Narration *Megalomaniac

*1. A person who has an obsessive desire for power.

Frisk and Sans are standing in the judgement hall, prepared to fight.
Song Listen and hear a song the birds are singing,

Sit down a while and watch the flowers blooming,
A pleasant breeze flows by leaving a trail of dust...
This is your fault right?

Frisk and Sans start battling. As the song plays, Frisk repeatedly gets killed by Sans and loads to continuing fighting him.
Song Standing in the corridor,

Who thought we'd be here like this together,
On a gorgeous day like this I ask,
What is it that you want?

I believe there was a time,
When we were pals and things were better,
Eating bad food, enjoying laughs,
Can we go back to that?

If you're in there listening, kid,
Just reset the timeline,
And please let's forget all of this.

Even after what you did he believed in you.
'Till the end.

Looking at your face right now,
That expression tells me I can't
afford not to care anymore.

Turn this path around, wipe your dirty hands clean,
Give up!

Frisk is conflicted on whether to continue or reset.
Song Please don't come back.

If you're my friend.

Frisk decides to reset, but is stopped by Chara, who is corrupted by HATE.
Song Please...
Frisk is now now trapped as Chara continues the battle against Sans.
Song Listen and hear a song the birds are singing,

Sit down a while and watch the flowers blooming,
A pleasant breeze blows by leaving a trail of-
How could you have done this?

Is there still a glimmer of hope?
Will you choose to do the right thing?

Chara isn't dying throughout the fight. This causes Sans to grow tired and weaken his attacks.
Song Please now, bud

If you're there
Have a change of heart

Frisk tries punching the area he's trapped in, causing it to crack and fill his HATE-corrupted soul with DETERMINATION again. As Chara and Sans continue to battle, with Chara getting closer to victory, Frisk continues to break the area he's trapped in.
Song Listen and hear a song the birds are singing

Sit down a while and watch the flowers blooming
What a nice day...

Frisk escapes and takes Chara's killing blow for Sans, much to Sans' surprise and Chara's dismay.
Narration *You tell Sans "I'm sorry... take my soul and fix my mistakes, one last time"
Chara reaches to grab Frisk's soul as they disappear, but Sans gets it first, radiating a slight blast powerful enough to push Chara back. Both of Sans' eyes glow, and Chara smiles, prepared to continue fighting.
Sans *hehe

*aren't you missing something buddy?

Chara frowns as Sans prepares to press the RESET button.
Sans *but first...
Sans snaps and Chara is stabbed with a bone and brought into the air. Gaster blasters appear around him and kill Chara.
Sans *get dunked on you megalomaniac
Sans presses the reset button