Do you know what black means? ...It's HATE.
~ Chara in Continue

HATE is a dark substance that is the true main antagonist for both Season 1 and Season 2.

Not much is known about it, but it has been proven to be even more dangerous and far more powerful than FEAR and DETERMINATION.

HATE is neither a soul nor a soul trait, and it works as an enhancer.[1]


  • Control Power: HATE can control the body and emotions of its host. It may influence decisions that the host won't normally do and eventually take control of the whole body if the host gives in to it.[2]
  • Power Enhancer: The host would be more powerful thanks to this soul enhancer. This ability increases the host's original power by a tremendous amount, but it depends on the amount of hate on the user's soul.[2]
  • Regeneration: If the host is either damaged, low on HP, or lost any of their limbs, the enhancer fixes those for them, repairing any severe damage dealt to its host like in the episode *Determination. It even allows one to revive bodies made of magic, like Sans.
  • HATE Barriers: HATE can be used to create a huge ball or a dome that can't be broken by any magic whatsoever unless enemies use "love". It was first noted in the episode, Continue.
  • HATE Weapons: The host can use HATE in any way they want. For example, in the *Determination, Chara used HATE to grab Frisk and place them in the Determination Extractor. It can also make the host sprout Hate tentacles out of missing limbs, and those can be used as weapons rather than regeneration.
  • Corruption of the Host: If the host stays with too much HATE for too long, the host would eventually be corrupted by this power. The longer HATE stays with the host, the more progressively difficult it is to remove or control the HATE. On the other hand, very small amounts of hate can be easily handled.
  • TRAIT inversion: The host's soul trait can be inverted when HATE is introduced into it if the host allows it to change them within, instead of just covering the soul, that, though, is dangerous and irreversible, an example of this is a FEAR soul trait.[3][4]


When HATE begins to take control of their host, they begin to act more violent, psychotic, and brutal and progressively begin to lack self-control. They may even become horrifically sadistic and have no remorse or regret for their actions; they'd also start to seem to enjoy mutilating and torturing others perversely. An example of its cruelty was when HATE Chara ruthlessly tore off Omega Flowey's arm in Your Best Friend while showing no remorse or guilt at Flowey at all. Another example could be when Asriel, being corrupted with HATE, stabbed his own father Asgore, almost killing him, without any source of remorse.

Unlike all of the Glitchtale villains, HATE is a purely evil substance with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, making HATE completely non-archetypal compared to many other villains of Glitchtale.


The appearance of the substance itself is similar to Akumu's. It seems to be a fully black blob being able to change their irises and mouth from white to red, changing its shape.

In Animosity, HATE appears with a pink glow after taking Bete's magic. Also appearing to take a humanoid shape.

As for HATE vessels, the color of their irises depends on their soul trait (But if it is a monster, it is black) while their sclera turns black. The more the HATE corrupts its host, the more the black substance will take over their host's entire body, excluding their hair. But even when Frisk had HATE with them on Megalomaniac, the HATE failed to take over Frisk's body, including Chara's (excluding their black scleras).


Before Season 1

The first vessel for the hate was Frisk, as they were consumed by it. During Frisk's genocide route, it overcame them, but eventually left and took over Chara during Frisk's reset in Megalomaniac, only worsening by every moment that passed.

Season 1

And where do you think all that HATE generated ended up? Right into me!
~ Chara on "Continue"

HATE Chara on "Your Best Friend"

Ever since the first episode, HATE has been with Chara and transformed them to become evil while giving them more power. Chara's feelings and emotions were erased thanks to this substance, which meant that Chara could even kill the person who Chara loves the most with a sadistic-like behavior.

In Continue, HATE directed Chara to kill Asriel after objecting to their demands. Whenever Asriel tried to tell Chara an old moment or try talking to them, HATE would destroy Chara's feelings more and encourage them to kill him more bluntly. With love, Asriel managed to get HATE out of Chara, but Chara died because they no longer had the DETERMINATION to live. Then Asriel used their soul as a vessel of the seven soul traits that spawned in Continue.

