Grillby is a minor character in Glitchtale who made his first appearance in Season 2's first episode, My Sunshine.


Very little is known of Grillby's personality, however, due to being made of fire, he seems to be naturally terrified of water, as shown in Undertale if Frisk interacts with him. Here, a message will pop up that says "Grillby said that he'd offer you a glass of water, but he doesn't touch the stuff."

Nevertheless, Grillby is shown to be competitive, as he works tirelessly all day in order to keep his diner as the most popular in town. Thus it is no surprise that Grillby seems to not like Muffet as in My Sunshine Sans remarks that he and Muffet always fight for customers, further supporting their rivalry. However, this seems to change during Bete's encounter, where instead of fighting each other, Grillby and Muffet team up to help Mettaton in his fight against Bete.


Grillby is a fire-like monster that has glasses that wears a black long sleeve uniform that has a white collar, a small grey bow-tie, and a few black buttons. During My Sunshine, he was seen wearing white gloves; However in Love Part 1 when he was getting ready to fight some of Bete's pink creatures, he did not wear them.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fire Manipulation: Since Grillby is made of fire, he's capable of shooting balls of fire as seen in Game Over Part 2.


My Sunshine

Grillby makes a cameo in this episode where he is seen serving a burger to someone in front of his restaurant, vying desperately and relentlessly for customers. He soon looks angrily at Muffet upon realizing she is doing the same to get customers.

Love Part 1

Grillby makes a brief cameo where he gets ready to fight one of Bete's pink creatures in front of his restaurant, though he is not shown fighting.

Game Over Part 2

Grillby appears with Muffet to defend Mettaton. He attacks Bete Noire with fire, but he gets thrown into the wall by her, getting injured and when Toriel arrives, she aids him.


  • In Yet Darker, Sans heads over to Grillby's for a brief period of time though Grillby himself did not make an appearance in this episode.
  • Grillby currently doesn't have a voice actor.


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