Rin Winterway, the Wizard of Patience, was one of the seven wizards that sealed off the monsters Underground.


Her trait’s magic is extremely flexible and unpredictable. While the other traits have a common theme upon their abilities, patience’s magic can manifest itself differently between different wizards.

The limitations and conditions of this type of magic are still unknown. She uses the Ropes of Patience as her weapon[1] 


Rin is a fairly tall woman that has medium-long silver hair, her bangs are radiant light blue with her eyes being of the same color as well. She wears a long, light blue cloak that has radiant light blue triangles on the side. The end of her sleeves are also radiant light blue. Her lips are colored light blue.


  • Time manipulation: Just like most Patience wizards, Rin can temporarily slow down the time of nearby people and objects. This alone has endless applications for multiple aspects. It all depends on the ratio and distance the wizard can cover. Sometimes, the magic won’t rely on the distance covered but in the number of objects being manipulated.
  • Ropes/Strings of Patience: This ability allows the user to spawn strings from their hands. It is assumed that they are able to stick onto the enemy and are able to cut through their enemies like a sword if moved or yanked.
  • Tentacles of Patience: Rin controls 4 or more tentacles made of Patience magic, while this isn't a very effective way to use her abilities (due to the huge magic output it requires), she's the first one to successfully bring this technique into combat.


Not much of her personality has been revealed yet. But it's clear that she had a lot of problems with her trait as a child. She was extremely anxious about everything, and her soul would go grey constantly. However, she learned to dominate her emotions and even became the most powerful patience wizard of her time. She also holds a serious personality and is easily annoyed by messes, like uneven picture frames.[2][3]


Kanashi's origins

Here, Rin is seen pushing Ellie who was being friendly and trying to make a meaningless conversation with Kanashi and his uncle at the time. Before they left though, Rin waved at Kanashi and left.


  • Rin might be ambidextrous as she holds her attacks on her left and right hand.
  • Rin's first name is actually a female Japanese name which means "dignified", "severe", and "cold".
  • Rin is eight years younger than her older sister, Ellie.[4]
  • She is the second tallest out of the wizards, excluding Copper and Agate.[5]
  • Rin is by far the only human to possess trait-colored lips.
  • Rin and her sister named Ellie have a bodyguard named Kanashi
  • Supposedly, the pocket watch is not associated with her weapon.


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  4. Rin is eight years younger than her older sister, Ellie (Link)
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