Season 2

It was me who threw the HATE from my genocide run on them.
~ Frisk on "Love Part 1"

HATE leaving Mt. Ebott

When the barrier broke, HATE escaped from Mount Ebott but was seized by the AMD. They placed it in a vial, as Jessica Grey began a hidden research project on what HATE was, and Bete ends up helping her figure that out in a conversation. However, Jessica lost the vial to Bete in Dust due to Bete forcefully stealing it from Jessica by using torture.

HATE is attempting to take over Bete in "Love Part 1".

When Bete was "killed" by Undyne in Love, Kumu ate the HATE vial to save Bete. HATE immediately found a new host (who is Bete) and used the "Regeneration" ability to bring back the disintegrated parts of Bete. Despite this power, Bete ends up fleeing as they felt the side effects of the substance and were losing their self-control.

Frisk blinded with Hate.gif

Frisk’s soul is seen as having a drip of HATE. Within the next part, Bete begins getting the blunt of Frisk, and in a last-ditch effort, she uses HATE on Sans' own soul, reviving him under the control of them. However, with Papyrus entering the scene, they used their love to remove the HATE from Sans, and so Bete fled once again.

In My Promise, Bete uses some HATE on Asriel's soul, reviving him in the process. Later, Bete makes Asriel battle Toriel and Asgore. Toriel and Asgore desperately try to save Asriel from HATE by showing their compassion to him, but unfortunately for them, it failed. Frisk, Toriel, and Asgore were forced to retreat since they eventually figured out they couldn't win against both Asriel and Bete.

In Animosity, Chara manages to take the HATE away from Asriel and lets it into his soul. Meanwhile, Bete is killed by Gaster, causing the HATE to take her magic and separate itself from Bete. HATE manages to cast a hallucination on Papyrus and tries to attack him, only for Chara to intervene. Chara then tells the substance that he will show them his Animosity (controlled Hate).

Deleted Scene

In a deleted scene, HATE talks with Bete and how they finally found a physical form to reside with, though the live-stream associated with it has been removed.

We didn't manage to find all of the deleted scenes; only a few of them are missing and because Camila Cuevas removed the stream from Twitch. It's no longer possible to find the deleted scenes.

Disclaimer: This scene is not part of the Glitchtale storyboard, because it was removed by Camila.

Facts by Camila

When you feel true hate towards someone/something from within your soul, and you’re truly convinced it’s the only answer to whatever is troubling you, and if the feeling is strong enough. HATE might appear.
~ Camila Cuevas on Tumblr post

  • A human can't be born with a black soul as Hate is not a soul trait.[2]
  • Only love can extract HATE from a soul.[2]
  • HATE can be generated, but it can't be destroyed. In extreme cases, it can be changed/transformed.[2]
  • When Frisk caused an unexpected RESET in "Megalomaniac", the hate generated looked for another host. Since Frisk wasn't there, the only other HUMAN available in the world was Chara.[2]
  • In Glitchtale, Chara was never evil, but since Megalomaniac their eyes slowly started to get surrounded by a black aura, representing how they were slowly getting blinded by HATE.[2]
  • HATE can grow within a human soul until it takes over the entire body. This numbs the host's emotions and influences their decisions.[2]
  • HATE greatly increases the user's soul power.[2]
  • The more HATE the human uses as an enhancer for their abilities, the harder it will regain control of their body.[2]


