enjoy the future for me.
~ Sans’s request to Asriel after taking a fatal hit for him in Dust

Sans is one of the main characters of Glitchtale. He appeared in S1 as one of the most important characters who haven't been in action for most of S2.


Sans is a relatively short monster, having a height similar to Frisk, Alphys, and Chara. He wears a blue hoodie with a white t-shirt and black shorts.

As of HATE, Sans now wears a cyan-like shirt with a turtle top instead of his white t-shirt. His slippers are replaced with sneakers as well.

When either absorbing a Soul of Determination or being injected with it, both Sans' eyes will turn blue, showcasing a significant boost of power.


Almost always showing a smiley expression and a laid back tone, Sans is a character who’s known to make puns and to be extremely lazy as well.

Usually, Sans is an easy-going and agreeable person; however, he can be eerily serious at times. In the Underground, Sans had acted especially lazy because he knew that any progress he’d made would be reset. Though, in Glitchtale, when Frisk breaks the reset button, he begins to realize he finally has a future and is not as lazy as he was in the past.

While he can hold anger for what characters like Asriel had done in the past, he is willing to forgive and to start anew. Sans also is willing to put his life down if it means his loved ones can have a future, even if he wants one. It is evident through him taking a fatal hit to save Asriel’s life.  


  • Teleportation: The ability to transport somewhere in an instant.
  • Bone Attack: The ability to summon bones and use them as attacks.
  • Gaster Blasters: The ability to summon Gaster Blasters for attack and defense.
  • Gaster Blastermination: Sans summons a wall of Gaster Blaster; however, this heavily tires him out. While having Determination soul trait, Sans can summon more than one of these attacks.
  • Karmic Retribution (KR): Works with enemies that don't have LV and increase the original effect on enemies that have it.

These abilities are gained when Sans absorbs Frisk's soul.

  • Greater Stats: Sans' stats become higher. His HP will be 21, his ATK won't go higher than 1, and DEF will be 999. (Determination gives him an incredible boost to the defense.)
  • RESET: As we can see from Megalomaniac and Yet Darker, Sans was able to reset the timeline.
  • Due to glitches, Sans can now remember all the timelines starting from "Megalomaniac".

Official Comics

Timeline 1 Official Comic


Sans vs Flowey

Throughout the animation, Flowey and Sans repeatedly fought with Sans winning every single time, which is likely since Flowey did not have the six souls absorbed, which ultimately made him lose.

Eventually, Flowey couldn't fight anymore. Using this opportunity, Sans played a sadistic game of spare-don't spare with him and his petals. He soon decided not to spare him and killed him as a result.


Sans appeared at the start of the animation in the judgment hall. Here he encounters Frisk, and the two fought numerous times, with Frisk dying often.
IMG 4668

Sans when fighting Frisk

Eventually, after Chara sealed Frisk away when they attempted to reset, Chara had entered the hall. Hate-filled Chara soon challenged Sans, and they started to fight.

IMG 4670

Sans after taking Frisk's soul

Sans seemed unable to defeat Chara, who avoided all of his attacks. Eventually, he became too tired to keep fighting. Chara, not letting this opportunity go to waste, attempted to kill Sans. However, Frisk came in at just the right moment. They jumped in front of him, saving his life. Before dying, they told him to take their soul and fix their mistakes. Sans quickly grabbed their soul, causing him to get stronger. He "dunked" Chara and pressed the reset button with the help of the DETERMINATION he gained from absorbing Frisk's soul.

Yet Darker

IMG 4673

Sans with Frisk in Yet Darker

When the episode starts, Frisk wakes Sans up. Sans decides to take them at Grillby's through a "short-cut" that he knows. 

However, when Sans arrives at Grillby's, he realizes that something is wrong; Frisk isn't with him.

During Frisk's encounter with Gaster, Sans soon appears and attempts to teleport away from Gaster; however, this fails. To escape, he uses a gaster blaster, killing a random pink butterfly in the process, to burst open the door.

IMG 7374

Sans defeating Gaster

The two manage to leave the room; however, Gaster (partly) materializes and becomes stronger. In order to defeat Gaster, Sans informs Frisk to give him their soul. Frisk willingly hands over their soul to him; unfortunately, Gaster takes Frisk's soul instead and stabs Sans with a large black spike. Luckily, Frisk's soul did not allow Gaster to take it, and as Frisk's soul refuses, it rushes over to Sans, allowing him to take it and become stronger.

