Glitchtale Wiki, as of 15th August 2017, has an official Glitchtale server. Discord is a better alternative to Wiki's Chatroom feature and can be accessed through a web browser or variety of apps for different platforms.
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If you wish to socialize in real-time, you can always join our Discord server, which is an up-to-date, user-friendly, and nicely presented application.

It is available to use via an internet browser, or you can download the apps for Android, Apple, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can join our server at any time by clicking this link.

What is Discord?

Discord is a multi-platform Internet communication service that aims to combine the functionalities of Skype and TeamSpeak. It is especially popular with gamers, although it can be used for any purpose, a good example would be for fandoms like in this case. Discord is designed to run alongside games, and offers an in-game overlay interface (similar to Steam).

Discord hosts many public and private "servers", and each server is administered by its owner and its administrators. Servers are independent of each other, and each server has its own list of available voice and text channels. Access to each server is controlled by their owners and administrators on a per-server basis. To join, a user must register for a Discord account; these accounts are global and can be used on any server, and registering for one is free.

Discord can be accessed from any modern web browser on their official website, or any of its official standalone apps for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

For help and support with using Discord, please click here.

How to join

  1. To join the Glitchtale Wiki Discord server, register your account on Discord. You can afterward download a client for the device you are on if you want to.
  2. The widget showing the Glitchtale Wiki Discord server can be found in the right sidebar on a normal wiki page. The "Join" button can be found on the bottom of it. You should click it.

Server Roles

Roles on Discord are like user groups on Wiki; they are used to put people in different groups that sometimes have a different appearance or permissions.

Name Given to Permissions Mentionable Separated in the user list
Leader MasterSlenderTR
Ownership No No
Administrator The chosen Moderators from the Staff by Leader In addition to normal staff member permissions, can change several additional server settings No No
Moderator The chosen users from the server community by Leader Can inspect the server, change its settings, and can ban No No
The Glitchtale Wiki Crew Server Staff Organizes all the staff roles under one role No Yes
High Society Great YouTubers, Great Content Creators, and Wiki Staff Can change the nickname of users and can view Audit Log. No Yes
Trusted Member Anyone who is known on the Wiki community and trusted by a lot of users None No Yes
Wiki Editors Editors of Glitchtale Wiki None No Yes
Welcome Squad Welcomers in the server None No No
Artists/Animators Artists on the Glitchtale Wiki or on the Discord server N/A No No
Musicians Musicians on the Glitchtale Wiki or on the Discord server N/A No No
Developers Game Developers on the Glitchtale Wiki or on the Discord server N/A No No
Writers Writers on the Glitchtale Wiki or on the Discord server N/A No No
Wikians Server/Wiki members Standard permissions: can access all social channels, create instant invites, change their nickname, use external emoticons and send files No Yes
Bots Discord Bots on the server Mod permissions No No
Muted For muted people Mutes you No No
Updates For people who wish to receive small updates about the server, events, or progress towards a goal. N/A Yes No
Events For people who wish to receive notifications for events such as contests, challenges, and more. N/A Yes No
Thank You This role is an appreciation role. N/A No No

Server Channels

Name Purpose
Server Info
#server-info A channel containing the server rules and channel
#self-assignable-roles A channel for taking roles
#announcements A channel for updates, events, and news
#partnerships A channel listing the partners of the server
#newcomers The join/leave logs
Main Channels
#general A discussion that doesn't go in any other channel
#international In this channel, you are free to speak in other languages
#media You can post random stuff here. Such as image, videos, and other forms of content
#serious-topics This is a chat for venting, arguing, or discussing serious, sad, controversial, or bad topics. We love you, and we want to listen to whatever you have to say
#face-reveal Feeling confident? Feel free to reveal what you truly look like from behind the screen
#introduction You can introduce yourself here
#server-quotes Quotes from the Server
#glitchtale-discussion You can debate/discuss everything related to Glitchtale here
#glitchtale-theories For sharing your theories here
#glitchtale-episode For discussing the new episodes of Glitchtale
#glitchtale-wiki Discussion regarding the Glitchtale Wiki site
#games Every game goes here
#anime You can talk about anime here
#undertale You can debate/discuss everything related to Undertale and Deltarune here
#pungeon You can do your bad jokes here as much as you want on this channel
#roleplay You can roleplay here
#memes You can share memes on this channel
#spam Spam in this channel as much as you want
Content Hub
#literature You can post your literature works here, or talk about books and recommend some to other bookworms!~
#developing You can post your coding projects or games here!
#music-production Post your music work here!
#animation-creation You can post your animation progress here!
#oc-support You can use this channel if you want to promote your OC!
#artist-showcase You can post your artwork and chat here!
#critiques-feedbacks Want to improve your work? This is a place for critical analysis and feedback! (Wiki members are urged to remain objective and not insult people's efforts)
The Bot Area
#bot-commands For using bot commands
#truth-or-dare You can play truth or dare
#mudae You can use mudae
#pokecord You can use pokecord
Voice channels
General For general discussion
Gaming For playing games with your friends
Karaoke For playing games with your friends
Music For listening to music
AFK AFK channel. People that are inactive will be placed here automatically

