Glitchtale is an animated series by YouTuber Camila Cuevas, which is based on the popular video game, Undertale. The series began with a short animation based on a failed Genocide Route, that glitches the timeline to a point where characters, such as Gaster, Asriel, and Chara, have been fully revived.

The first few episodes did not contain any sort of voice acting until the episode Continue, where it adopted a similar dialogue method as Zelda.

The soundtrack of Season 1 was originally divided between many musicians and was eventually concreted to NyxTheShield. Furthermore, Strelok also sounded the episode "Continue" along with a compilation of all the episodes, which was made to incorporate his sound works in there.

NyxTheShield is the official composer for the series, and
Strelok is the official SFX maker for the series.



Episode no. Title Release Date Summary
Episode 1 Megalomaniac February 27, 2016 (Europe timezone)
February 28, 2016 (America timezone)
After all but completely corrupting Frisk and guiding them on a genocidal path through the Underground, Chara sets their sights on Sans.
Episode 2 Yet Darker March 19, 2016 W.D. Gaster seeks to undo his accidental death by stealing Frisk's soul.
Episode 3 *Determination April 2, 2016 Previous events have glitched the timeline enough for Chara to return as their own separate entity, allowing them to steal the essence of Frisk's determination; Sans and Flowey must team up to stop them.
Episode 4 Your Best Friend May 2, 2016 It's time for round two against Chara, and this time, Sans calls on an old friend to help him and Flowey with the fight.
Episode 5 Continue June 24, 2016 The battle over the timelines will be determined by the battle between Chara and Asriel.
Episode 6 My Sunshine October 24, 2016 The monsters and Frisk still need to convince the ambassador of the Anti-Monster Department to join their side, while a certain girl also appears much to Frisk's surprise.
Episode 7 Dust November 30, 2016 Everything is going downhill as Asgore is placed into jail, Papyrus is tricked into following a human's command, and Gaster makes a startling discovery about one of the main cast's friends.
Episode 8 Do or Die February 13, 2017 In light of the events featured previously, Frisk tries to stay determined. Gaster, on the other hand, intends to face the newest threat to their safety directly.
Episode 9 Love Part 1: May 29, 2017
Part 2: October 3, 2017
Part 1: The situation gets dire for the main cast, and in light of it, Frisk starts making harsher, even crueler decisions as the main threat grows in power.

Part 2: As Frisk faces off against Bête Noire, Asriel faces an important talk with Asgore after what happened previously before facing his old self and going out and helping Frisk. Additionally, Gaster feels anguish after he makes a shocking discovery about Jessica.

Episode 10 My Promise April 6, 2018 With tensions rising up and everyone growing desperate as friends are becoming wounded, Frisk decides to take drastic measures to save the timeline.
Episode 11 Game Over Part 1: August 15, 2018
Part 2: January 25, 2019
Part 1: With Chara in the lead, Gaster tries more experiments to save Sans, Papyrus is starting to snap, and a new person emerges with an offer for Jessica. Things can't get worse, or can they?

Part 2: Bête Noire has made her move on the city. As the army struggles to mount a defense against the onslaught of soul-eating blobs, Chara and company race to cut off the problem at its source. The final battle has begun.

Episode 12 Hate December 1, 2019 It's a race against time to stop Bête Noire, and the stakes are rising slowly with every passing minute. But it's not over yet. As new and old clash, ideals are tested, and pasts are flung into the present... Not everyone is going to make it out alive.
Episode 13 Animosity July 2020 Unknown



Glitchtale OST/Glitchtale Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album for Glitchtale. It is available in Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Spotify. Almost all tracks are composed by NyxTheShield using FL Studio.

There are 130 tracks in total on the Glitchtale Soundtrack and this table contains the original soundtracks (OSTs) for each episode in Glitchtale.

Number Title Length Total amount of tracks Episode
1 Megalomaniac OST 8:10 2 Megalomaniac
2 Yet Darker OST 12:16 5 Yet Darker
3 *Determination OST 11:10 5 *Determination
4 Your Best Friend OST 12:12 7 Your Best Friend
5 Continue OST 19:23 7 Continue
6 My Sunshine OST 17:18 11 My Sunshine
7 Dust OST 14:38 9 Dust
8 Do or Die OST 20:44 12 Do or Die
9 Love OST 58:23 22 Love
10 My Promise OST 33:23 9 My Promise
11 Game Over OST 50:26 21 Game Over
12 Hate OST 18:20 8 Hate
13 Animosity OST 23:15 4 Animosity


No. Title Length Total Tracks Episode
1 Megalomaniac Re-Animated OST 5:19 2 Megalomaniac Re-Animated
2 Glitchtale Origins... The Black Beast OST 4:16 1 Glitchtale Origins... The Black Beast
3 Glitchtale Origins... Kanashi Fukitsu 9:26 2 Glitchtale Origins... Kanashi Fukitsu


For more in-depth information for the Glitchtale timeline, see Glitchtale Timeline.


For more in-depth information for the Glitchtale world, see World.


