Did you really hate him that much?
~ Bete Noire

Hate is the 7th episode of Glitchtale's 2nd Season.


The episode begins with Papyrus dreaming about how many times he has been thought of as weak by others due to his kind nature. Chara proclaims that this fight can't be resolved with words, Gaster tells Toriel and Asgore that he is not fit for fighting, and Undyne states that he is pretty tough and strong, however, he's far too nice and has such an innocent nature that it made Undyne think that if she ever let Papyrus join the Royal Guard, he'd probably be ripped into little small smiling pieces. Regardless of having all this come to his mind, he becomes determined that he can do it, and he can prove to everyone that he can fight, because after all, he is the Great Papyrus, right..? After this, he wakes up from his unconscious state with a Gaster blaster of his floating above him in an extremely dilapidated state from all the damage it went through. Thus after seeing this sight, he remembers he used an attack which ultimately ended up blowing up the entirety of the house.

Did I die too

Papyrus statting that if he may have died too.

After waking up, he leans against the wall behind him, wondering if what others said about him was right. He then elaborates, considering himself a failure on the fact that he failed to protect the house and made a mess, which quickly stirs him to tears. But to his surprise, while he was crying Sans showed up, saying that he looks pretty busted and asks if he's alright. Papyrus who was really glad to see him at first thinks a bit, stands up, and asks comedically that if he's seeing Sans then he likely might've died too. However, to his relief Sans says that it wasn't the case and he's fine, making Papyrus wonder how Sans is still alive, to which he replied that it was a little complicated to explain.
Finally awake

Sans awake at his bed.


Here we see a flashback showing Sans waking up from his deadly coma, and when he looks at his side desk, he sees a needle with a small remnant of determination residue.

Then, the flashback ends and Sans states that he won't be in this world for long, in which Papyrus replies, that he can feel it too. Sans apologizes for his "battle body" elaborating that he sort of remembered what happened, indicating the fact that it got destroyed in his battle with Papyrus a few episodes ago.
I remember

Sans remembering the past event where he destroyed Papyrus' battle body.

Papyrus, as to not make Sans worry, says that he really likes the shirt he's wearing(which is untidy and has two holes), but then corrects himself saying that he really liked the shirt he was wearing after realizing how tattered it really is. He then adds on to this, pointing towards the house and himself being in the same condition, before quickly collapsing. Sans, after seeing this says in a worried manner if he's is alright, to which Papyrus responds that he is ok, and he could heal himself as he mends his damaged body. Sans then looks around the area asking about where everyone is. Papyrus replied that most of them are in the Arena and after asking about the "kid", Papyrus states that Chara is also with them. Sans, who thought there was someone else who had existed who is Frisk, asks if there was another kid, but the reply was the same. Sans ignored the factor, due to the fact he had dealt with weird occurrences in the timeline underground. Papyrus almost completes healing himself and then informs that he will tell all the details while they are on their way to the Arena. Sans see a band under the rock, which was half visible, which was given by Frisk, however, as Frisk is removed from the timeline, there is a chance that the band was then given by Chara. Papyrus ask if Sans can teleport, however, as Sans felt that a huge amount of magic was used just to teleport, he states not to use his powers for a while.
To the Arena

Papyrus controlling the large Gaster blaster with Sans holding tightly to the gaster blaster, beside him.

Papyrus mentions that Gaster also lost his powers after the battle he had with Betty. Sans, as he obtained his consciousness properly after he woke up recently starting from the events of what happened in the AMD building, gets anxious about the fact that a battle took place while he was in his fallen-down state. Papyrus mentions again that he will tell all the details while they are on their way to the Arena. Papyrus gets an idea and summons a large gaster blaster that is then seen firing at the backward area to get a boost to the speed while in the air, where Sans holds tightly on the gaster blaster and Papyrus is seen controlling it.

Meanwhile, Rave gets a call from Jessica allowing Rave to use the weapons and the armors he brought with him. Rave worriedly, asks Jessica about the current situation she is in, but before she could respond, the sounds of rocks are then heard falling, which ultimately breaks the communication device that was used to contact Rave. After losing the signal to Jessica, Rave calls Ronan asking about the current situation of Jessica, though Ronan responds that he hasn't heard from her either. After this Rave sees a gigantic blob monster attacking at the city, while the voices of people shrieking out can be heard from afar. Gaster is then seen being teleported by the device and finally arrives at Rave's campsite.

