Ronan is a side character who made his debut in Love Part 2. He is the police's chief of the Pacienco district and is also a member of the HSO Military Defenses, which is a military defense capable of using magic.


Ronan wears a grey-green hat and a long-sleeved grey uniform that has yellow triangles along the bottom of the sleeves. He has a badge located on his chest, displaying his employment under the Human Safety Organization. He has brown hair, pale skin, and yellow eyes, which correspond with his Justice soul.


Because of his justice soul, he shows a personality that reflects his trait, that is being fair and equal to everyone. But putting this aside, Ronan seems to also carry a caring personality, as he asked Jessica Grey if she was alright.

Furthermore despite him allying with the Anti-Monster Department (AMD), he seems perfectly willing to cooperate with the monsters in fighting against the Pink Creatures. This means he does not fit the stereotypical and xenophobic profile of someone who would work with the AMD.

He has also been shown to be brave and compassionate for those more vulnerable than him. This is shown when he fights off a Pink Creature that is about to attack a girl, and when he takes the hit for Hugo from another one.

Finally, he is willing to sacrifice his life to save someone, shown when he sees Hugo about to be attacked by a pink blob and takes the hit for Hugo, telling Hugo to leave him behind.

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Love Part 2

Jessica Grey asked Ronan to give her the status report around his progress. Then Ronan replied, saying that the HSO military forces were set at all possible entrances and set up a force field run by the town's best kindness wizards to prevent Betty and her minions from going anywhere else other than the town. After hearing this, Jessica mentions that Betty is able to absorb both monster souls and human souls.

After that, Jessica warns Ronan, saying even if he let his men fight Betty or her minions, there may still be casualties because no one knows how to fight them. The conversation ends when Ronan said he would call Jessica if and when the AMD spies anything suspicious. Ronan also told Jessica to call him if, and when she wanted to let his men in as well. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Ronan or any other AMD members, she signs the peace treaty during the phone call.

My Promise

Soon after Jessica weakened her SOUL with the AMR trying to defend herself against a pink creature who stabs her anyhow, Ronan tried to call Jessica, only for Asgore to answer instead, telling Ronan that Jessica was injured and that "she might not get better [alluding to the damage in her SOUL, not her body]". Upon hearing this he quickly becomes concerned despite Asgore reassuring Ronan that Toriel and he were trying to heal Jessica as much as they could. This eventually props Ronan to ask Asgore what had happened to Jessica, where Asgore responds to Ronan that Jessica got attacked by a pink creature.

Asgore then tells Ronan to gather everyone to a safe area inside the city and to focus the HSO's defenses at the site. Ronan then responds to Asgore saying that he will set a perimeter around Toriel's school and at the arena and asks for confirmation. Asgore agrees to this but gets interrupted by Toriel, who disagrees with the idea as she didn't want people to gather at the school because it may increase the likelihood of it getting attacked again whilst children were there. Asgore though ignores Toriel and tells Ronan to proceed with his plan regardless of her remarks. Ronan was seen again in the episode saving an unnamed girl from a pink creature. Ronan disintegrates the pink creature that was about to attack the girl using his magic and ordered her to go to the school in order to reach safety. Ronan then decided to take care of the pink creatures himself, so he summoned a wall of magical attacks similar to the one Undyne spawned in Love Part 1. Later on, he states that he wouldn't let Pink Creature(s) destroy the city.

Game Over

When Undyne alerted the people within the city being under attack by pink creatures, Ronan mistook Undyne for a normal civilian, saying that she should go back to the refuge. Undyne later explained to Ronan that she was a cop. Ronan was surprised and was seen complimenting Undyne, further stating that he doesn't get to see many monsters from the city in which he was working at. Afterward, Ronan and Undyne introduced themselves to each other, shaking hands in the process. A moment later, Ronan receives a phone call from someone and asks why Rave Rutrow was in the area. He then replied to the call to bring them to a safe location before Undyne interrupts asking if anything was alright.
Ronan offered Undyne to come with him, leaving the area to his men.