Glitchtale (Web Animation). (n.d.). Retrieved from the Glitchtale entry on TV Tropes.[1]

  • When Camila was finishing Your Best Friend, she started to make plans for Season 2.
  • Do or Die was uploaded on the first episode's one-year anniversary.
  • The art all around is extremely simplistic (partially, so it's easier to animate) though, the later episodes of Season 2 had the animations as looking much cleaner and the character models more practiced. The dramatic fight scenes are also given complex lighting and shading, in addition to more details, making for some impressive still frames.
  • After Frisk is removed from the timeline entirely, Camila went through and removed Frisk from a lot of her art previously featuring them, including her Youtube banner, as if they were actually erased from existence.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Nevan Dove. Camila liked his music themes for the series and used some of them in My Promise. After that, he started making music specifically for Game Over.
  • In late March 2017, someone filed a false copyright claim on Do Or Die, getting it taken down until April 19.
  • Camila Cuevas eventually confirms Chara and Frisk both as male, Frisk in 'My Promise', and Chara in 'Game Over'.
  • A common theme is while people should be held accountable for their actions, everyone still deserves a second chance to make up for past sins. Holding on to your hate for too long will corrupt you.
  • The term "Megalomaniac" is used repeatedly in reference to Chara, the main villain in the first season.
  • "*Determination" is the first episode to end on a grim note, with Chara stealing the essence of Frisk's determination and Sans and Flowey forced to retreat with the latter, while the former establishes a SAVE file.
  • Sans and Flowey in "Sans vs Flowey" have a comical remark from Asgore, who has no idea what's going on.
  • Frisk, although it was made clear from the end of Season 1 that they weren't as kind or innocent as they pretended to be, they seemed to genuinely care about all of the monsters from the start of the series forward—which is one of the reasons they start acting so cruel in Season 2.
  • Big Bad: One per season.
    • Season 1 has Chara, who desires to gain power over the timelines and Frisk's soul, although their spot is temporarily stolen by Gaster in "Yet Darker". It turns out that the true villain is not Chara themselves, but the sentient HATE causing them to act evil as a result of Frisk choosing a Genocide route in the past.
    • Season 2 appears to have Jessica Grey, head of the AMD. However, it's revealed that the spell is known as the Bete Noire with a FEAR trait and the entity temporarily manipulating Jessica Grey.
  • Cam would do anything to protect his little sister in "Do or Die." even if not biologically related to her. He would die to protect her.
  • Bigger Bad: Happens in both seasons:
    • While it seems like Chara is the villain of Season 1 at first, Frisk's HATE is actually controlling them.
    • While it seems like Jessica Grey, head of the AMD, is the villain of Season 2, Bete manipulating her... until the HATE she devours ends up being like a villain to her. She is still the bigger bad though.
  • Omega Flowey is no match for Chara, but after Frisk fuses with him to turn him into Asriel again, he's able to take them on one on one and match them blow for blow.
  • Sans exploits this in Season 1. When Chara manages to manifest themselves, a consequence of a "glitch" that occurred when Sans absorbed Frisk's soul, Sans realizes that if Chara could return, so could Gaster. Despite the machine being canonically unfixable, Chara's manifestation has done away with what's impossible and thus, Sans exploited this to successfully bring Gaster back.
  • In Do or Die, we see Jessica with a trail of blood coming from her mouth, most likely as a result of the actions Bete had done against her.
  • Breather Episode: There are a few examples in the series:
    • From Season 1, there's Yet Darker, as while it does contain a battle between Sans and Gaster, it provides a break from the 'Chara' conflict as it comes in between Megalomaniac and Determination.
    • In the first episode of Season 2, My Sunshine, it's more dedicated to setting up the new setting and characters in it. There's no deaths until the next episode and not even any battles until the episode after that.
    • In Game Over, Part 1, the episode before was the Wham Episode My Promise, where Asriel was possessed and Frisk was replaced with Chara, and the next part is Game Over Part 2, which has a lot more action.
  • The AMD security cameras are used by Sans and Asriel uses them to find out that Bete made Frisk hallucinate the car that almost killed her and that she wasn't with Gaster during the meeting.
    • The expansion to the Core discussed in "My Sunshine" is used as the setting for the battle against Bete in "Do or Die."
    • Gaster's mug in Love Part 2. It's how Papyrus gets Gaster to follow his emotions instead of logical reasoning. Also, In LOVE Part 1, Gaster sees his memory of his failed experiment, and how it ended up killing him. Skip 2 episodes in and Gaster uses the same experiment again, this time by using Frisk. It goes well because Gaster has determination this time.* Foreshadowing: In Dust, when Sans dies, Gaster dramatically drops his mug. In Love, Part 2, Papyrus reveals that he's repaired Gaster's coffee mug. Later that episode, Sans is brought back.
    • In My Promise, Toriel and Asgore are given more focus. This is similar to Papyrus's increased focus in Love, the same episode he brings back Sans. Sure enough, that episode, Toriel, and Asgore are given the job of bringing back Asriel. However, this is also the episode where the conflict between Toriel and Asgore is brought up regarding the war Asgore declared. Sure enough, that's the thing that prevents either of them from bringing back Asriel.
  • Bete Noire manages to gain Frisk's trust by pretending to be in danger, gains Ms. Grey's trust by playing off her desire for revenge, frames Papyrus for an attack on humans, and fatally injures Sans, allowing Akumu to devour his soul.
  • As demonstrated with the human souls in the game and expanded on in Season 2, humans with a potential for magic possess souls that are cyan/light blue, orange, dark blue, purple, green, or yellow depending on their predominant trait. Toriel eventually opens a school to help teach children with the potential for magic how to use it, separating them into different classes depending on what color their souls are. Frisk is the only human alive with a red soul for determination. Chara's soul was turned black for "Hate", even though hate is not a soul trait, and she was just corrupted with it. And Bete's soul is pink for "Fear". Although pink is actually is a side effect of the Bete Noire spell. The real color of "Fear" is dark orange.
    • Both Chara and Gaster have colored attacks that match with each trait.
      • Red: Chara's default color; used to fire Sword Beams and make shields. Gaster uses powerful middle-ranged energy blasts.
      • Orange: Chara fires Sword Beams that can change course mid-flight. Gaster's attack is a bunch of tiny white dots that turn orange just before detonating.
      • Yellow: Chara fires a yellow beam from their weapon. Gaster fires lots of tiny yellow bullets.
