The world of Glitchtale contains many different timelines of different events happening.

Timeline Progression

Hard Mode

The timeline(s) initially began with the beginning of the original game. A timeline starts the same, but the events happening within the timeline causes many different routes and endings. In the timeline, there can be many little things that can affect the overall outcome. In the case of Glitchtale, Frisk destroys the Reset button, which caused the timeline to continue after the surface, corrupting the game forever.[1]


In addition, another thing that can affect the outcome is outside intervention, shown in the case of Yet Darker. Gaster is able to take control of Sans' teleport and take Frisk to his location via a magical door. That has an impact on the timeline, even though nothing changed with the protagonist.

In Glitchtale, the timeline has become glitched, hence the name of the series, Glitchtale. This causes different paths to be available, such as the revival of Gaster, and Asriel's return. The glitches in Glitchtale occurred because of the random resets in the middle of the timeline that shouldn't have been possible.

We can't just... reset timelines like that. It might have side effects on the things we don't want to happen. Imagine it as a matter of probabilities, the more we screw around with the timelines... the more are the chances of bad things to happen. Things that aren't supposed to be here will appear.
~ Sans on *Determination

This principle can affect timelines even if events in the timeline are the same to another one. As such, one can be viewing a timeline and not be realize they are just viewing the copy of another timeline.


Resets are the main way to start or end a timeline, a reset erases most information stored in a SAVE file, such as the user's LV and EXP. Resetting, however, does not erase certain variables such as the file name. Similarly to loading a SAVE, some characters will act differently after a reset. A true reset is slightly different though.

True Resets

While different from a regular reset, it's essentially the same thing, with the exception that the characters will forget anything they would otherwise remember from a normal reset, this includes the protagonist themselves as well.

Save Points

Save Points are not shown to be present in Season 2 of Glitchtale due to the RESET button being broken by Frisk which in return broke the SAVE function, but they are somewhat present in Season 1 as seen with Chara saving. Saves keep the progress of the one who holds the most determination in a timeline. Should they die, they'll respawn from the most recent save point they attended to. Saves reset when one presses the reset button. 

Pre-Glitchtale Timeline

Pre-Human Monster War

  1. Copper and Agate are born.
  2. Asgore befriends Shane Goldburn and Roy Goldburn.
  3. An unknown event occurs where Asgore loses his friendship with the Goldburns.

Human Monster War

  1. The Great Human and Monster Wars happens.
  2. The seven human wizards meet and seal the Monsters Underground.

Post-Human Monster War

  1. Amber Lightvale is born.
  2. The current leaders disappear.
  3. As a result thereof, Copper Lightvale and Agate Lightvale become the new rulers of the kingdom.
  4. Copper and Agate have an argument which leads to Agate leaving the kingdom.
  5. Copper and Agate battle again. This time, Agate is victorious and she slays Copper.
  6. Agate creates Bete Noire before dying.

Unknown time prior to Glitchtale

  1. Asgore kills 5 humans in the time he has been trapped underground.
  2. 20 years prior to Glitchtale: Alina falls into the underground and is slain by Asgore.
  3. Flowey gets a hold of the 6 human’s DETERMINATION and tries to commit genocide on monster-kind, only to be continually stopped by Sans.
  4. Frisk falls to the underground and completes all of the different endings except the Genocide Route.[2]

Reseted Glitched Timelines

This is the time period where two timelines are corrupted but got reset, these timelines are Megalomaniac and Yet Darker.[3] Since the first "glitch" that starts the series of "Glitchtale" happened in Megalomaniac when Frisk takes the hit for Sans in the first place, all the timelines were glitched.


Out of boredom, Frisk attempts to do a Genocide Run on Hard Mode. In this timeline, Frisk is unable to defeat Sans. Chara eventually takes over while blinded by HATE. When Sans was about to get killed by Chara, Frisk takes a hit from them to save Sans. Sans absorbed Frisk's Soul and killed Chara. Sans then resets the timeline.

Yet Darker

In repentance after what happened in the last timeline, Frisk decides to do a Pacifist run. Sans teleports both him and Frisk to Grillby's for food but Frisk is lost along the way. Frisk ends up in the Void, where Gaster is. Gaster tries to take Frisk's soul to regain a living status but Sans appears before he can do so. However, Gaster is still strong enough to take Frisk's soul. Sans absorbs Frisk's soul once more and kills Gaster. Sans then resets the timeline.

