Hands are one of the Gaster's primary weapons. Gaster developed his own fighting style, causing him to summon up to seven hands under his control, each one with a different power/ability.


  • Monotone: All the hands turn of a certain color, amplifying the power of his next attack by 7.
  • Red Attack: Shoots a blast of energy, twice as powerful than normal Gaster Blasters.
  • Green Attack: Gaster's hand can spawn a forcefield or a shield to protect someone, however, it drains his energy the longer he uses it.
  • Orange attack: This specific hand has the ability to spawn white dots around their enemy, when the dots turn orange they create a deadly explosion.
  • Blue Attack: Gaster's hands have the ability to spawn up to 2 blue razor blades in a disc that follows its enemy.
  • Yellow Attack: Gaster has the ability to turn one of his hands (or both when using Duality) yellow, this shoots projectiles at a really fast pace.
  • Purple Attack: This ability is able to copy anything in front of this hand (the purple one in this case) and be able to copy it’s exact power as well, but it is likely to get destroyed if it is overwhelmed with too many powers.
  • Light Blue Attack: This hand has the ability to shoot up to 4 that stick to its objective until Gaster decides to let go, or the string is cut.


Do or Die 258
  • Gaster has holes in his hands which he uses for controlling and using his powers.
  • Since Gaster has extremely unique powers, the holes in his hands get filled according to the power he’s using. So he can actually shoot powers from those holes and also shows what he’s using, he was born with that.
  • His perseverance power is blocked, and he was only able to use it in Yet Darker due to ”weird void powers” making them technically not count.
  • Every power that Gaster uses actually represents each one of the human soul traits.
    • Hands' colors and attacks can be the same if Gaster wishes so.
  • Hands can be used for other purposes such as melee attacks.
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