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Humans are a species in the world of Undertale and Glitchtale. Compared to monsters, human souls are superior due to the permanent presence of DETERMINATION (and can vary from the strength of the soul) on it, but Monster souls don't have determination (excluding Undyne in her Undying form). Each human soul is different and can be divided into different soul traits.

Physical Appearance 

Humans are made of flesh and are nearly all the same (the skin color, the gender, the height, the size, etc. can change) but between them, they are unique because of the different personality types that relate to their soul. Humans are superior to monsters due to their souls.

Appearance of Soul

Humans souls are in the shape of hearts, their color can vary from one person to another as their trait from the colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, and Purple; or in their former names Determination, Bravery, Justice, Kindness, Patience, Integrity, and Perseverance. Also, it is one of the humans' weakness: if a human is killed by a monster, the soul of the human can persist after death, which allows the monster to have the time to absorb it.

Inverted traits

Furthermore, a human soul can also invert its trait to an artificial one, though doing so would prove lethal to said person as their soul would not be able to adapt to the change. To put it in perspective, if an inverted trait were to try and go back for example, they would merely end up dying instead, as there was already a lot of strain on the soul to begin with. Inverting one's trait is done by means of tampering/using Hate and allowing it to corrupt within, instead of it just coating the soul and it work as what it is, an enhancer(also the more hate someone has the harder it is to control for them). Inverting a trait comes at the cost of a person's sanity and self-control, and even though said person would become more powerful due to the inversion, it comes at a large cost.

Putting that aside, the appearance of an inverted trait is a darker color of their original trait. For example, a Bravery trait is orange, while the inverted trait of Bravery, Fear, is dark orange. This would also apply to all the other soul traits, with the exception of Determination, as determination doesn't have an inverted version of itself.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic: A select amount of humans possess this ability, and uses it in many purposes (war, healing, etc).
  • Strength: Humans can be physically stronger than monsters.
  • Weapon summoning: Like Frisk, humans who have been trained in using magic has the ability to create physical weapons using magic and can use them in combat.
  • Enchantments: Humans who aren't able to create a physical weapon out of their magic can enchant an item they choose as their weapon.[1] A perfect example would be the Real Knife.


  • Humans can't absorb other human souls. But they can absorb a monster's, of course, they disappear immediately after death, but a boss monster persists for a little more allowing someone to absorb it. But this hasn't been done before as of now in Glitchtale.
  • Humans can train to make their magic more stronger in order to be able to form their own weapon. [2]
  • There are people who have no magic powers because they don't have an affinity with magic. [3]
  • FEAR and HATE are none of the human souls. FEAR is the inverted version of Bravery and HATE is an enhancer.
  • When a Human loses their soul trait, their soul turns into a grey soul.
  • Humans with a Grey soul are unable to use magic since they lack a soul trait.
  • Not all humans can have a soul trait.[4]




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