Glitchale Timeline

The Glitchtale timeline starts from episode 3 of season one,[3] the past timelines got reset and no one else other than the main protagonist remembers the timelines, except for one character, Sans. This timeline also sets up corruption and glitches.


Frisk and Sans are hanging out in front of Sans' hot dog stand. Sans tells Frisk to not reset anymore since it would cause unwanted glitches. Frisk then enters the True Lab alone and heads to the Determination Extractor room, where they find Chara, who shoves him into the extractor. Flowey saw what was happening to Frisk and panicked. He went to Sans and told him what happened. Sans and Flowey then headed over to Chara, starting an intense battle over Frisk's determination. Chara ended up snagging Frisk's determination and teleported away. Sans and Flowey on the other hand, retreat, taking Frisk with them to Sans' lab to get more help.

Your Best Friend

At Sans' lab, Sans attempts to fix his machine again, claiming that if Chara is able to come back, "he" should be able to as well. After Sans repairs it, He activates the machine. A bright light emits and Gaster is returned from the void. A couple of puns exchanged later and they get teleported to where the human souls are. Sans decides to give them to Flowey, entrusting him, to which Flowey transforms into Omega Flowey. Chara appears, having already anticipated this and a battle ensues again, with Sans, Gaster, and Flowey fighting a hate-corrupted Chara. Frisk regains his determination mid-battle and summons a shield protecting Flowey, he then calls for help in which the souls respond and turn Flowey into Asriel Dreemurr.


Sans is woken up from being unconscious by Papyrus, which asks Sans about the gigantic ball of hate that has both Asriel and Chara encased within it. Within the ball, Chara and Asriel are fighting each other while monologing about erasing the timeline. Chara proceeds to explain how he is only able to muster up enough determination to erase the timeline as a whole but needs someone else to press it for them. Asriel naturally refuses, even after Chara telling Asriel about all the wrong deeds Frisk had done. Asriel and Chara then continue fighting, with Asriel attempting to get the old Chara back by reminding them of all the positive memories they had in an attempt to get the old Chara back. This eventually ends up working once Asriel hugs Chara, both shocking Chara, and breaking him free of the hate's grasp. But consequentially, Chara loses the determination that was keeping them alive and dies, giving their soul to Asriel as a vessel for a host for all the souls Asriel had acquired as his dying wish.

On the surface, Sans proceeds to ask Frisk when they were planning on resetting, with Frisk promising he wouldn't reset and breaking the reset button. The episode then ends with Sans saying his classic quote "I guess we really were friends after all."

My Sunshine

A month had passed since the monsters broke free from the barrier and everything seemed to have gone in a positive direction. With monsters like Undyne, Gaster, and Toriel being able to obtain their desires (i.e. Toriel becoming a teacher and Undyne an officer). Things were running smoothly, and while Frisk didn't truly understand how to be an ambassador he tried a bit regardless. Frisk on their way to the AMD building meets Bete and saves them from a passerby car. The screen then switches over at Asriel and Sans, where Asriel apologizes to Sans for when he was Flowey, and Sans eventually forgives them, with Sans being glad he could finally move on.

Meanwhile, Jessica continues to refuse to go to the reunion to sign a peace treaty between humans and monsters, so Frisk brings her to Gaster's lab. There, Gaster explained how the CORE helped create energy by using magical energy and converting it to Electrical energy, but this didn't fully convince Jessica yet. So, after that, the trio heads over to Toriel's school, where she demonstrated how she taught humans how to use their magic. Here, Bete, mutters telling someone, or maybe something, to not come out, and to their surprise her magical "helper" named Akumu comes out growling at Toriel, seemingly defending her. Later, Gaster, at his lab, finds nothing on a pink soul trait, while Asgore during the conference, admits to the murder of 6 children, with the last one having being killed turning out to be Jessica's Daughter. This made Jessica infuriated with her promising herself to make the monsters pay, and a black silhouette appears promising the perfect revenge, telling her to meet her in Jessica's office the next day.


