I can't go on without him.
~ Lily talking about Cam

Lily is a side character who appears in Season 2 of Glitchtale. She is Cam's younger sister.


Lily is a young girl that wears a long, dark pastel green dress that almost covers her light green stocking and brown boots. Like Cam, she has ivory skin, green eyes, and brownish hair. Her hair is held in a ponytail by a green scrunchie with a green heart on the side.


Judging by her trait, it is expected and known, that Lily is a kind and sweet girl. She also has an adorable demeanor.


Do or Die

Cam thank you!
~ Lily to Cam after he saved her from a creature

In this episode, during Bete's soul harvest, Cam, who is Lily's older brother, can be seen searching for her in Toriel's school. Lily was later seen cornered by one of Bete's pink creatures, luckily though, Cam came in and saved her. While attempting to escape sadly, another pink creature killed Cam and took his soul. According to Love Part 1, Lily was presumably saved by Robin.

Love Part 1

Lily makes a cameo in this episode, Robin was seen carrying her as she was trying to escape Toriel's school.


  • This character likely has no last name.[1]
  • Lily could possibly become a more important character later on in Glitchtale.[2]
  • When comparing her height to the other children, Lily is the shortest.
  • Lily's voice actor was not listed in Do or Die's credits, which, so far, is the only episode where she spoke. However, in Strelok's video "Gaster vs Betty" it was revealed that Meredith is the voice actor for Lily in the credits.




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