For the re-animated version, see Megalomaniac Re-Animated.
Megalomaniac - A person who has an obsessive desire for power.
~ The definition of Megalomaniac as seen at the beginning of the episode.

Megalomaniac is the 1st episode in the entire Glitchtale series.


Frisk confronts Sans in the judgment hall, but it seems like something is different this time around...


The Betrayal

In the beginning, Frisk and Sans are seen at the judgment hall, about to fight. Sans uses a bone attack, which Frisk dodges, but Sans then proceeds to kill Frisk, who resets afterward. After killing Frisk once more, Frisk begins to flicker between themselves and Chara, while having flashbacks of previous’ pacifist route’ timelines. Chara takes control of Frisk’s body and fights Sans more viciously. Frisk then has a flashback to when they killed Papyrus, Sans killing them five more times afterward.

Frisk reappears at the load screen and begins to feel regret for what they did. They reach for the RESET button, but to their shock, Chara pulls their arm away with HATE and traps them, taking full control of Frisk.

Get Dunked On

Chara is back in the judgment hall with Sans, who feels the sudden change with them and continues the fight with Chara in place of Frisk.

Chara fighting with Sans

Neither can kill the other this time, while Frisk has to watch everything happen through a wall of darkness (hate). As Chara is about to kill Sans, Frisk breaks out of the dark and takes the blow, asking Sans to ‘fix their mistake one last time.’ as their soul appears in the air right after. Right when Chara is about to take Frisk’s soul, Sans absorbs Frisk’s soul instead and proceeds to open both of his eyes, revealing that his right eye’s iris has also turned blue. He then reveals that he has control of the SAVE and RESET buttons. Later on, he kills Chara and resets the timeline.

Finally, the credits roll, and this is known as the first glitch in the series.



  • 678 days since the animation’s release, it had reached 10 million views.
  • The song playing is Aria Rose’s Megalomaniac cover.
  • Megalomaniac was supposed to be a Sans vs. Frisk/Chara animation but ended up becoming a series we now know as Glitchtale.
  • Ever since Megalomaniac, Frisk’s SAVE File was set to the name: “Frisk” instead of Chara.
  • On February 28, 2018, a re-animated version of Megalomaniac was published for the second anniversary of Glitchtale by Jakie and Super Youmna.
  • Before Megalomaniac’s release, Camila released three GIFs of the animation.


Listen and hear a song the birds are singing
Sit down a while and watch the flowers blooming
A pleasant breeze flows by
... leaving a trail of dust
... This / This...
Fault...right? / Fault... right?

Standing in the corridor
Who thought we'd be here like this together?
On a gorgeous day like this, I ask...
What is it that you want?

I believe there was a time
When we were pals and things were better
Eating bad food
enjoying laughs.. / laughs...
Can we go back to that?

If you're in there listening, kid...
Just reset the time line
And please let's forget all of this

Even after what you did he believed in you
'til the end... / 'till

Looking at your face right now
That expression tells me
I can't afford not to care anymore

Turn this path around, wipe your dirty hands clean.
Give up!

Please don't come back
If you're my friend

Listen and hear a song the birds are singing
Sit down a while and watch the flowers blooming
A pleasant breeze blows by leaving a trail of - / of-
How could you have done this?

Is there still a glimmer of hope?
Will you choose to do the right thing?
Please now, bud
If you're there
Have a change of heart

Listen and hear a song the birds are singing
Sit down a while and watch the flowers blooming
What a nice day...


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