Miasma is a villainous character that appears in the Glitchtale Prequel series. He was first shown on Cami's blog and later appeared on Kanashi's Origins.


Miasma appears to be wearing a plague doctor suit. The lens on the mask appears to glow green, appearing as eyes under the hood. When looking closely at Miasma's hood, you would notice holes that allow thick green deadly gases to pour out from them.


Due to Miasma's magic taking a green color, it can be presumed that he possesses a Kindness soul. Though it is likely that he possesses an inverted trait of kindness, it is unknown as we didn't see his soul in Kanashi's animatic. It's known that he has killed many humans and monsters, but the reasons for his mass murders are unknown. These murders have shown that he's very ruthless, and he doesn't seem to care who gets killed, regardless if they are human or monster.


  • Miasma: A deadly gas appears out of the holes of his suit killing all living things around him through disintegration.
  • Dome: It appears that Miasma has a dome that surrounds him as the deadly gas spreads, which prevents anything inside from leaving the enclosed area.


Kanashi's Origins

Miasma first appears in this episode, where he is seen walking into the village as he heads towards what's presumably at the center of the village. Though, after arriving, his mask glows green, and he makes tentacle-like green ropes and plugs them into the ground. He then uses his shield to cover the village where Kanashi used to live in, blocking all entries and exits trapping everyone inside. Not too long after doing that, he emits a deadly gas that tragically kills all the life inside of the village and shield.


  • He sided with humans in the war.
  • His name Miasma is probably based on the Miasmatic Theory, which is a theory that there's a deadly airborne disease in the early nineteenth century, fitting for his ability of spreading deadly gases.
  • Miasma's outfit is a plague doctor, which fits his abilities.
  • There could be a possibility that Miasma's abilities are the results of studying dark magic, similar to Agate.
  • Miasma's gas can turn everything involving plant life, monsters, and human flesh into dust, leaving almost no remnants behind.


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