Sans manages to destroy all of Gaster's hands, and afterward, Gaster attempts to kill Sans one more time, but he stabs him with some bones. Sans then presses the RESET button again.

Don't Forget...

IMG 6626

A drawing, presumably by Sans, of him and Gaster.

Sans is seen entering his workshop and turns on the light. He walks up to a drawer and pulls out a picture. The picture is a poorly-done drawing of him and Gaster that has a taped message that said: "don't forget."

He promises his father that he will find a way to revive him without killing anyone.


IMG 4677

Sans in *Determination

When the episode begins, Sans is seen with Frisk at the Hotland and soon warns them not to reset. Sans explains that resetting can cause adverse effects on the timeline to Frisk. Later on, he teleports back to Snowdin's forest.

Following this, Flowey informs Sans that Chara has captured Frisk and wants to steal Frisk's DETERMINATION for his evil purposes.

IMG 6679

Sans and Flowey with Frisk.

The two soon arrive in the true lab to find Frisk in the DT extractor. They fight Chara for a while, but during the fight, the DT extractor finishes the process of draining Frisk's DT. Flowey and Sans attempt to take Frisk's DETERMINATION before Chara does, but sadly, they fail.

Before leaving with Flowey, Sans grabs Frisk, who is left weak and unconscious, but alive.

Your Best Friend

The episode starts out with Sans working on a machine in his secret workshop, with Flowey and a weakened Frisk watching. Soon, he finishes building the machine and powers it on, which causes Gaster to come back from the void and appear in his regular appearance that he had before falling in the void. He soon asks Gaster to take him, Flowey, and Frisk to where the human souls are.

Gaster soon takes them there using teleportation. After reaching there, Sans gives the souls to Flowey, turning him into Omega Flowey, which attracts Chara's attention; the purpose of getting human souls is so he can use their power to defeat them.

IMG 4682

Sans preparing to fight Chara

Sans, Gaster, and Omega Flowey fight Chara for some time, with Frisk watching. After Chara struck a powerful blow that nearly killed Gaster, Sans appeared to have lost his patience. He risked all of his energy by unleashing his real special attack, Gaster Blastermination.

Thanks to Chara's DETERMINATION, they survived the attack. Due to the attack draining all his energy, Sans passes out and the battle continues without him. 


I guess we were really friends after all
~ Sans to Frisk, after they broke the reset button
IMG 4685

Sans waking up at the beginning of Continue

Sans is seen at the beginning of the episode woken up by Papyrus. Papyrus asked him about the gigantic black ball of HATE, which just happened to contain Asriel and Chara.

Sans is not seen again until much later in the animation. He appeared after the barrier was broken and. A couple of frames later, he appears with Gaster, Papyrus, Toriel, Asriel, Asgore, Undyne, Alphys, and Frisk at the Surface. Sans soon remembers Frisk's failed genocide run and asks them to talk to him for a bit.

Sans and Frisk appear outside Frisk's room. Here, Sans told them that he could remember their genocide route. He proceeded to ask them when they were going to reset. Frisk then breaks the reset button and the episode then ends with Sans saying, "I guess we were really friends after all."

My Sunshine

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In this episode of Glitchtale, Asriel talked to Sans. He apologized for what he did when he was Flowey. Sans later decided to start over with him and Asriel left the room.

A few scenes later, Sans and Asriel were seen at Grillby's. Sans was seen teasing him with awful flower puns. They find Frisk, who introduced them to their new "friend", Bete Noire. Frisk asked Bete Noire why her soul reacted to Toriel's approach when she claimed she didn't have powers. This made Bete confess that she has a pink soul. This surprises Sans, Asriel, and Frisk.

Also, Sans can be seen laying on the couch while Gaster was researching the pink trait to no avail during the episode.


Asriel... Enjoy the future for me...
~ Sans' last words before "dying"
MildCrazyGuppy-size restricted

Sans appears when Frisk takes Bete to meet Papyrus. Soon, Sans, Frisk, Bete Noire, and Asriel go to Mettaton's first live performance.