After this, Rave notices a blue light flashing behind him and looks backward to check from where the light is emitted from. Rave notices that it is Gaster who seems to be in an aghast. Rave remembers that he has seen Gaster in a book when Rave was reading about the chapter based on Monster Chroma Magic. Gaster asks about their current location to which Rave, after looking at the injury Gaster has on his fibula, replies that they are currently present in the School safe parameter area. Rave attention is then attracted to the triangle device, placed by Jessica Grey and remembers (in a flashback) that Jessica places a triangle-shaped receiver device that would be used to teleport the person, using the teleporter, to the place where the receiver is placed at. Jessica states that she would teleport to the tent if the situation gets too complicated to handle and left some papers on the desk, where on the top, the papers based on peace agreement can be seen. Ronan asks what the papers are about, getting the response that they are some paperwork that he needs to look over when things are over.

Jessica apologizes to Rave for Alina and further states that he has grown up and Noah will be proud of him. Rave, while blushing a bit, states that they should get moving and go to their work. Jessica bids farewell and the flashback overs, prompting Rave to question where Jessica is as Gaster was the monster who was seen accompanying Jessica. Gaster looks back and states that if he isn't the brother-in-law to Jessica, further saying that he has a piece of good news for him that he just got promoted to the leader of that palace. For the sake of that place, Gaster recommends him to keep the place together, continuing that everyone today has lost someone and Rave may mourn over it after all the mess is over. Gaster looks at the screen seeing at the map of the city, stating that the enemy has breached the perimeter and they need reinforcement there. Gaster recommends Rave to put their efforts on stopping the monster to reach the campsite, leaving the Arena to Gaster.

Then, Rave states that he won't be much of a help with that leg and questions Gaster on how he even can fight and still stand regardless of that injury on his fibula. Rave takes out his healing machine which is seen scanning for Gaster's fatal wounds. Rave gets concerned after looking at the wounds shown on the healing machine, states to stay still and activates the machine, which eventually ends up healing all the wounds on the fibula starting from the most fatal ones. Rave suggests sending some reinforcement with Gaster, however, Gaster states that it's fine and he would like to go alone in the Arena, as we see one of his right eye glowing red with the pole getting squashed by Gaster's hand, indicating that he may have recovered his powers. After healing is done, Gaster takes his leave after stating that this will make things easier for him and the moment he was about to leave, Rave questions for the directions on what to do and how to deal with the giant monster. Gaster is then seen seeing a flashback of himself, comparing his past to the present with Rave, as if the history is repeating itself. Gaster, though states that he looks smart and he should figure it out himself. Rave questioning himself on how he is supposed to do that as he has no idea how to deal with it and if he just can make some time. While in a rather worrying and analytical manner, ultimately an idea came across in his mind that he just need to lure the monster away by attaining the monster's attention towards a huge concentration of magic and evacuating the hostiles in the meantime.

Rave is then seen making a call to the Battalion II stating that he is the in charge of the situation now, where he states afterward that the top priority is to lure away the hostiles from the safe perimeter, disconnecting the Avalon from the school and bringing it to the park, continuing stating that when the Avalon is turned on again in the park, it must be set at max power so that they can buy some time from it. Rave later notices a briefcase on the surface, he puts the briefcase on the table and opens it up and sees his brother family pic including him in the photo, beside the weapons in the briefcase, and watches the group photo for some moments. With a gloomy expression, Rave states that he will talk later he guess. In the next scene, we can see Bete launching two charged attacks with her hand-sword at Chara where Chara, with respect to her response rate, evades both of the attacks with one nearly hitting him, however, it is seen cutting up some of his hair and charges towards ahead with his sword, but gets alert when he saw Betty using a charged arrow, ultimately shooting at Chara, which he evades it by rolling down on the surface and then strike down his sword after charging it, to the ground which made a flow of explosion that is seen heading towards Bete. Bete to dodge the attack responds with the same attack by forming a scythe on her hand and strikes it at the ground after charging, which also made a flow of explosion heading towards the charge attack sent by Chara, though when the collision occurs, an explosion is made in the arena. Chara looks at Toriel and Asgore and states, "Alright." and pulls out his knife lifting it above and charging, where Toriel is seen readying her attack and just after that instant, Chara states "SWITCH!" indicating the Dreemeurs to switch there position.


Chara strikes the knife to the ground with Toriel using her attack at some distance to the ground which eventually creates a diameter of flame around Asriel to block his viewpoint to distract him. Bete, who looks nervous, sees the ground turning red which eventually ended up making an explosion at the position where she is seen standing. Chara then switches his places with the Dreemeurs and heads at Asriel, who is still present in the flamy area, with Chara shouting Asriel's name and coming up from the frontlines with his Shield of Determination equipped, alerting Asriel as he forms up his stance for dodging the direct hit with his sword, but ends up getting hit directly with the shield, leaving Chara with a worried expression on his face. Asriel is then seen outside of the Arena as he stops himself with the footsteps and the friction obtained from the ground looking at Chara after he stands still properly at the ground.