      • Green: Chara creates a green shield by swinging their knife. Gaster can create a green bubble that can also be used to trap the target inside.
      • Cyan: Both Chara and Gaster shoot whip-like cyan strands that can bind the opponent. Chara's can even rip off appendages.
      • Blue: Chara's knife grows into a blue BFS that has a longer range and more power. Gaster's attack shoots blue circular saw blades.
      • Purple: Chara fires three purple slashes that punch through the first attack it collides with. Gaster's purple attack copies an incoming attack and cancels it out.
  • S2E4 gives us a pointed lesson about what can happen when even the kindest people are given more power than they should have. Specifically, it goes into Frisk's real motivations behind the resets: they keep trying to find something new and were too curious and/or bored to let time move on. They got more than they bargained for when they realized one of the timelines was glitched but decided to press on anyway just to see if anything changed. Their antics not only end with them trapping themselves in the timeline but also forfeiting their power over it - right before Bete's rampage began, causing numerous deaths that Frisk was powerless to stop.
  • Curbstomp battle:
    • At first, Chara, fueled by their evil Determination, delivers one to the main heroes — even Gaster can only take a few hits from them. Once Flowey transforms into God of Hyperdeath Asriel, he flips it completely around. While Chara does indeed get several hits on Asriel, he stands up without having a single scratch on him, whereas midway through the fight Chara takes too much damage and even though Asriel manages to save them from the Darkness, they'll still die.
    • In Love Part 1, Undyne beats Betty badly enough thanks to her Determination, even after Akumu consuming the entire Hate vial.
    • In Love Part 2, Frisk's initial attempt to battle Bete at only LV 3 ends with them being on the receiving end of one.
  • Curiosity Killed the Cast: Ultimately the cause of the series' events. Specifically, Frisk was aware that the timeline was glitched and decided to experiment with it anyway.
  • Darker and edgier: Season 2, as of Dust, considering that it actually introduces Character Death.
  • Deconstructed Character Archetype: There are quite a few of these:
    • Papyrus, for example, appears as kind, and friendly, and will always try to help others overcome all kinds of their problems. As it turns out, he's not like this because he's immature, but because he's mature, and blows up at Gaster in 'Game Over, Part 1', saying that he's sick of everyone acting like he doesn't know what's going on.
    • Gaster of the 'Mad Scientist' archetype. Though he tries to use determination to bring back Sans from a catatonic state after what happened last time with the amalgamates, he's got lots of moral objections. Also because of the mistake with the amalgamates, he thinks himself undeserving and unworthy of help and tries not to lose anyone else after Sans' death. Really, Gaster himself is a gold mine of deconstruction.
    • Frisk, as the player character, doesn't have a backstory and was simply created by the game. They are also the only ones tied to the game as opposed to the world itself, meaning that they can give their soul to somebody else and grant those powers onto them.
  • Downer Ending:
    • *Determination ends with Frisk's Determination stolen by Chara, who now has control over the timeline and has, unbeknownst to them at the time, gained new power in the form of Hate.
    • Dust. Bete is revealed to be Evil All Along, Papyrus is framed and arrested for something he didn't intend to do, Sans is killed, and Bete goes off scot-free, now with a vial containing Chara's leftover Hate from Season 1. The only silver lining is that Gaster gains a 50% power boost from Sans' death.
    • "My Promise" Frisk gives their soul to Chara and proceeds to replace themselves with Chara, effectively ending them entirely.
  • "My Sunshine" has revealed that some humans are capable of learning magic. Frisk is one of them.
  • Enemy Mine: Sans and Flowey against Chara.
Don't get me wrong... I still hate you. But none of us would survive if they get control over the timeline..
~ Flowey
    • After being given to him, the Souls are also willingly working with Flowey to fight Chara. It stops being this after his Heel-Face Turn since they're on the same side at that point.
  • HATE is not a toy. Bete demonstrates this to Jessica Grey in the ending of "Dust" by stealing the Hate from her and torturing her for refusing to hand it over.
    • Ironically, Bete learns this herself after Akumu devours the vial of Hate, and realizes that they'd underestimated it. For one, it's sentient.
  • Evil Laugh: Chara loves doing these. And so does Bete, a lot of villains like doing this.
  • Fantastic Racism: AMD.
    • Bete Noire, whose whole purpose is to kill all the monsters and humans and assure that they don't live in peace together.
  • Heartbroken Character: Frisk from what is seen in Do or Die. Their heart literally breaks because of Sans' death.
    • Undyne. She accidentally kills Alphys, her one love, and goes Undying form!
    • Gaster didn't take Sans' death very well, either. His first interaction with Frisk after that event involves him waxing poetic about false hope on the surface world.
  • Heel-Face Turn:
    • Frisk backs out of the Genocide Run, though this also counts as Heel-Face Revolving Door considering that they completed Pacifist runs before. They prove that their Face is genuine when they destroy the Reset button.
    • Gaster is the villain of Yet Darker but becomes an ally after Sans resurrects him.
    • Flowey is truly resurrected as Asriel and turns back to good.
    • By the start of "Do or Die," Jessica Grey has had a My God, What Have I Done? realization and is trying to make amends, teaming up with the monsters to help stop Bete.
  • Heroic Sacrifice:
    • In the event Gaster does not survive his encounter with Bete, Alphys is instructed to turn on the anti-monster and human-machine. She does it at the cost of her life.
    • Asriel willingly went against Bete knowing he needed to stop her, if not for Frisk's sake because of Asgore's pep talk. He dies because of this.
  • Heroic Second Wind: Frisk gives Sans one in "Megalomaniac" by sacrificing their soul to him. Which, per usual for monsters with human souls, gives him a tremendous power boost.
    • The ending of the 4th episode has Frisk giving Flowey one by doing the same thing, enabling him to become Asriel again, with all the power he has with seven human souls.
    • In Love: Part 2, Frisk jumping from LV 3 to 19.
  • History Repeats: In the first official episode of Glitchtale called Megalomaniac, Frisk (LV 19) fights against Sans while Hate wraps around their Soul. Eventually, Frisk manages to break free of the Hate and end the fight. In Love: Part 2, Frisk (LV 19) fights against Sans while Hate wraps around his Soul. Eventually, Sans manages to break free of the Hate and end the fight, in almost a mirror of the original battle.
  • At the end of "My Sunshine", it looks like Miss Grey, the head of the Anti-Monster Division, has come around and is willing to make peace with the monsters. Then Asgore is asked how the barrier was broken, and confesses that it was broken with the souls of fallen humans, all of which were children, and describes the last child as having blue eyes and wearing a pink tutu — a dead ringer for Miss Grey's lost daughter, who ran away 20 years ago, which was how long ago Asgore said the last child fell. Miss Grey immediately turns away from the idea of peace with the monsters and vows to avenge her daughter. Late-Arrival Spoiler: Considering the series' nature, this is a given. There was no warning before Your Best Friend, though.
