Kennari is a side character that made his first appearance in Kanashi's Origins. He is Amai's father and Kanashi's uncle.


Kennari is a fox-like monster with orange-red fur, yellow eyes, and two tails as Kanashi. He wears a light grey blouse, brown pants, and same color boots.

After the fatal night when only he and Kanshi survived, it was shown that ends of fur became grey. Thus, we can assume that these events happened a long time ago and Kennari grew old. His clothes also changed and now he wears the light blue blouse with cyan diamonds on its sides and brown pants.


He seems to be sociable, brave, and kind monster. In addition, Kennari is smart and he can be very serious in certain situations.


Glitchtale Origins... Kanashi Fukitsu

Kennari comes to visit his brother with his daughter, Amai. Amai and Kanashi play in the forest the whole day and the playful duo manages to forget about their toys, resulting in leaving their toys there. After some time in the evening, they remember about their forgotten items and beg Kennari to help them find their lost toys.

Kanashi and his uncle head to where they had lost their stuff, thankfully finding it. After some time, a green glow emerges, and Kennari seeing commotion that ends with the slaughter of two elders of the village, where one of them dropped the basket of carrots after getting brutally slaughtered.

Kennari with Kanashi in his arms runs to village and realizes that their family is inside the shield. Then, they were forced to see how their close people dying.

At the end of the animation, Kennari was seen comforting his nephew after he dreamt a nightmare.


  • Kennari became a member of the army of Pacienco. He is holding one of the highest positions in its hierarchy.
  • Kennari is the only alive relative for Kanashi.
  • Kennari is an Icelandic word, which means "Teacher"


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