She's a bit older now but she's still alive
~ Cami referencing Grace in an Amino Post

Grace Rutrow is Rave and Noah's mother and has so far not made an appearance in Glitchtale.


She appears to be a middle-aged woman and has light blue streaks in her hair that is split to the side, with eyes that are the same color as her hair.


  • Noah and Rave both have her last name.
  • Her husband passed away right after Rave was born.
  • Being blinded by grief, she blamed Rave for Noah's death, completely shattering their relationship. Because of this, she barely talks with Rave, and whenever she does, they get in an argument.
  • Grace Rutrow is Rave and Noah's mother.[1]
  • Grace and Zoe Phenix may appear in the second season.[2]




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