts to hum "Megalovania", which is Sans' Genocide battle theme in Undertale.
  • This song is a parody of Steven Universe, "Stronger Than You" by Rebecca Sugar.
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