  • The first thing Gaster does, after being brought back, is exchange puns with Sans.
  • Bete Noire, or better yet, Bête Noire. In English, it means "anathema; an object of aversion; the bane of one's existence." In French, it literally means "black beast." Guess what she takes from Ms. Grey at the end of "Dust" to destroy all monsters.
  • My God, What Have I Done?:
    • It's clear Frisk feels absolutely horrible about the Genocide Route they did before they managed to abort it just in time.
    • Chara breaks their locket to show Asriel that they don't care about him anymore, only to cry after doing so.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!:
    • Bete calling Sans to fight/emotionally cripple Frisk leads to Papyrus being able to connect with him, freeing him from Bete.
    • Prior to that, killing Asriel instantly gives Frisk a high enough LV to give Bete a decent fight.
  • Gaster has 666,666 HP, allowing him to survive after taking a hit from Chara instead of Sans taking it for Frisk. Albeit, leaving Gaster with less than 0.5% of his HP left.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Chara, who not only wants to kill everyone but tries to convince Asriel to press a third button that will erase the timeline.
    • To a certain extent, Bete is this as well. Her official goal is to keep humans and monsters apart, and kill the 'bearer of the red soul', but by doing the latter, she'll end up erasing the whole timeline.
      • It just seems like anyone corrupted with hate is an omnicidal maniac, regardless of who they were before.
  • HATE: Frisk's genocide runs generated an actual substance called Hate, which is not only sentient but capable of possessing people as it does to Chara.
    • As of Dust, Bete plans to use this. And in Love, she does.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Chara is a master of these:
    • Chara gives one to Flowey, blaming him for ruining their Thanatos Gambit to destroy the barrier by showing the humans they intended to kill mercy.
You betrayed me, Asriel. We ended up like this because of you. But I won't show you any mercy. It's kill or be killed after all...
~ Chara on *Determination
    • Chara indirectly delivers an absolutely scathing one to Frisk when confronting Asriel in "Continue", pointing out that their genocide run was entirely their own decision, and that Chara themselves played no part in it before they ended up fighting Sans. Chara also reveals that by Frisk taking a fatal hit to protect Sans and resetting, which shouldn't have been possible in the first place, as well as giving their soul to Flowey whilst being alive, caused errors and glitched the timeline so much the entire world is on the brink of being erased forever. Frisk remains silent and can only cry, too ashamed of themselves to say anything.
    • During their fight in "Continue", Chara chews out Asriel when he asks them not to fight, pointing out that such a request is rather hypocritical coming from him when Asriel himself killed all the monsters in one of his own reset timelines as Flowey.
    • After Frisk enters the void where Chara is, Chara gives out on to Frisk stating their reason not to help them, talking about how they abandoned him, how they played with everyone's lives for fun, and how they accused them of being a murderer to protect everyone's perception of their innocence.
    • Being possessed by HATE seems to give you the power to speak these. Asriel talks to Asgore about how one of the prime reasons he waged war against humanity was revenge when Asriel died by refusing that hurting humans, and he talks to Toriel about how she was cowardly and selfish when she left Asgore to struggle for a century managing a job meant for two people.
    • Averted, however, with a Hate-controlled Sans. He loved his brother so much, he can't be mad at him.
  • Reset Button: Deconstructed as of the third episode, as Frisk and Sans's repeated use of it is what allowed Chara to return in the first place.
    • Reconstructed in the fourth episode, because since the timeline was cracked enough for Chara to make it back on their own, Gaster was also able to return (with a little help).
    • Ultimately defied by Frisk, who decides to SMASH the button after Chara is defeated.
  • Sans remembers the reset timelines as a result of the glitches. As such, he doesn't believe Frisk when they say that they have no intention of resetting the final timeline. He's also a tad sore with Asriel by the second season over his many resets as Flowey but is willing to turn over a new leaf with him. So they try to become friends.
  • In "*Determination", Chara is able to teleport, and the graphics when they do imply they're able to do so primarily because of the timeline glitches that restored them in the first place.
  • Megalomaniac goes bad quickly, yet the song playing remains a sad cover of "Megalovania".
  • Asriel repays Frisk for forgiving his past sins in previous timelines by forgiving theirs in turn, refusing Chara's offer to erase the timeline in the process.
  • After the credits of Season 1's last episode, we're given a glimpse of the "Human Safety Organization," which rejects coexistence between humans and monsters.
  • Title Drop: Almost every episode gets one at some point.
    • Season 1:
      • Episode 1: "get dunked on, you megalomaniac." (Sans, after defeating Chara and before resetting)
      • Episode 3: * Determination (The Save File text after Chara establishes theirs)
      • Episode 4: "Hey, Chara. It's me. Your Best Friend." (Asriel, once revived)
      • Episode 5: * You tell Sans "I won't reset again...from now on, I just want to CONTINUE." (Frisk, after destroying the Reset Button)
    • Season 2:
      • Episode 1: Those monsters sealed their fate when they killed my sunshine. (Jessica Gray, after a mysterious figure offers her a way to avenge her daughter.)
      • Episode 2: Don't worry, I'll keep my promise. I'll turn all those monsters to dust. (Bete, to Jessica, while doing... something to her offscreen.)
      • Episode 3: I will strike you down, Do or Die. (Undyne the Undying, facing Bete in her Last Stand)
      • Episode 4 Part 1: Lv 1 -> Lv 2 ("Lv" here is short for the episode's title, "LOVE".)
      • Episode 4 Part 2: We'll use the opposite of Hate. Love (Frisk after learning that Asriel may be able to be saved)
      • Episode 5: Keep My Promise... (Frisk before getting erased.)
      • Episode 6: Game Over (The sight Chara sees after dying to Asriel)
  • "Best Friend" heavily implies Chara was this. The entire plan of suicide and bonding with Asriel was all to get the remaining human souls needed to break the barrier. It wasn't for revenge, it was because of Chara's love for the monsters. Asriel calls Chara out when they try to deny it.
  • All that we've been watching so far since Season 2 started has been Timeline 2.
    • Timeline 1 was the same as Timeline 2 up until Chara lost to Asriel.
  • At the end of Game Over part 1, Bete quotes that "They're doomed to make the same mistakes" which is a reference to "Scared Of Me".


