The Police are law enforcement, created in order to make sure that people respect the law and in order to counter criminality and arrest dangerous people, (like the royal guard for the monsters). As the AMD and the HSO, we do not know anything about that organization. However, the police members can be mentioned or can be seen in My Sunshine, Dust, Do or Die, and Love Part 2.

Undyne is the only monster as a police officer where Ronan seems to be in charge of all of them for now.


The Police as in our world was surely created since the beginning of humanity in order to keep peace inside society. The police surely had evolved during the time.


We never saw how humans organized the police. What is sure is that they have stations where they can receive orders and patrol in the cities in order to keep the calm in the districts. The number of policemen and policewomen is unknown as the number of stations.

Function of Police

  • Protecting people from themselves.
  • Protecting people from any dangers.
  • Working with the AMD and under the HSO.

Police's areas

  • The Police station: The area where Asgore and Papyrus were imprisoned for their crimes.

Equipments and Units

  • Weapons: Camila mentioned that they possess firearms (Cami-Post).
  • Military Wizards: Trained wizards for using their magic in order to fight any danger.
  • Policemen/Policewomen: People who fight for the law and protect the civilians against crimes and any dangers.


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