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You are filled with patience.
~ Asriel after being filled with patience in Continue.

Patience is a human soul trait.


Patience souls appear as light blue/cyan hearts. Humans who have this trait usually have cyan/blue hair and blue eyes. This isn't always the case though, as a human can have a different hair color. An example of this is Abigail, which has black hair, instead of cyan/blue colored hair.

Facts by Camila

  • This type of magic is known as to be extremely flexible and unpredictable.
  • Although all the other traits have common themes upon their abilities, this trait's magic may manifest itself differently between wizards.
  • It can be described as “Time manipulation”. Because the user can temporarily slow down time around nearby people and objects. However, it completely depends on the ratio and distance the trait's user can cover. Sometimes this ability will not rely on the distance covered but instead the amount of objects that are manipulated.
  • It is usually used as a defensive magic.
  • The limitations and conditions of this trait's magic are unknown.

Powers and Abilities

  • Time Manipulation: Under very rare circumstances, few Patience wizards can slow down the time of people and objects to varying degrees.
  • Ropes/Strings of Patience: This ability allows the user to spawn strings from their hands, it is assumed that they are able to stick on to the enemy and is able to cut through their enemies like a sword if they move or it is yanked.
  • Statistics Amplification: A patience wizard soul can get stronger when people share the patience even if they don't have a patience soul. [1]




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