  • Can we just first point out how much effort went into this production? It was all animated by one person, and she cranked out over an hour of animation in just over a year- AND for getting voice actors and sound effects and custom music! That deserves commending.
  • The first one in the series is Frisk breaking out of their own soul to take a fatal hit for Sans, offering it to him before they die. This act is supposed to be impossible by in-universe logic.
  • The fight in the second episode between Gaster and Sans with his power boost from Frisk's Soul. He didn't get to show it as much in the first video, but Frisk's Soul really made a difference. No matter what was thrown at him, Sans had no trouble handling it.
  • Sans manages to take advantage of the glitched timeline in order to do the impossible: fix the machine and pull Gaster back from the void.
  • The sheer firepower displayed in "Your Best Friend." Not only do we have Sans, but we also have Gaster back from the void and Omega Flowey on his side. Three of the most powerful forces in the Underground are united against a common foe. And Chara still manages to take them down
  • Also in "Your Best Friend", anytime the characters use their "Special attacks". These include, but are not limited to:
    • Gaster Blastermination: giant. wall. of GASTERBLASTERS.
    • Monotone: Increases power by 7, which is a LOT.
    • Omega Flowey in General: I mean, DEAR LORD.
    • "My Special Hell": Yeah, this one is pretty obvious but STILL awesome. Even though it's Chara's weapon.
  • The Final Battle of Season 1: Asriel, in his True Final Boss form vs Chara. The two spend the fight throwing magic level attacks at one another.
  • Several moments in "Dust", thanks to the Animation Bump, show how very strong Sans is. His stopping the girders from dropping on civilians leaves an impact crater in the concrete. Him simply turning around quickly while he's in a Tranquil Fury creates small cracks in the floor. You can almost feel it when he pulls Frisk towards him so fast that it shakes the foundations of his house, and that's when he's regaining his strength. Shame he dies at the end of the episode.
    • Camila Cuevas has confirmed that after Dust, Gaster has received a 50% POWER BOOST from Sans' death, giving him the ability to use a new special attack known as Duality, where he's able to merge his 7 Hands into 2 giant hands.
    • Special mention goes to Bete as well, if for no other reason than the fact that they managed to arrange events that allow her to take out Sans with almost-minimal effort. Even Chara had a hard time managing that.
  • When Gaster reacted... badly to encountering Jessica in "Do or Die", Papyrus managed to block one of his attacks to defend her.
  • The entire fight scene between Gaster and Bete in "Do or Die." Between the impressive animation and the amount of power the two of them are throwing around, it is stunning.
    • And when things look grim for Gaster, Jessica and Alphys manage to save him from dying.
  • The kids at Toriel's school might still be learning how to use magic, but they do a fairly good job of protecting themselves and each other. Cam, a boy with a Kindness soul, is especially good using his shields.
  • In Part 1 of Love, Undyne totally crushes the Bete Noire. At least the fight against Gaster was close; this was one-sided from the very start, thanks to her DETERMINATION, the only force that can stand up to FEAR.
    • Special mentions to the part when Bete uses her special attack: she manages to steal all the spears Undyne throws at her, but Undyne just summons way more spears, overpowering her initial attack. And then Undyne uses her special attack, Spear of Justice, and almost destroys her entire body.
    • Let's just pause for a moment and take in how AWESOME Undyne's special attack is! The explosion has enough power to completely destroy the ENTIRE FREAKING ROOF OF THE CORE NULLIFICATION ROOM. And split Bete, a creature, IN HALF. If Akumu hadn't eaten the HATE vial, she would have died.
    • And remember, this room was chosen as the place to try and kill Bete because it's built to be immune to magic. Obviously, the designers didn't take Determination into account. Sure, destroying the room allows Bete to escape, but still.
    • It gets even better: Akumu devours the entire vial of Hate, bringing Bete back from the brink of death... and it's still not enough. Granted, she retreated before she was killed, and it's more because of the mental effects of the Hate than actual power, but damn.
      • Near the end of the fight, after she is sent flying, Bete is rolling on the floor, she throws a spear, has it stick in the ground, and grabs it to stop rolling. Even though she's evil, you have to admit the girl has some fighting skills.
        • Just to show off the power of Determination, when Undyne is hit with a seemingly fatal blow, Bete Noire attempts to finish her off, only for Undyne to punch Bete into A WALL! And the hit was seemingly nothing to Undyne, as she shrugs it off, replying with an epic One-Liner, and then regenerates with her newfound Healing Factor. Take note that said blow cuts Undyne in half and threw her into the wall behind her.
      • The sheer amount of POWER Undyne has. I mean jeez, she can Flash Step, kick Bete in the face and send her flying, break Bete, and that's in the first few goddamned seconds of their fight.
        • Take a close look at Bete after Undyne wrecks her. She's lying on the floor, unmoving, half-gone, and Akumu looks worried for her. Undyne actually rendered Bete unconscious and would have finished her if it wasn't for HATE. Even after waking up thanks to the Hate vial, Bete feels herself weakening and leaves — meaning she loses the fight. That's right, Undyne was the first to score a win against the Big Bad for the good guys.
        • A villainous example for HATE, which appears to be a sentient being all its own. It's so powerful and evil, that even Bete herself is scared of it. She outright states that she doesn't know how long she can resist it.
      • Just watch the video starting from around 4 minutes in, and count the number of times you feel compelled to yell "Holy shit!" before this fight ends (a span of about four minutes). You'll probably end up with more than eight, including all the moments listed here and more besides.
  • In Part 2 of Love, we finally get to see the ultimate showdown between Determination and Fear. Bete is in tip-top shape this episode after getting thrashed by Undyne, thanks to the power of the souls — even though she may be the villain, she can battle it out with the best of them, in style (as shown by her surfboarding down the mountain with Kumu), and since Frisk is underprepared (only at LV 3), she dances circles around them without them getting in a single point of damage. Thankfully, this changes tremendously for Frisk halfway through the fight, as they don't stay at LV 3 for long.
    • Starting off, Frisk launches the first attack, only for Bete to summon Hate and smash the ground with her scythe, sending Frisk into the wall. They barely dodge as Bete swings for them again. Frisk counters and sends her flying to the mountain; however, she uses Kumu as a surfboard and dodges Frisk's sword beam before using Kumu like a sticky whip and sending Frisk airborne before attaching Kumu to her boot, kicking off from the ground, and roundhouse-kicking Frisk into it with Kumu still on her leg for extra damage. She proceeds to drag her opponent all over the walls and slam them everywhere before Asriel steps in and seems to be equal to her — until she reveals her trick with Kumu and the scythe.
  • After Bete Noire kills Asriel, Frisk is so incensed by this that their LV immediately spikes to 19 (from 3, mind you) and they proceed to hand Bete her behind on a platter in a manner that would make Undyne proud. Had Frisk not been so stunned by seeing Sans after Papyrus wins an "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight, giving Bete an opportunity to retreat, Frisk probably would have handily won.
    • The entire "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight scene was pretty awesome. Papyrus blocks Sans' Gaster Blasters and bone attacks with his own Gaster Blaster before creating a giant bone to stand on, just like the one he uses near the end of his fight against Frisk in the game. And then when he gets blasted off his perch into a cliff wall, Papyrus still refuses to fight back. He just keeps talking, trying to remind Sans of who he is. And then, just as Sans is about to stab Papyrus, it works. Sans stops as Papyrus states they're brothers. And with a little more coaxing, the Hate wrapped around Sans' Soul is shattered by the force of their familial love.
  • My Promise: Bete manages to corrupt Asriel with HATE and spears Kumu and then herself, causing them to merge and turning her eyeballs pure pink. Let's Get Dangerous!. Even better, she says that she doesn't need HATE to finish the job. She's not about to be overshadowed by some black blob of negativity, she is the Soul of Fear.
  • Jessica Grey and Undyne manage to hold off the attacking Pink Creature(s), Jessica using the Anti-Magic Ray. When Undyne hesitates at a critical moment where Jessica is pinned by a blob (and Undyne is terrified that she will accidentally kill her like she did Alphys), Asgore launches his trident and disposes of it immediately, though not without Jessica receiving a critical injury (which Toriel is able to heal straight away).
  • Asgore standing up to his angry ex when she tries to stop him from relocating the survivors (out of worry for the children) and telling her that his decision is final and she gave up her authority as Queen when she abandoned him and their kingdom long ago.


