The Human Safety Organization (HSO) is an organization created in order to protect humans from disasters, wars, starvation, etc.[citation needed] We don't really know anything about this organization, however, it is shown that HSO leads military sub-organizations such as the AMD, or HSO military section.[citation needed]


We don't really know anything about the organization's history, though it may be as old as the AMD, which means that it has surely existed for a very long time as well.[citation needed]


  • We do know that the HSO has a "central" building in the shape of the letter "H" where every political party (including the AMD party) makes decisions.[citation needed]
  • In Love Part 2, it can be seen that the HSO possesses military forces based on human magic (such as the Kindness barrier generators) and human technology (such as firearms). On the other hand, it has been noted that human magic was strictly regulated according to Ronan
  • Since The Great Human and Monster Wars, humanity politically worked in a democratic way. The HSO also works in a democratic way, where every political party votes on international decisions.

HSO's areas

  • "AMD": The AMD is a sub-organization of the HSO. Its existence depended on the barrier, as it monitored it, and the monsters it tracked down an the surface.
  • "HSO headquarters": The HSO built a building in the shape of the letter "H". This area is forgiving political decisions where all of the political parties vote.[citation needed]
  • "HSO assembly": The HSO has an assembly inside of its building. This is where they make international political decisions, and propositions, or listening and judging international criminals.[citation needed]

Notable members

Equipment and Units

  • Barrier generators: A human technology based on the KINDNESS magic in order to create a barrier that won't let anything enter, or leave an area.
  • Military Wizards: Trained wizards can use their magic in order to fight against any threat. They are like the HSO's special forces.[citation needed]



This is all pure speculation, and should not be taken as full canon until confirmed.

  • Keeping peace upon humans nations.
  • Preventing humans wars.
  • Helping the population in danger (disasters, disease, starvation, poverty, etc).
  • Capturing remaining monsters on the surface with the help of the AMD.


  • Uniting mankind.
  • Military intervention.
  • Making political discussions.



  • The HSO may have had been inspired by the UN.
  • HSO works in a democratic way, and with a senatorial organization like the UN General Assembly.
  • Just like the UN, the HSO has a military force.
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