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Love, hope, compassion... This is what people say monster SOULS are made of. But the absolute nature of a "SOUL" is unknown. After all, humans have proven their SOULs don't need these things to exist. But they will never know the joy of expressing themselves through magic.
~ A book from Undertale talking about Monster Souls

Monster Souls is currently the weakest soul in Glitchtale/Undertale. Monsters are naturally born with this soul.


Monster Souls appear as white upside-down hearts that glow just like other souls do.

What Monster Souls Are Made Of

Monster souls are made out of love, hope, and compassion. Users of this soul have bodies mostly made out of magic, thus making them vulnerable to attacks from humans. Since their bodies are mostly made out of magic, they can have different weight, height, etc, from their age.

If a monster soul possesses too much determination, they can turn into amalgamates. Very few monsters are able to possess said determination.

Powers and Abilities

Oh that was just a "warm" up son Now let me show you... What true fire looks like
~ Asgore on Love
  • Magic: The main ability of all monsters, a magical weapon can emerge, attack, or defend. Each monster's magic is different.
  • Healing Heal: Each monster has the ability to heal themselves, or to heal others to fill their max HP.
  • Blue or Orange attack: All monsters can use this ability. The user can send a blue or orange attack if they fight with an enemy. The blue attacks do not harm the enemy if they don't move, but blue attacks do damage to the enemy if they move. Orange attacks do damage if the enemy does not move, but does not damage the enemy if they move.
  • Chromas: Gaster has this special type of magic known to monsters as "Chromas". This type of magic allows the user to use a bit of magic with each trait known.


  • It is not possible for a monster to lose their magic because if a monster goes over their limit they will get hurt and their magic will get super weak for a few minutes until it goes back to normal.[1]
  • Each monster contains a small amount of DETERMINATION.
  • Monster souls can't be greyed out, but they can weaken due to the circumstance.
  • After a monster is killed, their soul break into pieces shortly and disappear forever, unlike human souls.
  • Boss Monster souls have the ability to refrain from disappearing immediately for merely a few seconds, unlike normal monsters where their soul disappears immediately when they are killed.
  • There's a chance that Alphys had magical abilities and she refused to use them.
  • Monster Soul is not a trait.
  • There is a kind of power among monsters that can use different kind of powers at the same time. [2]
  • Asriel’s soul is the closest a monster can get to a determination soul.[3]
  • Monsters with Chroma magic are usually born and trained to be warriors. [4]
  • Undyne's soul seems to be the only one with the ability to handle high amounts of DETERMINATION without turning into an Amalgamate. However, Sans can handle DETERMINATION to an extent aswell.




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