Frisk goes on an epilogue of how tension had grown between the humans and monsters, with Asgore being jailed for the murder of six humans. Meanwhile, nothing is found about Bete's soul, and they head towards Mettaton's performance. Here, Papyrus is fooled into dropping concrete slabs on a crowd, but Sans luckily stops them from falling, only to be shot with an AMR gun by Jessica making his attempt useless. After some strong discussions on what to do, Sans and Asriel sneak into the AMD's surprisingly unguarded recording room. Here they find a suspicious file containing recordings with strange things happening within Bete's presence. Sans and Asriel obviously alarmed by this, proceed to try and rush out of the room, if it weren't for Bete walking in and revealing her murderous true nature of being a spell. An intense exchange happens, which causes Sans to get his soul speared by Bete, and Asriel being forced to flee to warn the others of what had happened. At the time, though, Gaster who was also reading the tale of the twin siblings at the time, became shocked when he regained 50% of his power back from Sans dying. Meanwhile, as Asriel flees Bete soothes Akumu, telling it that they'll get him next time.

Do or Die

Frisk is seen practicing apologizing to Sans, but Asriel comes with the mournful news of Sans' death and Bete's intentions. As a result, this ordeal alone caused a piece of Frisk's soul to turn Grey. Then, Gaster explains the rarity of the DETERMINATION soul trait and the Fear soul, explaining how the two most literally cancel each other out. The screen quickly switches to Bete and Akumu, which were hiding out, here, Bete learns that Akumu had enough power from Sans' soul to begin the "soul harvest". Thus, Bete proclaims her evil plans had begun, and the screen cuts black.

Jessica is shown, telling Undyne to allow her to speak to the two detained monsters, and after she properly shows herself she's let through. Here, she talks to Asgore and tells him that she was sorry for doing terrible things, and reveals she caused the death of Sans. Undyne, hearing this news, becomes angered, and proceeds to demand that she also say I'm sorry to his brother, in which she does and because of this regains her Integrity trait. While Gaster and frisk were talking outside, Alphys sees a strange pink splotch, that eventually reveals to be one of the many, many, pink creatures scattered within the city.

Love Part 1

Gaster while unconscious, dreams of his failed core experiments and how it unnaturally led him to become stuck within the void. Then, though, he wakes up being healed by Papyrus and a very concerned Jessica in which he promptly treated harshly and dismissed. Gaster attempts to teleport back, only to be told not to since Undyne was fighting Bete at the moment instead. This, though worried Gaster even deeper, with him saying that she would die. But he also realized that he was bleeding, and commented about how monsters don't bleed, and that would mean that due to consuming human food, monsters were gaining physical matter. Following this presumption, Gaster said that if they were talking about this, then Undyne would have been able to handle something else (hinting towards Unyne the Undying form).

The screen then switches towards Undyne, challenging Bete in hopes to avenge her love interest, Alphys. Bete, being clearly amused, believes that she could defeat Undyne and takes on the challenge. Bete and Undyne brawl each other, with Bete losing exponentially to Undyne the Undying and her sheer amount of determination. And, when Bete attempted to turn the tides of the battle by summoning Rhabdophobia, just as she did with Gaster, Undyne just laughed and told Bete she could keep those, summoning many more spears. This, along with a larger red-glowing spear, exponentially injured Bete to the point of dying. But Akumu, being in a very tight position, eats the hate vial that was stolen from Jessica, regenerating Bete to full health. Bete then continues fighting with Undyne, only to be held back by the same substance that saved her from near death, the hate, causing her to flee.

Bete and Akumu are later seen in a rundown shed with Bete yelling at Kumu, asking them why they ate the whole thing before quickly apologizing, saying that they were not at fault. Here, the duo summons the pink soldiers that were littered around the city and Kumu devoured them, thereby giving them even more power. The screen switches again, and Frisk is then seen talking to Asriel. Here, Frisk explains that they lied to Sans. And, that he didn't really mean his promise and was trying to find a way to reset. Frisk tells Asriel that they were heading off to fight Bete, but Asriel refuses, only to get insulted and told that Flowey wasn't as much of a coward as him.

Love Part 2

The day starts off extremely lull, with Papyrus stargazing, Asgore tending his flowers and Toriel preparing Frisk a sandwich. Frisk, though at the time was thinking about the fights they'd endured, that is until Toriel opened the door offering him the sandwich she made. Frisk, whist slightly aggravated told Toriel that she should knock next time. Finally, Jessica appears, a police authority informs Jessica of a barrier they set up around the city with their best wizards, ensuring nothing comes in, nor out. Morning comes again, and Frisk attempts to go outside only to be stopped by Toriel which warns them not to. While, Asgore attempts to intervene only to get shut out by the action of Frisk, slicing Toriel's hand and delivering an insult. Frisk, not taking back anything he told Toriel, exits the scene, with his LV rising from 2 to 3.

