Perseverance is a human soul trait.


Souls of Perseverance appear as purple hearts. Humans who possess this soul trait may have purple hair and purple eyes. This isn't always the case though, as a human can have different hair color, but the eyes just like the rest are a must.

What Camila Cuevas Said About Perseverance

  • It is stable and powerful.
  • This type of magic can effortlessly destroy any defense while the user is in a fight.
  • Perseverance attacks are the most effective attacks other than Determination to Pink Creature(s).
  • This magic is related to the user's will power. Therefore, this kind of magic is similar to Justice's, and Determination's magic.
  • It can be hard for the wizard to lose this magic, but, it depends on the user's goals, and if his or her magic is more or less effective according to the situation their in.

All information about this trait

Powers and Abilities

  • Magical Strength - It is said that this kind of magic is able to destroy many defenses in a battle.
  • Weapon of Perseverance - A person with a perseverance SOUL is able to form a weapon out of their own magic. However, it takes a lot of practice to master it.
  • Statistics Amplification - Perseverance wizard get stronger when someone nearby shares the same feeling of being perseverance, the will to achieve. [1]
  • Perseverance Beam - They have the ability to fire a beam of magic to their enemies
  • Purple Slash - Users can fire a slash attack just by swiping the air but sadly this attack was sadly cut in Game Over part 2.