Glitchtale Prequel is a series that will show the events of 1000+ years prior to Glitchtale. The show has been planned to display the times before the war, how everything went down, the true reasons behind the war, and the reason why monsters were sealed underground. Also, it'll most likely focus on The Seven Wizards.


  • Prequel will take place in the 1200s at the medieval ages, but in a world that functions with magic.[1]
  • The prequel is about the 7 district leaders. 5 of them were humans and 2 of them were monsters, but the humans were more known as “The Seven Wizards”.[2]
  • The prequel is "Season 3".[3]
  • The prequel will be an entire series.[4]
  • The prequel is Glitchtale in the same world but just a different time as it is before the monsters were sealed underground.[5]
  • Agate Lightvale and Copper Lightvale were teenagers when the war happened, so their role in the story will play later.[6]
  • Gaster and Asgore will also appear in the Prequel.
  • Toriel may have been alive during the events of the Prequel, but it is unknown if she will have a role.
  • It was stated by Camila that Prequel would have an opening.[7] It also may have an outro.



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