Server Bots List

The Discord server utilizes several bots. They are there for multiple purposes, which will be listed below. Every one of them has certain commands that can be sent to them to list all the available commands. Most bots can only be used from the #bot-commands channel.

Name Nickname Description Help command
Dyno GlitchtaleBotette Auto-Mod ?help
MEE6 GlitchtaleBot Auto-Mod and Level bot !help
KawaiiBot KawaiiBot Surprisingly, has several commands +help
Mantaro Mantaro Fun and market bot ->help
NotSoBot NotSoAlive Auto-Mod and Meme bot .help
Tatsumaki Tatsumaki Has too many commands t!help
Yggdrasil Yggdrasil This is a bot for fun, soundboard, games, phones, and pranks! --help
Vortex Admin Bot Super Auto-Mod >>help
Rythm Rythm Plays music in VC !help
TruthOrDare TruthOrDare Plays the truth or dare game -help
PokeCord PokeCord Plays the pokemon game p!help
CleverBot CleverBot For chatting @CleverBot#3825
Disboard Disboard For advertising !disboard help

Server Staff List

Server Staff Members
Username Role Status
  • Leader
  • Leader
  • Administrator
  • Administrator
  • Administrator
  • Moderator
  • Moderator
  • Moderator
  • Moderator
  • Moderator
  • Moderator
  • Moderator
  • Moderator
  • Moderator
  • Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Active