Gaster, knowing Undyne would've won, asks her why she didn't, only to be told by Undyne about a certain hate vial that Akumu ate, aggravating Gaster and concerning Papyrus who says he'll speak to him. Meanwhile, Asriel was fast asleep, dreaming about his past self, being Flowey. Flowey argues about him being weak, due to his emotions overwhelming him. After some back and forth argument though, Asriel managed to convince Flowey to work along with him, as Flowey was just a part of him. This scene prompts Asriel to follow his emotions, making him go after Frisk, even after he hurt him. After this, the screen switches to Frisk and Betty immensely battling, whist Frisk appeared to be losing quite badly. Frisk, being almost dead at the time, gets miraculously saved by Asriel, who attacks Betty with his Chaos Saber. Betty proceeds to attack Asriel with her scythe but Asriel blocks, so, Akumu lunges at Asriel, which he promptly dodges but then realizes he was heading towards Frisk and quickly summons shocker breaker. Though, when Betty attacks again with her scythe, Asriel realizes it isn't Akumu far too late. Asriel gets his soul speared out of his body by Bete and turns to dust.

Frisk, seeing this occur, proceeds to stand up despite his injuries, and talks to Bete about LV, opening his eyes for the first time and glitching his LV to 19. Frisk, out of rage, attacks Bete brutally, slicing her arm off and firing a large explosion. Bete, whilst in battle decides to summon Sans, bringing him back to life by using the power of hate. Frisk gets attacked a couple of times, losing some HP before the others eventually managed to find Frisk, and come giving further support. Bete not wanting more people to interfere though, makes a hate sphere trapping them inside. Whist in the sphere though, Papyrus manages to rescue his brother Sans from the control he was in, shocking Bete and Akumu as they felt the soul torn from their control. Due to this, they decided to make a hasty retreat again, and so the sphere gets let down allowing the battle to end. Here Toriel treats Sans, warning that he may likely not wake up, whilst Frisk questions how Papyrus is capable of treating everyone with kindness. The end credits then play as usual, with the exception of during the end we see Frisk look at his hand in worry as it glitches, concerning him that he may "run out of time".

My Promise

Bete is throwing a child's tantrum about how she's supposed to be feared but instead ends up being the one to run in fear instead. She and Akumu then enter their own kind of mini dimension where Bete inspected all of the souls they've collected. Noticing all of the souls are covered in hate, Bete orders to destroy them, only to notice Cam's soul not being covered in hate and Asriel's special rainbow soul. Bete, then hastily changes her mind, absorbing Cam's soul, and destroying the rest with the exception of Asriel's. Meanwhile, Jessica and Undyne converse with each other about the deaths they had partaken in, comforting each other on their past mistakes. While talking, a pink creature manages to break into the house, causing Jessica and Undyne to have to fight them in response. Though Jessica was quickly unable to fight, shooting a pink creature with the AMR causing her Soul to further crack. Undyne on the other hand quickly comes but is unable to save Jessica as she gets an episode and hallucinates flashbacks.

The others manage to come just in time and defeat the blobs, and Toriel begins healing Jessica whilst Gaster heads towards his lab with Sans as to diagnose him, Papyrus tagging along trying to help. But, while in Gaster's lab, Gaster seemed to have forgotten his password, but in the process of remembering all of his void memories come back to him, causing him to show visual panic. Papyrus seeing this, quickly worries about Gaster only to get dismissed. When they enter the lab, Gaster checks Sans' condition and tells Papyrus to get supplies. As Papyrus got the supplies though, Sans' diagnosis finishes and it is revealed Sans has fallen down. Shocked by this, Gaster quickly shuts the screen before Papyrus came back, so when Papyrus asked Gaster merely answered that Sans was fine.

