Muffet is a minor character who was present during Glitchtale's events but made her debut in My Sunshine and continued to assist the main characters throughout Season 2.


Muffet is a spider-like monster who has purple/lavender skin. She has a total of eight limbs, using two of them as her legs, and six of them as her arms. She has five purple eyes. She wears a red outfit that has short puffy sleeves and shorts, a red ribbon, and long, dark red boots. She has black pigtails that are held up with the help of small red ribbons.


Muffet seems to be rather cruel. This is shown in the game in the genocide route. Here, she mentions that "a total nerd" tried to warn her about Frisk. She expresses this when she mentions that she was thinking about eating them.

Muffet also appears to be greedy. This is shown in the game where she becomes angry at other monsters that don't buy anything from her bake sale. However, this just be the fact that she really wants to help some other spiders that are trapped in the Ruins. This is also displayed in My Sunshine when she shares a bitter rivalry with Grillby when competing for business in town. This rivalry even extends to exchanging dirty looks and, according to Sans, "fighting for customers all day".

She however seems to have changed a bit in Glitchtale, as she and Grillby save Mettaton’s life.

Powers and Abilities

Spider Web: in Game Over we see Muffet restraining Bete using webs which didn't allow her to move.


My Sunshine

Muffet made a small cameo here. She can be seen in front of her bakery, where she and Grillby fight for business and later glare at each other.

Love Part 1

Muffet makes an even smaller cameo in this episode. She was seen in front of her bakery, presumably preparing to fight Bete's army of Pink Creatures.

Game Over Part 2

Muffet saves Mettaton from Bete with her webs in this episode. She is seen with Grillby defending Mettaton from her, though getting injured by Bete.

Later, she brings Mettaton to a safe place after Asgore and Toriel arrive.


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