Jessee Krovor is a character that is a member of The Grey Phantoms and will appear in the Glitchtale Prequel.


He wears a darker grey shawl and grey gloves with grey trousers and a long sleeve shirt. When he's with the Grey Phantoms, he would sometimes wear a grey mask. When he's not wearing the mask though, it is revealed that he has yellow eyes leading us to the conclusion that he has a Justice soul. He has a half sided undercut and half of his hair is yellow fading to other half is naturally brown.


Nothing is known of his personality as of now, but because he appears to have a Justice soul, it can be safely assumed that he is fair and he is strong on his own morals.


  • His name was revealed in one of the Glitchtale Amino fan club posts.
  • Thus far, only concept art has been drawn of him.


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