Server Rules and Guidelines

  1. Do not ping anyone without reason.
  2. Do not incite, nor participate in drama.
  3. Do not support misconduct such as encouraging members to raid servers or websites.
  4. Do not engage in, or post content, to harass individuals or communities.
  5. Do not do or post illegal or sketchy content.
  6. Please avoid of spreading false information.
  7. Be nice to other members of this server. Do not have a toxic Ego, nor purposely offend users. I know you may be "mean" to your friends as a joke, but please refrain from acting so with new members or people you don’t know well. Make sure to be open-minded about other people's opinions. Welcome our new members and integrate them into the server.
  8. No targeting, bullying, making fun of, or intentionally making someone feel uncomfortable. This includes impersonating anyone with usernames or otherwise. Don't ask/pester anyone about personal information.
  9. No drama-fueling comments ("Drama kek", "pass the popcorn") towards server events. Don't announce/parade blocks.
  10. No offensive jokes are permitted here. Examples include rape, suicide, or Hitler-related jokes.
  11. You can swear, but only if it isn’t to harm another user.
  12. You are allowed to call someone “Gay” if you know they are fine with it. However, the “kys” jokes must stop. It doesn’t matter if the user is fine with it. Saying “kys” brings down the mood of the chat and can potentially bring back bad memories for users.
  13. Use common sense, The Glitchtale Wiki Crew have the right to deem what is inappropriate for the server, and have the right to deem what is mutable/bannable. Keep your behavior age-appropriate and do not be sensitive/attention seeker.
  14. If someone asks you to stop teasing them, you stop. Continuing classifies as a form of harassment, and we will not tolerate such behavior. We understand that we all playing around and teasing each other, but it's easy to take it too far without realizing.
  15. This is an English server but other languages can be spoken in the #international channel.
  16. The server filter is NC-13.
  17. Repeatedly leaving and joining the server will result in your roles being removed. Repeatedly making alts and adding them to the server will result in the main account being banned as well.
  18. Keep this server civil and friendly because hateful/offensive comments will not be tolerated.
  19. Keep certain topics to their designated text/voice channels.
  20. Please do not talk politics here. This is a Glitchtale server, not a political one. We also request you respect all users for their sexuality, race, or gender. If what they are into is illegal, such as pedophilia, gather proof and send it to discord or staff.
  21. Please try to keep all sad topics in #serious-topics or DM. As much as we want to help you, we can’t always be checking the chats. DM would be easier for helping you.
  22. For spoilers, leaks, and episode discussion within 2 weeks from its release, have to be discussed in #glitchtale-episode.
  23. Every joke has a time and place. During periods of real-life tragedy, humor targeting these events is unwelcome. Please refrain from joking about these situations until sufficient time has passed and that the moderators agree that such humor can now be deemed appropriate. If you want to make any jokes on topics that may be offensive, please do it in the #pungeon.
  24. Do not advertise Discord servers, YouTube channels, streams, etc. in any of the channels. This extends to DMs as well so any unsolicited dm advertising is will result in an immediate ban.
  25. Do not have an insulting nor obnoxious nickname or avatar, and no blank/invisible names or names that are difficult to ping.
  26. No NSFW content.
  27. Do not post over someone else's creation in any of creativity channels.
  28. Do not use bot commands outside of the #bot-commands channel.
  29. Do not spam in any of the channels except #spam. Also, song lyrics are considered spam.
  30. Desist from discovering loopholes around the rules. You have no right to mini-modding.
  31. Adhere to the official Discord terms of service and community guidelines. By participating in this server, you also agree to the Discord's Terms and Services with bots.
  32. Attempting to evade punishment (Leaving while muted, Using VPNs/Alts to get around bans, etc.) will result in a perma ban and no chance at appealing.
  33. If someone is breaking the rules and doesn’t listen to you, get a staff. The staff will determine whether or not the user is breaking rules and what to do about it. If you continue to try to make the user move or do something, you are technically Mini-Modding. The staff are here for a reason, and if none are fixing an issue it’s probably because they don’t know about it.
  34. If you've been banned from the wiki site, the ban will apply here too, vice versa.
  35. If you are asked to move a discussion to another channel in the general? Please do so. While we can talk about many subjects there, if something goes on for a while you can be asked to move. We are just lenient about it if nothing else is really going on or if people aren't bothered by it.
  36. Do not use bots to break rules or bypass permissions.
  37. Do not insult or harass others for the sake of it, this includes homophobia, transphobia, racism, religion, sexism etc. This is still true in DMs if the feud is connected to the server.
  38. We'll appreciate if you follow all these rules. These are set rules to make this a great server. If a few things slip every here and there, it's fine. But don't keep doing them. Please follow these rules and make this server great, thank you for your understanding.

Server Enforcement Action

Moderators will warn a user before taking action. If the warnings are not followed, a mute, kick, or ban may occur. Below is the complete system

  1. Warn - A warning is logged by our moderator bot in #server-security and, when possible, is the first approach to misconduct.
  2. Mute - If a user decides to dismiss their warning, or on the rare occasion the moderators have no alternative, a mute prevents a user from sending messages for a set amount of time.
  3. Kick - The user in question is kicked from the server and can rejoin with an invitation.
  4. Ban - A ban is a last resort, and is used in exceptional circumstances. A ban removes the user from the server, and they cannot rejoin. All invites become "expired". However, a ban can be overturned. You may submit a ‘ban appeal’, to which the staff will vote on your return.

Server Misconduct Policy

All users, including staff, are to follow the guidelines of the server. In the event this does not occur, users with privileges are subject to the same treatment as others, and may have their potion under question. Each situation is dealt on a case-by-case basis.

If misconduct is observed, the user in question is subject to having their rights revoked by an Administrator. Gross misconduct is subjective to the user in power at the time. If the suspect happens to be an administrator, users are to contact a different Administrator. If anyone has any concerns, please contact the Glitchtale Staff.

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