Jun Youmei was a chroma monster that will appear in the prequel, as of now though, not much is known about them.

Powers and Abilities

  • Chromas: Jun has a special type of magic known to monsters as "Chromas". This type of magic allows the user to use a bit of magic with each trait known.


She appears to resemble a peacock, having feathers and bird's feet, a beak, and a rather lengthy neck. Meanwhile, her tail consists of seven feathers, each with their respective colors corresponding with each of the traits. Her eyes match her three head crests it being red, and she wears a type of v necked almost shirt with what appears to be sweatpants.


  • Gaster's family and her's have constant competition.
  • Jun Youmei's name can be translated to mean many things.
    • In Chinese, 君 (Jūn) means king and ruler, 俊 (jún) while being usually masculine means handsome or beautiful, whilst 军 (jūn) meaning army.
    • Youmei though, could also be translated in Chinese, 优美(traditional is 優美) Yōuměi means graceful, elegant, and fine. It can also mean younger sister and when referred as of a location it could mean beautiful and tranquil.
    • In Japanese kanji, 陽明 (Youmei) means sun and bright, 鷹明 (Youmei) means hawk and bright
  • She was the strongest in her family.
  • She's a chroma monster.


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