IMG 4706

Sans with Bete after getting hit by Jessica's "monster paralyzing gun"

When they arrive, Bete decides to go talk to Mettaton. Meanwhile, Papyrus was tricked by a hallucination of a little girl (appeared with yellow weave long hair and yellow clothes similar to Agate Lightvale) made by Bete Noire into dropping large slabs of concrete on the area. Sans used his powers to stop the concrete from falling. Then Jessica Grey, who was waiting for an opportunity, shot him with her "Monster Paralyzing Gun". This caused him to temporarily lose his powers and caused Jessica's soul to crack from the immense amount of energy it takes to use.

AjarEsteemedGoral-size restricted

Soon, Sans gathered Frisk, Asriel, and Bete Noire to share their ideas to find a way to sort through all the chaos. When Frisk confesses that they were, selfishly, thinking about resetting, Sans became angry, as he then realized that their promise was a lie since the beginning and calls them selfish just to have their own enjoyment, as he finds it suspicious that the first thing that came to mind was resetting. He also knew this would mean losing Gaster and Asriel forever. Frisk retaliated, and that they could bring them back; Sans then reminds that getting bored with a reset would again resolve in Genocide. When Frisk again tries to make him "understand", Sans pulls them near and almost breaks his promise to Toriel if it weren't for Asriel. Not wanting to be reminded of a promise that has been treated as nothing since it was made, Sans throws his bracelet to the floor. Frisk tries to apologize, or again, selfishly make him understand his point of view, only for Sans to threaten to harm them another time. He then heads off to the AMD feeling betrayed, leaving a sobbing Frisk behind.

IMG 7378

Sans summoning a bone

Sans and Asriel then went to AMD's recording room. Here, they watched the camera's recordings. They soon see the recording where Frisk saved Bete Noire from getting hit by a car. But instead of a car appearing, nothing appeared, indicating that she was using her ability to create and control hallucinations to make Frisk see a car. They also saw a recording of her leaving Gaster's lab through the wall as the reunion was occurring.

AgileInfatuatedBlesbok-size restricted
Spear Of Fear

When they realized that Bete Noire was behind all the chaos, Bete Noire entered the room. She wasted no time unleashing the true monster inside her. Before they could escape, Jessica Grey once again shot Sans with the same gun she used earlier, removing all of the powers he managed to gain after the first time he was shot. Bete then hallucinated Asriel into seeing Chara, causing him to freeze. Little did he know that she was planning on stabbing him with her spear. She then threw her spear, but Sans was determined due to this being the only timeline with a future and teleported in front of Asriel , sacrificing himself. Bete Noire then takes his soul and gives it to Kumu to "eat", turning him to dust.

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Love Part 1

IMG 4710

Sans in Gaster's flashback

Snas broke

Sans as he receives his blue eye while Gaster falls into the void.

Sans did not make a physical or major appearance in this episode. Instead, he appeared in one of Gaster's flashbacks. He appeared with Gaster and an unnamed monster who also helped Gaster with his experiments in the CORE. In this scene, the CORE was overheating and was falling apart as a result. Gaster managed to slow down the process and he attempted to escape with Sans. But then, a pipe fell down. Gaster pushed Sans out of the way, sacrificing himself to save Sans' life. As Gaster is falling, a blue bolt of lightning is seen hitting Sans’ left eye, giving him his signature blue eye.

Love Part 2


Sans consumed by HATE


Papyrus confronting Sans

Sans returns as a major character in this episode. During the battle between Frisk and Bete, Frisk gains the upper hand after having their LV raised to 19 in response to Asriel's soul being taken. In an effort to fight back, Bete retrieves what is left of Sans' soul from Kumu and fills it with HATE, reviving him under Bete's command. Meanwhile, Gaster and Papyrus both feel his influence, and rush to the battlefield with Toriel and Asgore. As Frisk gets stricken by Sans, Papyrus intervenes and confronts Sans, leaving Frisk to continue fighting Bete. While Sans repeatedly attempts to murder his brother, Papyrus attempts to deflect his blows and insists that he will never fight back, eventually calling him his brother. This breaks Sans free from the control of HATE, leaving him in a state of unconsciousness.

