The Kumuzilla is a massive Pink Creature fusion made of presumably all of the creatures in the city that made its debut in Game Over Part 2.


It is a massive pink blob, which has countless Human Souls stored inside of it.


Kumuzilla technically doesn't have a personality due to lack of a soul, and/or a brain perhaps. However, it is controlled by Bete Noire and used to kill and collect souls. It is perfectly fine with killing people with no remorse and is attracted to huge concentrations of magic, which allows it to hunt down other humans and strong monsters as shown in Game Over Part 2 when it is attracted to Gaster's soul.


  • Normal Pink Creature abilities.
  • Supernatural Strength: The creature has incredible strength and is strong enough to take down a building with a swing.
  • Diffusion: The creature is made up of hundreds of smaller creatures to where if hurt, small ones will fall off and kill any nearby threat.
  • Magic Sense: The creature can see human and monster souls through buildings. This is similar to Zachary's ability.
  • Expansion: In the fail timeline we learn that Kumuzilla can expand its body to break free from the barrier the Rave made.


Game Over Part 2

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Kumuzilla was first mentioned by Zachary, in his warning towards Undyne and Ronan. It caused the ground to tremble, and emerged soon after began attacking Gaster and Jessica. Kumuzilla was shot by three Perseverance Officers, but it was counter-productive and created components of the creature, which then killed the three officers. It also sent three of its components to steal Ronan's Soul. Two components were shot by Ronan, and the other one sneaking up on him was destroyed by Hugo. However, the Kumuzilla came up behind Hugo, to which Ronan pushed him out of the way, and took potentially fatal hits from it. It also attempted to kill Gaster and broke a building, trapping both Jessica and Gaster into rubbles.

Its shadow is seen later towering over Undyne, Hugo, and an unconscious Ronan as Undyne prepares to fight with it.


Rave had just finished his final phone call with Jessica and was heading outside before Gaster teleported into the hut using her teleporter. In the split second that he stepped outside though, he saw this creature terrorizing the city and carrying large debris menacingly while the citizens scream out in fear.

Later on, we catch glimpse of it again when Undyne mentions it to Hugo whilst telling him about their current situation pessimistically after he asks where they're going to go. This time though we don't see it carrying debris but instead is moving around to another location.


Kumuzilla is trapped with a huge green dome created by the Avalon. It tries to break free by attacking the shield but it causes little to no damage. Undyne tries to kill it off using a powerful spear that she throws into the dome, Kumuzilla lives and slams Undyne into a building. The wizards powering the Avalon start losing their magic, allowing the creature to create bigger holes on the dome's surface. A few pink blobs escape which were later killed off by Rave. Once Undyne gets back up, she throws yet another, much more powerful spear at the dome, completely destroying Kumuzilla and the area near the dome.


  • It was first mentioned by Zachary.
  • Its name is confirmed to be Kumuzilla.[1]
  • When the creature is shot by something other than DETERMINATION and if it causes damage, it breaks off into smaller creatures.[2]



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