  • In the next episode, "Yet Darker", Frisk and Sans are shown to be on much friendlier terms than before. Even to the point that Sans is much more actively protective of them than in a normal Pacifist Route.
  • Sans promising to bring Gaster back by any nonlethal means necessary.
  • It's kinda sweet to see how much Sans and Flowey care for and watch each other's backs in "*Determination", despite their past relations. Sure, it's because they're fighting a common enemy, but still...
    • Sans even makes sure Flowey is safe by teleporting him behind Sans' shield to protect Flowey from Chara's "special hell".
  • Sans and Gaster finally reuniting under positive conditions in "Your Best Friend". Sans had admittedly tried and failed hundreds of times to repair the machine and bring Gaster back, and the same glitches that brought Chara back finally gave him the means to succeed. As soon as they're back together, the two fondly regard each other and immediately begin exchanging puns.
  • Sans trusting the souls to Flowey for the rematch with Chara. While he tries to hide it, it's clear he's actually kind of touched by the display of trust.
  • Sans and Flowey, once again, watching each other's backs in the rematch battle.
  • The moment in the 3-on-1 battle against Chara where Gaster realizes he made an error that almost costs Frisk their life — he watches as Sans teleports in front of Chara's attack, preparing to make a Heroic Sacrifice until Gaster throws himself into the way of the attack, taking the damage so that his son and his son's friend would not be killed. Fortunately, Gaster's HP is high enough to take the hit and survive, if just barely.
    • Some of the small details in expression for that scene really sell it. Gaster's initial look of surprise and realization, Sans' expression of resigned acceptance followed by surprise, Frisk reaching out to Sans in anguish only to also be surprised by Gaster's save, as well as a small, pained, remorseful smile from Gaster when he takes the hit. They all really do care about each other.
Hey, Chara. It's me. Your Best Friend.
~ Asriel on Continue
  • When Sans comes to at the beginning of "Continue", the first thing he sees is a worried Papyrus checking to make sure he's OK. Skelebros watch out for each other. On a minor note, it's shown that Papyrus had wrapped his brother in his scarf while he was out.
  • Despite hearing everything Frisk had done from Chara, Asriel refuses to play the latter's game and forgives the former. Because he assumes correctly that they had done the same for him in past timelines.
Erase was never an option, Chara. So no, I WON'T accept your offer, Chara. I forgive them.
~ Asriel
  • It's apparent to both Asriel and the viewers that Chara's love still thrives buried under all the hate. From recognizing Asriel's Chaos Sabers from a childhood drawing to flashbacks of their happy times together to keeping the locket. And Asriel is able to break through that hate, with the support of Frisk and the other six souls, to remind Chara who they're meant to be.
  • Thanks to Chara's sacrifice, not only does the Barrier get broken like in a normal Pacifist ending, but Asgore and Toriel get their son back. They are moved to tears as they hug their long lost son.
    • The mere fact that Chara gets a (relatively) happy ending in this story, and it doesn't require killing everyone, is heartwarming in of itself.
  • Frisk destroys the Reset Button at the end of "Continue", promising Sans to never do it again and meaning it, much to his relief.
guess we really were friends...
~ Sans
  • According to Frisk, at the start of "My Sunshine", monsters have by and large been accepted on the surface.
  • After everything they've been through, Sans can find it in himself to forgive Asriel's multiple previous genocide runs. He doesn't stop there... He has a few moments in Dust when he goes out of his way to try to cheer Asriel up, and after he's been de-powered, what's his first response to seeing Asriel about to be killed by Bete's spear? Teleport in front of him.
  • In Do or Die, Papyrus finds it in him to forgive Mrs. Grey, giving her back her born trait of Integrity. It's so sweet! Especially after Sans dies and he's clearly still grieving.
    • It goes a bit farther than just "forgiving". Papyrus doesn't just forgive her for her involvement in Sans' death, he actively shields her from Gaster when he... doesn't. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome for Papyrus.
  • Undyne's little blushy face, when she interacted with Alphys is simply adorable.
  • After Asgore is reunited with his son, he takes the time to ask Asriel if he would like to play a game of catch once the current crisis had passed. His timing wasn't perfect, but the sentiment was sweet.
  • Asgore showing off his fire skills to his son in Part 1 of Love.
  • Papyrus defending Jessica from an angry Gaster (although he certainly has a right to be angry with her).
  • Frisk gives Jessica her daughter's ballet outfit, complete with tap shoes. She tearfully thanks Frisk and says they're a nice and kind child. Frisk sadly replies that they can't afford to be anymore.
  • Toriel trying to comfort her children with a sandwich in Love: Part 2.
    • Similarly, Asgore giving Asriel a pep talk.
  • Papyrus managing to talk down Hate Sans and get his brother back near the end of Love: Part 2.
    • The entire "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight was pretty awesome and heartwarming. Papyrus blocks Sans' Gaster Blasters and bone attacks with his own Gaster Blaster before creating a giant bone to stand on, just like the one he uses near the end of his fight against Frisk in the game. And then when he get blasted off his perch into a cliff wall, Papyrus still refuses to fight back. He just keeps talking, trying to remind Sans of who he is. And then, just as Sans is about to stab Papyrus, it works. Sans stops as Papyrus states they're brothers. And with a little more coaxing, the Hate wrapped around Sans' Soul is shattered by the force of their familial love.
    • Before that, he manages to talk Gaster into trying to forgive Jessica after they learn it was her Hate vial that gave Bete the advantage she needed to survive Undyne the Undying.
      • Every conversation between Gaster and Papyrus is incredibly heartwarming. In Game Over, Part 1, the two of them argue over Papyrus going to help Jessica, but it quickly becomes apparent that Gaster's insecure about his ability as a scientist and his ability as a parent. Although it gets a bit violent, it eventually ends in the two of them hugging it out and Gaster letting Papyrus stay on his own proves how much he's developed in the past few days.
  • While it is minor, Jessica's talk with Undyne and the two bonding over lost loved ones is very heartwarming.
  • After their ambush by Bete, Asgore apologizes to Toriel on what happened, but Toriel doesn't take it, instead of telling him that she should be the one apologizing. It just comes to show that even though Toriel and Asgore are against each other, they still have some rare bonding moments.
  • Chara reminisces on their time in the Underground, and wants Frisk to join them as a ghost, "just like old times". Too bad this isn't what happens....
  • On a Meta level, Jakei and Super Youmna, two creators and friends of Camila, created Megalomaniac Re-Animated for Glitchtale's 2nd anniversary. Camila was so happy.