Ronan enters the area, with Rave Rutrow inside, Rave tells that he was waiting for the one in charge to be there, also saying that he was peculiar about the invasion of the pink creatures before getting interrupted by Ronan, who told him to get to the point already. Then Ronan then says that Rave shouldn't be using his magic weapons in the refugee camp. Rave, however, wanted to talk to Jessica about the situation, and blatantly insulted Ronan, calling him a dog.

After that, Ronan calls Jessica, messaging her about how Rave wants to talk to her directly. Ronan is aware that Jessica is injured, but says that Rave may get control of the whole pink creature invasion issue if he doesn't get Jessica to talk to him. Jessica then accepted the request, telling Ronan to send the location to her.

In Part 2, Ronan is seen explaining to Undyne about Rave's authority over the city, telling Undyne info about him about how Rave originally was going to be the second commander of the city. But, Jessica, wife of Noah Rutrow took his job because he wasn't old enough back then despite Rave being the one who should’ve had the job.
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He continues saying that he believes that Rave holds a grudge against Jessica for personal reasons hinting towards Alina. Ronan talks about how Rave‘s family wanted to take care of Alina after Noah Rutrow died. Jessica, however, refused and didn’t notice that she was unable to take care of her daughter and her job at the same time. But by the time she realized this horrible fact, Alina had already run away. Later on, Ronan comforts Undyne about her feelings, explaining how being troubled can make magic weaker, and that if she has lost someone she should use that feeling to ensure no one else has to feel that. He then questions about the lack of Pink Creatures in the area they are both in. He calls Jessica who is with Gaster while Undyne encounters two children, Hugo, Zachary, and his mother. Ronan yells at Hugo saying that he shouldn’t of let them come here, though Undyne stops him saying this may be an issue. The Kumuzilla then comes out of the ground and heads for the school after attacking Gaster and Jessica. Ronan calls in reinforcements to stop the creature from getting to the school, though the reinforcements are ineffective.
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After that, Ronan is seen firing beams at two Pink Creatures, yet another Pink Creature approaches Ronan and tries to attack him, but is luckily shot by Hugo, with his slingshot. Hugo, however, has endangered himself as a large Pink Creature comes up from behind him, but Ronan pushes him out of the way taking the hit for him and getting flung onto a wall which caused him to get a fatal hit in the head causing intense bleeding. He is attacked once again, and Hugo screams “DAD!!” while crying. Ronan has been knocked out unconscious and is badly injured, and Hugo is seen later with Ronan's body behind Undyne as she tries to protect them both.


Ronan is found at the spot near the arena where he was attacked by the pink Creature. Undyne carries him to a safer place from the spot. There was no way to be escaped or get to the school without fighting those monsters. As a seemingly final wish, Ronan requests Undyne to take Hugo away to safety and to leave him here because his son is everything to him and his wife's last memory though Hugo refuses to leave him.

At that moment a building collapsed over them and Undyne blocks it with her spear. Soon a terror fills her heart and freezes as she suddenly has a PTSD flashback. Luckily she remembers when Ronan said "The pain we feel... We should use it to fight. That's what I think" making her determined enough to blast the building into dust.

After some moments, Ronan meets Rave along with other people and their army, rescuing and moving to the park. Here Rave and Ronan have a conversation while Ronan's healed by the H. M.



  • A contributing factor as to why Ronan may be a part of the higher position of the HSO military forces is because a Justice soul is usually seen in charge of military and political issues.
  • It is also noted that he's in charge of other members, as Jessica stated once, "Even if you let your men in."
  • Hugo is Ronan's son, which was revealed during the second part of Game Over.
  • We learned that Ronan lost his wife in a comic, though it's currently unknown what exactly happened to her.
  • Before the trailer for Hate was posted, it was unknown if Ronan survived the hit from the pink creature.
  • Ronan is an excellent chef.[1]




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