Oh no, my feet are moving on their own, what shall I doooooo?
~ Isabelle to Mettaton in Game Over Part 2

Isabelle is a character that made her first appearance in Dust, but only had a bigger role in Game Over Part 2. She is voiced by KateMarie999.


Isabelle has fluffy orange-yellow hair, cyan eyes, and wears an orange-red dress. However, she doesn't have a trait, unlike most characters which have been introduced thus far.


Isabelle seems to be rather caring and willing to share towards Mettaton, as she was willing to share her lollipop with him. She also seems light on her feet and has strong friendship morals as seen when she throws Mettaton his NEO upgrade. However, she was also trembling and scared when Bete had practically destroyed Mettaton. She also states that she isn't good at comforting others when they are in a state of sadness and can only offer little company.



Isabelle dust

Isabelle in Dust.

Isabelle makes a cameo appearance in this episode. When Papyrus is tricked into moving the crane to drop the items down, she is seen next to a cameraman looking at the crane.

Game Over Part 2

Isabelle's voice can be heard informing Mettaton that his phone is ringing.

Isabelle later appears to check on Mettaton. He tells her to leave him alone, though Isabelle comes to sit next to him anyway. Mettaton sobbingly speaks about Alphys' death, to which Isabelle apologizes, though states that she can't do much else for him other than offering company. Isabelle offers him her strawberry lollipop, though Mettaton remarks that sharing a lollipop is disgusting. Isabelle hears the magic barrier closing around the building, wondering what it is. Mettaton, knowing that Bete Noire has come, instructs Isabelle to get his briefcase.

Game Over P2 - Isabelle throws briefcase

Isabelle throws Mettaton his briefcase

Isabelle comes back to the arena with Mettaton's briefcase and throws it to him, which he uses to transform into Mettaton NEO. Isabelle presumably watches the whole fight between Mettaton and Bete, as she's seen crying after Bete majorly damaged Mettaton.


  • A woman resembling Isabelle is later killed in Game Over Part 2. This is not her, however, as she cannot use magic.[1]
  • Isabelle looks a bit like Agate Lightvale, having similar hair and wearing orange clothing.
  • At first glance, it seems like Isabelle has a Patience trait, but she does not as some humans don't bear a soul trait, rather, she has naturally blue eyes.[2]




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