Papyrus's actions inspire Frisk, who states that they will "use the opposite of HATE (Love) to save Asriel.

My Promise

Throughout the entirety of the episode, Sans was visibly unconscious. He was first seen in Papyrus's arms when he and the others have returned home.

Later, Papyrus went along with Gaster when he decided to take Sans to his lab to figure out his condition. When Papyrus was getting a notebook and pencil for his father, Gaster discovered that Sans has a fatal condition called "fallen down", in which the monster will stay in a state of unconsciousness before finally turning to dust, with no cure being able to reverse the damage.

Game Over Part 1

Again, Sans is only shown unconscious throughout the entirety of the episode. Gaster has worsened Sans’ state with Determination. According to Gaster, Sans will no longer have a peaceful death, since the Determination would force him to be fully awake to experience it.

Game Over Part 2

Sans is seen with Papyrus in this episode with the majority of his screentime in it being seen unconscious, but his hands seem to be cracking and twitching. Sans is lastly seen in the end waking up with terror in his eyes. As of right now, it is unknown what kind of role he will play in the rest of the season, but it could be presumed that he could be playing a more major role considering that he has returned, but it seems that he may not stick around for too much longer considering that determination is what is keeping him around. He is also not technically alive, but at the same time, it is not known what his fate will actually be.


Sans has a longer appearance in this episode since he woke up. Sans first notices
Wake up

Sans waking up

Papyrus mourning, about how he failed to keep the Dreemurrs' place safe. Sans then calls his name and that he looks "busted", which make Papyrus shocked, asking Sans if he died too.

Sans assured him that he wasn't, making Papyrus believe that Sans is alive. Sans says that "it's complicated" because he has been injected with DETERMINATION, which is keeping him alive for a short amount of time. Sans asks Papyrus where the others were, where he says that he knows that most of them are in the arena. Sans then asks where the "kiddo" is. Papyrus states that Chara is at the arena, confusing Sans. Sans then asks if there was "another kid", referring to Frisk. When Papyrus asks if he meant Asriel, Sans disregards the question, then notices the Bracelet that Frisk had given

Gaster Blaster Mobile

Papyrus Using his Blaster to transport him and Sans to the arena

him with a look of remorse. Papyrus asks Sans if he can teleport, but Sans explains that if he teleported to Papyrus, he would have used up a bunch of his own magic. Papyrus had an idea and uses his Gaster Blaster as transportation. Sans is last seen heading to the Arena with Papyrus.





Sans is Gaster's son and is the only one, via Gaster, who knows so. When Gaster escaped the Void, he tried killing Sans in order to become whole again. Sans had no choice but to kill Gaster in return. Later, Chara taking over the Timeline forced Sans to once again to fix the machine he had. Due to the glitches that have been occurring, the machine works and Sans and Gaster reunite with no hostility held to one another, just love.

After moving to the surface, Sans and Gaster are still shown to be very close. They also tend to enjoy to science and engineering like they used to. However, Sans was killed by Bete Noire, resulting in Gaster being devastated, and the only one who who chose to remain that way over his son. Later, Sans was revived by Hate, but thanks to his brother Papyrus, he was cleansed. While not interacting due to being unconscious, Gaster was happy to see his son alive.


Papyrus was the only family Sans had left after losing their dad. He parented Papyrus growing up, showing no signs of HATE or annoyance of his brother while doing so. They were not shown interacting until the end of season 1, but they still remain as loving brothers.

When Sans was resurrected, Papyrus tried to convince him to break free of the HATE's control. While under the HATE's influence, Sans took a liking in trying to kill his brother but grew angry when he refused to fight back. Papyrus then explains so because he was his brother, thus cleansing Sans from the HATE. Since so much of his magic was drained by Kumu, he was put in a coma, but Papyrus believes he will wake up

After Sans wakes up from coma, since he was injected with Determination, and met Papyrus above ground. While at first happy to see his brother awake, Papyrus knew Sans wasn't going to stick around longer since Determination was what kept him moving. Nerveless, they had to brush this aside to fight Bete at the arena.



While he was Flowey, they both hated each other, as Sans viewed Flowey as a sadistic monster who tormented monsters for enjoyment, and Flowey seeing Sans as a nuisance getting in the way of his fun. The two were forced to work together when Chara became a threat to their timeline as they knew it. In battle, the two had eachother's backs a lot of the time.

