I believe you misunderstood me... I said I wanted to talk to the one in charge, not her dog. So... where's Jessica?
~ Rave to Ronan Cass on Game Over

Rave Rutrow is a side character in Glitchtale that first appeared in the first part of Game Over. He is the CEO of the Rutrow company.


Rave has spiky blonde hair on the top and purple hair on the bottom, pale skin, and yellow-purple irises. He wears a dark purple vest and sometimes wears goggles.


Rave holds a rather arrogant personality and he doesn't seem to take most things too seriously, even warnings. He also appears rather rude, as he directly called Ronan a dog. Regardless he still has empathy and expressed an obvious grudge towards Jessica due to her role in Alina's death.

Rave is rather antisocial. He spends most of his time alone, and as a result, he's unable to give speeches or anything similar to one.

Official Comics

Alina and Rave

This comic shows Alina's earlier life before falling into the Underground. Alina put makeup on Rave only to be interrupted by Noah, Rave's older brother, and Alina's father, requesting Rave to take care of Alina. He gets cut off once he realizes Alina had given Rave a makeover and leaves, seemingly weirded out.

"It's not the easy way out"

This comic explains Rave's behavior and that he avoids befriending others to so that he doesn't feel grief if they die like many of the people he was close to.


Game Over

Part 1

After Ronan and Undyne introduce each other Ronan got a call from one of his men that Rave has come to the city and would like to speak with who in charge. They then proceed to go to the "Safe Perimeter 01" area, the place where Rave is waiting for them. Rave greets both of them and said that he saw on the news that there is a problem about something in the city and wish to help. Ronan then cut him off and told him that he knows why he's here and he can't use his weapons here because of city rules. Rave just him a strange smile and said that he's aware, but then insult Ronan by saying "I said I wanted to talk to the one in charge. Not her dog." He then asks Ronan where's Jessica. After that, the screen fades to black.

Part 2

During Part 2, Rave is seen in the backstory Ronan tells Undyne. He was the younger brother of Jessica's husband, Noah Rutrow. After he died, Jessica had taken the rule of the city because Rave is too young, though Rave was much more of a fit ruler. Rave's family had wanted to take care of Alina but Jessica was stubborn and kept her, and it was too late when she had noticed that she couldn't take care of her daughter and her job at the same time, as Alina had ran away to the Underground.

Jessica tells Rave to wait for a signal from her or her subordinate to allow him to use his weapons. Rave asks to wait for what and says that her officers have no magical training and are dying left and right. Jessica says she'd be responsible for more deaths if Rave let his people in. Rave makes a comment saying that this isn't the first time someone dies under her care, referencing Alina. He says he will wait but when everything is done he will take proper care of the city. He is then last seen being called by Jessica who allows him to use his magical weapons after seeing the giant Pink Creature.


  • He focuses on creating weapons that combine magic with guns of all kind.
  • Rave controls the top technological advances of the continent being the one in charge of the Rutrow company.
  • Jessica doesn't exactly like him.[4]
  • Rave holds a grudge for Jessica for Alina's death.
  • Rave uses a gun that's personalized to work with his magic.
  • Rave and the wizard of Kindness, Mila Rutrow, have the same surname.
    • Whether or not this was intentional has not yet been revealed.


  1. Jessica is Rave's Sister-In-Law (Link)
  2. Rave is in his early 30s
  3. Rave has a Two-Traited soul. (Link)
  4. Jessica doesn't exactly like him. (Link)