History books never tell the full story. . .
~ Hidden message at the end of the episode.


Glitchtale Origins... The Black Beast begins in an unknown place, or more specifically, a human house.

In the beginning, we witness Amber's birth, which happened during the night. Copper and Agate were watching the scene and just saw what could be their mother dying. Mila Rutrow seemed to be trying to save a soul of Integrity, which shattered after Amber was born.

In this episode, we can see some random moments of their life, symbolizing Amber was growing up.

We can also see that in one moment, Agate and Copper were arguing about the question of monster kind (Glitchtale Season 2 Episode 2: Dust).

Agate challenged her brother, Copper and decided to fight him while Amber watched them with a human guard. Copper had been wounded a lot whilst Agate held not a scratch. At the end of the fight, Agate lost the battle due to Copper’s immense DETERMINATION and lost her trait, and later flees away.

Amber Died

Agate killing Amber

After much time had passed, Agate came back to their home and challenged her brother once again by threatening Amber. She wins the battle after killing her sister, Amber, in front of Copper, which was the result of losing his determination.
Bete Is Born

The creation of Bete Noire.

Then Agate carries her sister's corpse and casts the "Bête Noire" spell. Agate's hair and soul changes to pink and she dies not too soon after creating Bete.


Error 4

Bete's sweater still showing the color of Amber's sweater

  • When Amber's corpse turned into Bete Noire, a part of her sweater wasn't colored correctly.


  • At the end of the episode, there is a secret message. "History books never tell the full story. . ."
  • Glitchtale Origins is not the Glitchtale Prequel.
  • Amber Lightvale, Copper Lightvale, and Agate Lightvale all made their debut in this episode. Amber also made a cameo in the 2nd part of Love, which was released before Origins.
  • "Bête Noire" is a forbidden spell.
  • Bete’s body is not Amber’s body, but it is more likely to be a copy of it.
  • Amber can't be saved. This is because she was murdered by Agate, causing her Soul to disappear permanently, and her body houses Agate's Soul, not Amber's.
  • What really caused the defeat of the determination wizard was his little sister's death.
  • Somehow, Copper got wounded during the first battle but not Agate.
  • The episode's title was changed from "Glitchtale Origins... The Black Beast" to "Glitchtale Origins: The Black Beast". The reason for that change is currently unknown.


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