When becoming Asriel again, Sans still somewhat resented him due to their past. However, he was aware that was Flowey instead, so Sans forgave him. Yet he still made Flower puns around him. When Bete Noire tried taking his soul, Sans jumped in the way and took the hit, and died in a crying Asriel's arms.

Frisk (Formerly)

At first, Sans' relationship with Frisk depended on how many monsters he killed/hurt. On the Genocide Run, Sans was left with no choice but to fight them. After a while, Chara took over and almost killed him if it weren't for Frisk taking the fatal hit. After moving to the surface and the RESET button having been destroyed, Sans was happy to know that he now had a future to look forward to and saw Frisk as a true friend.

However, Frisk then revealed that they have been trying to RESET. This made Sans angry, viewing Frisk as selfish for only acting out for what they wanted, when they claimed it would fix their problems, instead of Asriel or Gaster and nearly hurt them. Afterwards, Sans got rid of his bracelet that reminded him of his and Frisk's "promise".

After he was revived, Sans was controlled into fighting Frisk. Seeing as HATE worked by using bad moments with the opponent, Sans probably used Frisk's selfish desires for resetting against him.

After Frisk changed Chara to the main player of the game, they took place in everyone's memories instead of Frisk. However, Sans still seems to vaguely remember Frisk, most likely due to the Glitches of him being the one who RESET.


They never truly interacted until the Genocide Run. Under the HATE's influence, Chara desired to kill Sans to finish what Frisk started. Because of this, Sans considered Chara a Megalomaniac. But he eventually understood their reasons of doing this, so he felt a little bad for the kid.

After Frisk made Chara the new protagonist, Chara now resides in Sans' relationship of Frisk. Because of this, Sans may still hold a grudge towards Chara, as of now, they were the ones who wanted to RESET.


  • Sans was mentioned by Gaster, Undyne, Jessica Grey, and Papyrus in Do or Die.
  • Camila stated in a post and in the comment section of one of her videos that she "killed" Sans in Dust because she wanted other characters to have some spotlight and development.
    • However, despite this, Sans did return in Love Part 2.
  • Camila's favorite character is Sans[1]
IMG 9232
  • Sans was seen with Bete in a Dust screenshot which was released before the episode came out.[2]
  • Sans recently woke up from his coma.
    • Sans should be fine in bed for a couple of weeks. [3]
    • Though, Gaster had said that he’d be awake to see himself die.
    • Yet, it is still unknown what will happen to him right now, and if Camila was serious about this.
    • Despite this, Camila did reveal two possible ways Sans could (somewhat) survive. He could either push himself into becoming an amalgamate, or get daily injections of Determination. However, Camila also said that Sans may not really want this.[10][11]
  • Sans can create his own DETERMINATION.[4]
  • If Sans didn’t reset in time during Megalomaniac and Yet Darker he would’ve melted due to him having DETERMINATION.
  • In an animo post,[5] Sans had a conversation with Asriel. In fact, this conversation proves that the events of Sans vs. Flowey are canon to the Glitchtale universe. To back this up, even more, the drawing has the word Glitchtale in the corner.
  • After his technical "death", and before his revival, he was referenced to or made a cameo in Do or Die and Love Part 1.
  • After his soul was stolen and everyone believed he was completely dead, Toriel was sad about it.[6]
  • After Sans' body was rebuilt using magic, he had lost the physical matter he had gained from the surface. [7]
  • Camila confirmed that Sans is actually dead, which is why Gaster’s blue eye is gone but the DETERMINATION that was injected into him is what is keeping him alive.[8]
  • Chara and Asriel have a better understanding of the game functions as same as Sans.[9]
  • Sans vaguely remembers Frisk, but cannot seem to recall who they were, simply referring to them as "another kid". He also does not care about it too much, as same with Chara and Asriel as weird things has always happened in the Underground, especially with resets.
  • If Sans were there when Frisk met Betty, he would’ve likely found out her true nature due to the car, and possibly do something too.
  • Sans's eye canonically only flashes when using soul manipulation. It is unknown why this isn't the case in Glitchtale. It is possible that this is a glitch.




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