Glitchtale, despite being a very serious series, still has its moments of funny.

  • Who cannot laugh at the fact that Asgore in "Sans vs Flowey" Failed a Spot Check with Attacks literally flying through his room.
  • Frisk trying to balance Hot Dogs on their head on *Determination.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Glitchtale Season 1 Abridged, made by Camila's friend Max, where everyone is voiced with tts.
  • In "My Sunshine" Frisk's stoic face. Especially when they react to Bete for the first time.
    • Doubles in hilarity because, SPARKLES.
  • In "Love: Part 2" Camila's status as Trolling Creator is taken by tenfold when she Lamp Shades the fact that some of the comments mourned both Sans and Gaster's mug by bringing both back in the same episode.
    • Alongside this, the Comments section blew up because of this. (Mostly with cries of joy for the mug.)
  • In "My Promise," Frisk's stoic face makes a comeback in a serious moment with Gaster.
    • In the same episode, Chara's punch to Frisk's face is both well-deserved and hilarious.
      • And it's now a meme because of course it is.
  • Camila uploaded a video in which she goes over some of the... weirder comments on the series. She constantly swaps between being dumbfounded, a Deadpan Snarker, and a Trolling Creator.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, the Glitchtale Official Denial Ending. It lasts 14 seconds, going back to the scene where Bete has impaled Gaster and is about to kill him until suddenly she gets blasted offscreen, although not by Jessica but Sans. Oh, and it kills her.
    • Bete: Hm? OOOOOOOW!!!!..... I'm dead.
    • Sans: hey, what's up everybody, it's me, sans, i'm alive and stuff.
  • Jessica Grey's cute little chibi face as she faces quite the "embarrassment" in wearing Toriel's old clothes as she's overlooked by Toriel herself, Papyrus, and Gaster.