In the living room, Frisk, the remaining of the goat family, and Undue talk about Bete, explaining her ambitions, her plans and how cruel she is. Gaster eventually comes in as well and after being asked how Sans was doing they plot on how to defeating Bete. An explosion occurs, and Bete, merely sitting on a building spots Toriel, Frisk, and Asgore, as she'd been expecting. Bete jumps down and fights with Frisk and the Dreemurs, only fighting frisk and making Toriel and Asgore fight their son, Asriel. Some quarreling later and a failed attempt at rescuing Asriel, Asgore now received a deep wound above his heart causing the trio to have to flee. When they come back Gaster was researching how to revert Sans being fallen down and sees Asgore's wound, this though prompts him to ask just to be told it wasn't a big deal. Frisk and Gaster then talk about a certainly failed experiment Gaster did and told him to redo it, being fully aware of the consequences of it and how it would send Frisk to the void. Though after being sent there, Frisk encountered Chara and offered him to switch places. Chara, being unaware frisk would be erased and would be incapable of returning with him, agrees. Though at the last second Frisk told him he wouldn't be able to return as a ghost, and that all Frisk's memories would be transferred to him.

Game Over Intro

Chara heads out from the city and goes to Asriel's room and gets Asriel's locket, after this the screen fast forwards, showing Chara fighting Asriel, dodging and blocking his attacks, but not exactly fighting back. Chara, afraid Asriel wouldn't listen, shows Asriel his locket anyways, only for Asriel to be reminded that Chara destroyed theirs. Asriel then stabs Chara, causing them to die and get met with A large Game Over scrеen, but Chara being determined, manages to go back and add a second locket to the timeline. The game clearly sees the can be and finds a new outcome, and so Timeline 2 begins after Chara is fully erased.

Game Over Part 1

Chara wakes up and sees Toriel, both of them hugging each other, feeling as if they hadn't seen each other in a long time. Not too soon later Asgore and Gaster come in, with Toriel commenting she and Asgore heard an explosion in the lab, only for Gaster and Chara to not be able to remember what actually happened. Gaster then leaves saying he had to do something, him having a vial of Frisk's blood at hand. Chara then says he needs to do something, but Toriel worries, only for Asgore to say he'll accompany Chara as well. Later, Gaster is seen doing experiments, attempting to find the perfect amount of determination, worried being unable to revive him he talks about having lied to Papyrus and being concerned he'll die. Though, in the amidst of his research, he remembers Undyne's battle and heads to the site, taking a sample of Undyne's blood on the floor, and some of her hair, and tests it, as it is a 100% match. Gaster then presumably, makes the final substance and injects it into Sans, though sadly, this didn't revive him and Gaster says devastatingly it would force him to be awake to experience his own death instead.

Meanwhile, Undyne can be seen directing civilians to the arena, whilst Ronan was fighting pink creatures, and accidentally confuses Undyne for a civilian. This though sparks a short conversation before Ronan is called on his cell phone with an unknown person telling him Rave Rutrow wanted to speak to Jessica. Ronan invites Undyne to come and so their next seen in "Safe Perimeter 01", where Ronan enters Rave's tent to figure out what's going on. Rave, on the other hand, had other plans as he blatantly insulted Ronan and demanded to speak to Jessica instead, and so the screen turns black. Jessica is sitting on her bed looking at her recently inflicted wounds as she gets a call from Ronan, which tells Jessica that Rave wants to talk to her directly. Jessica decides to agree to meet Rave, and so she puts on Toriel's clothes heads to the living room, with a dress a few sizes too large which she found quite embarrassing and hoped not to be seen in. Though, to her luck, Toriel, Papyrus,0 and Gaster were there, making her quite uncomfortable. Anyhow, Toriel questions Jessica being up regardless of being harmed by a creature, in to which she responds that she needed to head towards the city. Toriel then proclaims it's quite dangerous to go alone, causing Papyrus to cut in saying he'll go with her. Gaster, being afraid of losing Papyrus yells at him to not go only for Papyrus to say other humans also need his help. A slight fight ensues, causing Gaster to have another flashback and attack Papyrus viciously before quickly realizing what he'd done and apologizes to Papyrus. Thus, they come to the agreement that Papyrus stays to watch his brother, whilst Gaster went with Jessica instead.

The episode ends with Bete on a roof-top looking at the arena, pink creatures heading towards the house Papyrus is in and Bete uttering the words "They're doomed to make the same mistakes."

