This is a re-animated version of Camila Cuevas's "MEGALOMANIAC"
~ Intro of the animation.

It is a re-animated version of Megalomaniac. This is also a special animation made for Glitchtale's 2nd anniversary.


  • Camila made a reaction video to the animation.
  • This version does not use the original song and is instead sung by Yuri Tsukito, while the instrumental is by Sully Orchestration.
  • A few new scenes that aren't in the original Megalomaniac have been added to this version.
  • The half of the animation was animated by Jakei95 while the other half was animated by Superyoumna. This shows the reason for the drawing-style that changes in half of the video.
  • Camila wanted to either re-animate Megalomaniac or release the next episode but since she got terribly sick she lost way too much time.