  • Animosity is "tamed" hate as Chara is able to put his will over Hate's goals.[5][6]
  • When Hate finally kills its host, it takes the magic they were using and adopts it as it's own abilities.[7]
  • It is very unlikely to generate HATE with just one person, but it can be spawned easily when an entire species hate one person. Like how the monsters hated Frisk when they were doing a genocide run.[8]
    • During season 2, two whole species - the humans and the monsters - hated Bete Noire. It is unknown why this didn't result in Bete generating her own HATE, though.
  • In "Yet Darker", Gaster used black goop that resembled the HATE against Frisk and Sans. Other than attacking, his goop was seen blocking Frisk's RESET button, similar to how Chara was able to. Whether Gaster was actually using HATE, and what this substance was, if not HATE, is unknown.
  • According to one of Camila's Twitch broadcasts hosted on July 26, 2017, the HATE Chara absorbed was not in full effect during part of Season 1; therefore, they felt guilty for their actions. This also caused them to kill the amalgamates, instead of other monsters because it would be less disappointing.
    • If they went after Undyne, who would give them unlimited DETERMINATION, it would cause more sorrow to the underground, which Chara wanted to avoid.
    • Camila also said that they only tried to kill Frisk because they deserved it, and spared them in *Determination because the file has to be with a valid name before resetting so it can be a successful reset. So, they took control of it first and then tried to Reset.
  • HATE can grow within a human soul until it takes over the entire body. This numbs the host's emotions and influences their decisions greatly.[9]
  • HATE greatly increases the user's soul power, even up to 10 times their original power.[9]
    • However, the more HATE a human uses as an enhancer for their abilities, the harder it will become to regain control of their body.[9]
  • For HATE to take full control of their current host, the host must first permit it.
  • When HATE and DETERMINATION both come together, an ability named "FILE 0" becomes available. At the same time, HATE increases the user's Determination power. This event only happened for Chara, though for an unknown reason, Chara's "FILE 0" ability only works when HATE is powering their DETERMINATION.
    • This ability no longer works in S2, as they cannot interact with the timeline anymore ever since Frisk erased himself from existence.
  • If a monster gets HATE, it controls them faster than humans, and their sclera becomes black. [10]
  • There is a canon conversation, never before in the series. Jessica Grey and Bete are seen talking about HATE in said scene.[11]
  • A person who is corrupted by HATE can still die; however, it would take enormous amounts of power and effort. Such as killing the affected person in just one blow, or just damage the host so much that the HATE is not fast enough to heal its host.[12]
  • HATE's intentions are bad enough to scare Bete.[13]
    • HATE’s true purpose and goal is total annihilation.[14]
      • This meant that Bete will try to be careful with HATE throughout the rest of Glitchtale because if she uses too much HATE, it will gain control over her again.[15]
      • When HATE found Bete as its new host, HATE began to control Bete, but HATE couldn't control Kumu for unknown reasons, which it should be able to since Bete and Kumu own the same soul.[16]
  • Camila confirms that the HATE used in Season 1 is the same for Season 2.[citation needed]
  • By the time of the episode Love Pt 2, when the barrier broke, and HATE was captured by the AMD, it had been 37 days since the barrier was broken. The exact time it happened on the said day was at 10:41 AM.
  • HATE has one weakness. It's love (the emotion), being its antithesis. Asriel and Frisk were able to use it to purge it from Chara on "Continue", and Papyrus used it to free Sans from Bete's control on "Love Part 2". This causes Frisk to realize that only love can defeat HATE.
    • Love is an enhancer too.[17]
  • As strong as HATE is, it can't replicate a physical body.[citation needed]
  • There's only one way for destroying HATE permanently, the host has to die with it.[18]
    • Chara didn't die with HATE on Season 1 because HATE was extracted from them, this is why HATE survived from the battle. Chara, on the other hand, died because they lacked determination.
    • It is unknown why the Hate in Bete was not destroyed along with its host.
  • HATE can replicate a monster's body, but they cannot replicate an entire body of a human because the body of a monster is made of magical properties. In contrast, a human's body is made of physical matter.
  • It is not known where all the Hate from S2 ended up, or if any was generated at all.
  • Frisk’s soul, (now Chara’s) has a drip of HATE, which can be seen in Love Part 2.
  • Bete's soul is not extracted from HATE.[citation needed]


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