Game Over Part 2

Humans and Monsters are seen gathering within the arena, whilst Bete is gone from where she was seen in the last shot. Within the arena, Mettaton's phone is seen ringing whilst Isabelle beacons her to pick it up, as Mettaton picks it up, she is given the otherwise tragic news that Alphys died, sending Mettaton into an immediate state of shock. Not much times passes though, when Asgore sees Chara with a troubled expression, ensuing him to ask Chara what's wrong, with Chara responding he couldn't help but believe something is going to go terribly wrong. This though, quickly makes Asgore consult Chara, reassuring him with the fact that he and Asriel were more than brothers, and were best friends. This calms Chara, allowing him to thank Asgore and making him proclaim that he wouldn't lose this time. At the time though, Jessica and Gaster were riding a train, Jessica was taking a phone call with Ronan. Jessica enters and apologizes to Gaster for having to wait, and she further elaborates explaining that they're heading towards the arena. After some pitiful awkward silence though, both of them talk at the same time, Gaster begins, saying that they had a lot of things to say but couldn't put them into words, and instead asks Jessica if he could take a nap. Jessica agrees, but before she could ask if he could possibly sleep in that position Gaster's snoring interrupts her midsentence.

Later outside of Rave's hut Jessica asks Ronan what the issue was with Ronan responding that Rave also had some authority, as he is responsible for the largest technological advancements of the era. The city was actually once under Noah Rutrow's command, but when he died instead of it going to Rave as it should have, it went to his wife, Jessica, due to Rave's age. Though Ronan also added Rave probably had a grudge due to something else, as it hints towards Alina. Meanwhile, in the hut, Rave and Jessica are having a rather tense meeting, with Rave mentioning that he was surprised that Jessica agreed that time. Jessica, though, was more concerns at the casualties, with Rave adding rather dullfully it wouldn't have been the first time someone died under her care. Rave eventually concludes after some blabbering that he would wait, but after then he would take proper care of the city. At the arena Mettaton is seen mourning over Alphys' death as Isabelle attempts to comfort Mettaton, offering her a lollipop sparking a short conversation. But during the conversation, Bete is spotted and the arena is quickly sealed, not that it mattered much anyways as Bete effortlessly destroyed it in one blow. Mettaton at hearing this, panics and quickly tells Isabelle to get her briefcase. Though during this, Bete had already murdered three humans and was in the process of killing Seth who was otherwise mortified on the floor if Mettaton hadn't shot a spotlight at her. After getting Seth out of the way, Mettaton fought Bete for a short while till Isabelle threw her the NEO suitcase. Once she got the suitcase though, the battle continued with Mettaton.

Though in the house Papyrus is in, Papyrus gets attacked by pink blobs which are otherwise trying to kill him. But, during the process of fighting the blobs ends up destroying a large portion of the house to keep him, and Sans safe. In the arena again, Mettaton and Bete are aggressively fighting, with Mettaton losing drastically due to their lack of fighting experience and overall inability to defeat Bete. Mettaton though, as a result, is left in a broken state on the floor, with the fight being interrupted by Muffet and Grillby who save him. Some tumbling happens, causing Mettaton to be in an almost-dead state, but still insisting on fighting, to which Bete questions her fighting a battle, which he clearly couldn't win. This though leads to a plot twist, as it turns out Mettaton had been killing time rather than actually fighting, waiting for Chara and the Dreemurs to come forth. Toriel tends Grillby's wounds and Asgore tells Muffet to find a safe place, this all happened while Chara shot a determination blast at Bete, got it shielded and Bete exclaimed if she should be the only thing to worry about. At the city, Undyne and Ronan are preparing to fight blobs whilst talking, with Ronan commenting he had noticed Undyne looks sad and reassures her. After a while though, they realize there is a strong lack of blobs in the city, to which Zachary, Hugo, and Zachary's mother appear in a panic, with Zach's mom insisting they listen to him. It is then revealed that Zachary is capable of sensing magical energy, similar to how the blobs are able to locate souls. Because of this, they came to warn about a large mass of magical energy that Zachary had seen. This quickly leads to the Kumuzilla to reveal itself, causing a rampage, trapping Gaster and Jessica under rubble, whilst nearly killing Hugo but instead causing Ronan to get hurt. Under the rubble though, Jessica wakes up, quickly looking for Gaster only spot, in which he was stuck under a large amount of heavy rubble. At the moment, Jessica remembers of the teleported she has and tells Gaster that they could use it, only for Gaster to respond, it's for one person, and she should use it instead. Jessica though, resides to let Gaster die even after everything he had done, and attempts to do things such as pull the rubble off, and use a magic gun, only to fail. In the end, Jessica sacrifices herself, and gives Gaster the teleporter, leaving only her left in the rubble to die alone.

