Noah is a background character in Glitchtale. He first appeared in Game Over Part 2. He is the husband of Jessica Grey and also the brother of Rave Rutrow.


Noah has never been seen fully and has only appeared as a silhouette in Glitchtale episodes. The color of his silhouette is purple, so it is known that Noah had a Perseverance soul trait.

Camila made a drawing of the Rutrow family, where his appearance was revealed. According to this art, Noah had purple eyes, curly hair, and wore a burgundy shirt.

Near the end of Game Over Part 2 in the afterlife, Noah's face isn't shown but it appears he wears a cedar brown long sleeve shirt and wood brown pants.


Game Over Part 2

Noah appearing 1

At the beginning of the episode, Noah was mentioned by Ronan Cass, when he told Undyne who Rave Rutrow is. Ronan said that Noah had been a commander of the city. When Noah died, Jessica had taken his post, due to Rave being too young at the time.

Game Over P2 - Grey family group hug

Noah appeared again at the end of the episode. He was standing silently when Jessica was talking to Alina. After that, he hugged his family, and they received their happy ending.


Noah appears briefly in this episode. He is seen in a family photo in Rave’s suitcase, which Rave is saddened over. He then appears in Rave’s thoughts when he heals Ronan.


  • Noah having purple hair and eyes confirms Perseverance as his Soul trait.
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