Bete then states, in an annoyed manner, to where Chara is thinking to go and gets a direct hit from Asgore's attack while she isn't conscious of them. Toriel questions Asgore that as if they can kill Bete. Asgore responds that they will not get aware of it until they try and throws a powerfully charged summoned spear with a high force at Bete. Bete clears the thick black smoke aroused around her with her hand, that has formed into spiky fingers, and with the trident giving a direct hit to her, pierces through her chest and is then seen adhere to the wall. Bete is then seen with a nervous expression on her face as she sees fireballs surrounding her summoned by Toriel in the sky. Bete then gives a deplorable look on her face and so the screen turns to black.

In the next scene, Undyne is seen shouting Ronan's name as he is still unconscious due to his fatal injury. His face is covered with blood and to save him from the pink creatures, she picks Ronan up and takes him to a safer area. The traces of the blood dropping can be seen on the road and a blob happens to pass by that road, however, the blob doesn't notice it and moves on. Undyne states to Hugo to follow her quickly and all three of them, Undyne holding Ronan, reaches a safer area away from the blobs. Undyne is then seen placing Ronan and making him lean with a wall where Hugo is seen crying at the side and soon after placing Ronan, Undyne who is in a stupor after seeing Ronan's condition, remembers her past by seeing the blood on her hands where the scene is seen shifting from bloody to dusty hands, remembering the fact when she accidentally killed Alphys with her spear in love part 1. Hugo calls upon Undyne by shouting "Miss!", which eventually breaks the semi-conscious state of Undyne.

Hugo asks where do they need to go now, with Undyne stating that they will be going for the school, further stating that she is not aware of how badly Ronan is injured, however, he needs medical attention as soon as possible. She also further states that they need to tackle with the blobs first somehow, especially with the big one. Hugo asks if they can fight the blobs, however, after considering her past action, Undyne states that she doesn't want to risk anyone's life and she's not good at protecting others, also saying that she can either save Hugo Phenix or his father Ronan Cass.

Ronan states that it is simple and further adds to leave him there, where Hugo disagrees with it. Ronan shouts at Hugo that he's not asking him and further continues to state to Undyne to keep Hugo safe because to him, his son is his everything. Hugo as he didn't want to leave his father behind, tries to approach him, however, Undyne holds him with his arm. Just after some mins, we see a giant pink blob destroying the city and one of the rocks moving in a high velocity, gets through a building which, ultimately ends up making the building fall and collapse over the area where all 3 of them are present. Whilst everyone is seeing the building fall down, Hugo forces himself and escapes through Undyne's grip and snaps up to his father while crying, where Undyne has a flashback at that instant of Ronan consoling to Undyne and stating that the pain they feel, they should use it as an energy to fight and to make sure that nobody else has to go through that pain, which Ronan at least think of it.

After the flashback ends, Undyne musters up her courage, summons the spears, and sends them flying upwards which stopped the falling building for a while. Though due to her lost determination, she felt weakened and the huge weight of the rocks weighs her down. Spears are then seen to be cracking as her will to protect others becomes weaker. Undyne, probably in another flashback or her thoughts, is seen in a white place while feeling down and thinking about what to do, Alphys is then seen at the back of Undyne. Alphys who asks why she has a sad look on her face, Undyne states that she is missing her and she won't be able to do it without her there. Alphys then consoles Undyne and states that she wasn't like her at all, stating where's that commitment, and the excitement, and the energy she had. Further stating to Undyne that if she's aware of what she likes the most about her, leaving Undyne in a speculative state, Alphys states that she loves her passion and how strong she is, and doesn't make discrimination on what is it, but cares about everything whole-heartedly, and stating lastly that not to stop being who she is, after all, she will always think of her that she is pretty neat.

After the flashback, she recovers her will to protect others and is filled with determination with a grin on her face while the red light emerges in the surroundings, stating to Ronan and Hugo that it's alright, after all, it is just a bunch of rocks. Undyne eyes turn red again while using her determination powers, she blasts a powerfully charged energy blast vertically, which ultimately ended up eradicating the whole building into dust. Ronan and Hugo, who is shocked by Undyne's immense power, Undyne states, "See? It's alright..." with Hugo accompanied by tears of happiness and shine in his eyes. Undyne is then seen telling Ronan and Hugo that they should move to a safe place for now with further saying that she will deal with the giant monster in some way. Just after this moment, we see Rave where Undyne questions Rave that what he is doing here, as the giant monster is going crazy, it is too dangerous for him to stay there.

