The (Justice) Magic Ray, is a currently unnamed weapon made by the AMD, it has a yellowish-brown color with a shape of a pistol. This weapon design is similar to the AMR, with the exception that it doesn't harm the user soul, and doesn't nullify people magic. Its source of magic appears to be powered by a Justice trait as it has a "J" logo on the side of the gun. This weapon also has an amplify setting to give the user the amount of magic output they desire.


  • Charge Attack: This weapon also has an amplify the setting to give the user the right amount of magic output.
  • Magic Range Attack: This weapon has the ability to fire a magic projectiles to attack their enemy.


  • The gun does not have an actual name, though it is presumed to be able to fire Justice shots.
  • This gun was first seen in Game Over Part 2 being used by Jessica.
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