In the afterlife though, Jessica, Alina, and Noah are reunited with each other as a family, with Alina finally being able to play with her mother, and Jessica crying that she had been sorry. This, this marks a conclusion for Jessica, as they all hug happily reunited.

Finally, though, at the arena Chara questions why Bete is doing this whilst Bete responds that it is to save more people, and once she finishes, all the humans would submit to her. She also asks why Chara is even trying when they won't be able to stop her at the point where she's at. She then ends saying for her It's the beginning, whilst for him, it is Game Over. The episode ends with the screen flashing towards a crying Gaster, injured Papyrus, Asgore, Toriel, and Chara preparing to attack and Sans finally waking up.


Timeline 1

Tumblr pmmxpq87wr1rqg5ieo1 1280

In timeline one, the file gets corrupted due to the fact breaking of the reset button and Frisk’s manipulation of the save file. As a result, the game created a "checksum", Bete Noire.[4] A checksum is a concept in programming where there is a command that checks if things are normal, and if not, fixes it. The game was never meant to go past the end of the Pacifist Run. As a checksum, the game created Bete Noire to set the game back to normal. She made an explicitly to destroy anything, absolutely everything, and the game could make up whatever backstory necessary to cover it up.

After Frisk erased himself, the game technically didn’t exist anymore, as in, LV and stats are not a thing anymore. Since Frisk is the player here, aside from erasing themselves from existence ending the glitch that could potentially erase the timeline, he also made sure that the “game” wasn’t in charge of what happened to the timeline either. This made it so the only thing that still attaches the world to function as a game right now is Bete Noire as she was created with the purpose to cause a game over screen and fix the mess in the timeline.

Timeline 1 got erased due to Chara dying, he managed to enter an old-point in the timeline and leave the locket from his timeline there for Asriel to take, with hopes that might be a turning point in the future, changing the outcome and therefore creating “Timeline 2” which will be the entirety of Season 2.

Timeline 1 and Timeline 2 are the exact same, but that doesn't mean the characters didn't die differently.[5][6]

Timeline 1 Official Comic (1)
Timeline 1 Official Comic (2)
Timeline 1 Official Comic (3)

Timeline 2

Timeline 1 and Timeline 2 are exactly the same up to the point where Chara fights Asriel, except for the fact that in Timeline 2, there are 2 lockets instead of 1. From now on, everything is new and a new outcome is yet to be discovered.


  • Every other timeline is a failed one, where the entire universe got erased. "Glitchtale" is the best possible timeline, given the stakes set by Megalomaniac.[7]
  • In Game Over Part 1, Chara got killed, however, using his determination, he entered into an old-point in the timeline which resulted in a split in timelines, in which one may continue while the other is to be erased as a whole.
    • This narration is played after the deletion of the first timeline. Because of this, the second timeline wouldn't be named "Timeline2.file" because "Timeline1.file" no longer exists. Because Undertale only has one existing save file at any given point, "Timeline2.file" should be impossible. The timeline shouldn't "play" until/unless it is renamed to "Timeline1.file"
  • Glitchtale can't have a reset.[8]
  • The second timeline that Chara made was the last hope they had for a successful timeline (which is Season 2). The first timeline was doomed from the very start, and if whatever change they made to it doesn’t work, it’s over for everyone.[9]
  • In both corrupted timelines, neither the interface, buttons or LV count.[10]
  • There is no way to change the way those functions work and pass it onto other characters other than the player. By ending his life he also took the one thing that tied the game’s rules to the real world, meaning Frisk's abilities to manipulate the timelines aren't transferred to Chara.[11]
  • The timeline being glitched and messed up was a result of Frisk triggering Hard Mode.
    • Hard mode allowed the game to go even farther.[12]
  • There was no Genocide Route in the Glitchtale Timeline.[13]


This video has been re-posted by Camila Cuevas, it's for the people who don't know or follow Glitchtale with any level of depth below "shallow".




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