But that is the same question of Rave for all 3 of them. Rave, looking nervously, states that they could use some help and Undyne instantly replies that if he can take them to hospital because Ronan needs urgent medical attention, though Rave states that he has got it covered already and shows the Healing machine which left Undyne in a question state, asking what is the device that Rave's holding. Rave describes the functioning of the Healing device made up of Arncite, a metal that contains and store magic in it, however, it is limited to use as it contains healing magic stored in it. Rave further states that it will identify the wounds and will start healing from the most fatal ones first to least fatal ones and a user can use it if they don't have healing magic or user that can use healing magic nearby. Rave daydreams and thinks of Noah, thinking that Noah will be proud of him. Hugo asks if this device can heal his father's fatal injuries and if his dad is going to be alright. Rave, by giving a smile, states that his father will be alright in no time. Rave further states and apologizes Ronan for being rude with him at their first meeting, he further then states that he was also angry over something. We can see Ronan's injuries getting healed completely and he states that it not a problem.

After the injuries are healed, Rave asks how he's feeling where we then see Ronan stating that he is perfect, however, a bit exhausted. Hugo hugs Ronan where Ronan apologizes for making Hugo worried and says thanks to Rave. Undyne, while cutting the talk, states that they should save the talk for later and they should better proceed for the refuge. Ronan asks that what will she do with the monster getting an answer from Undyne that she would obviously do the same thing that she did with the building. Rave got shocked and surprised at the fact that it was Undyne who eradicated the whole building with a single blast and further states that if that's the case, he knows of a way to how to put stop to that monster, however, he needs some time for his plan to work and asks if she could hit and weaken the giant blob with her magic. Undyne states that she is unsure of it herself, even though, she will do it. Undyne also further states that she may not be aware of how she will, but she will destroy the blob in some way.

Rave, however, states that he hates risking people's lives over simple odd terms, however, at this point, they don't have any choice and if Undyne fails then Rave states that Ronan and Hugo must order everyone else to evacuate completely and later on they will need other district's help to deal with this and further states that their people will make as much time as possible, to which Undyne breaks in by giving him a pat at his back and states that she has got this and he shouldn't be silly. And so, Rave gets a call and confirms that they proceed just as planned where Rave states that he would need Undyne and Ronan to come with him while sending Hugo to the school. Ronan states to Hugo that he has helped enough and promises that he will be ok. Undyne is then seen lastly seen saying, "Let's do this" and so the screen goes black.

Undyne is unable to think of a way to evacuate both the injured Ronan and Hugo. Ronan instructs the two to leave him and escape on their own. However before anyone can do anything, Kumuzilla knocks a skyscraper onto them. Undyne barely manages to keep the building suspended above them. It is here that she has a vision of Alphys, and after a brief conversation, musters up the courage to fight once more. Filled with DETERMINATION and her original abrasiveness, Undyne effortlessly vaporizes the skyscraper just before Rave arrives in a car. Rave heals Ronan, taking Ronan and Hugo to a safe area to allow Undyne to combat Kumuzilla un-interrupted.


Toriel heals Asgore's wound where Bete tries to provoke Asgore. He hits his trident on the ground and summons more tridents from the surface directing at Bete moving horizontally. Bete Tries to evade it by jumping in the air, however, she gets a direct hit from Toriel's attack. After that, both of them use a combo attack, which she deflects and throws the attack back at them.


She then hallucinates Toriel, showing a past memory of Asgore killing the fallen children. While Toriel was in Bete's illusion, Asgore uses his skills and damages Bete. Though, while Asgore is about to make a finishing move, Toriel uses a powerful attack at Asgore, making him fall in an unconscious state with a huge wound visible on his belly.


  • [02:54] In the previous episode, Sans is wearing a long-sleeved shirt before Papyrus left his side. However, in this episode, Sans wakes up wearing a short-sleeved shirt.
  • Alphys' glasses are missing in all of the scenes she appears in, including those in where she and Undyne are still in the underground.


  • On the segment where Asgore uses his Blue and Orange attacks, the timing of the eyes is synchronized with the attack timing.
  • Rave knows who Gaster is, and is aware of his past accomplishments. He was nervous yet quite excited to see him in his tent despite the fact that it was a war out there and now was definitely not the time for this.
  • Rave’s healing machine actually has limited uses. Currently, the max uses are 2, as seen when he heals Ronan, the green on the side is halved.
  • Sans does not remember Frisk. The most he is aware of is that another kid had existed, but can’t wrap his head around who it was.
  • This episode was originally meant to be combined with Animosity, but had been split due to timing issues.
  • This episode hints that Sans, Gaster, and Papyrus will play a big role next episode, considering they are all heading to the arena.


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