  • Chara's death. After being purified of the hate and being redeemed, their SOUL is too badly damaged to survive and they begin to fade away in Asriel's arms, lasting just long enough to say goodbye and give what's left of their SOUL to him to give him a way to break the Barrier without Frisk needing to die.
Heh... You always were a crybaby...
~ Chara
  • Jessica Grey's memory, which plays out to a slow and sad remix of the song "Sunshine". After her husband had died, she had made a promise to go to her daughter's recital. She ends up not going, and in tears that her mother didn't keep her promise, she runs away. Where she soon falls into the Underground and is killed by Asgore. What she screams after can also break your heart if it wasn't.
(While in tears) YOU MURDERED HER
~ Jessica Grey
    • What makes it worse is that, just before Asgore's revelation, Jessica Grey was clearly recovering from her hatred of monsters... she was willing to open up to Frisk, she seemed almost enthusiastic about the treaty, and we see her smile far more often after meeting Gaster and Toriel than she was before. And then, that all goes away when she learns what happened to her daughter.
  • Sans' death. The song that plays during his last few moments is just heartbreaking, made worse by the fact that the only one around to witness it (other than the killer) is his lifelong enemy, who had just patched things up with him. The video's not shy about showing what kind of impact the death has, either... Gaster feels it all the way from his lab, and his blue eye-light goes out... part of him died when Sans did (Word of God mentioned that this was because Gaster had received 50% of his power from Sans because when monsters die they return 50% of their power back to the host parents, further implying Sans is gone for good.) Also, we know Sans is gone not just because of him turning to dust, but his eyes go out too.
Asriel.....Enjoy the future for me....
~ Sans
    • Made a bit worse by the realization that his last words to Frisk were an expression of disappointment and anger... they'll never get to patch things up, now. And the only way this event can be overturned involves explicitly going against Sans' wishes and using the Reset Button again (plain resurrection isn't an option, obviously, because his soul was eaten by Akumu).
    • There's one more thing that hits really hard about his death and it's that Sans had just finally thought he had a real future in his life. Unfortunately, he dies shortly after. Looks like the poor guy just can't have a future.
      • Frisk's reaction to Sans' death. They crumble to the ground, losing some of their Determination.
        • Continuing in the theme of reactions to his death, we get to see Papyrus in tears. He looks utterly crushed.
        • Gaster, on the other hand, apparently trashed the lab in response. When Frisk goes to see him, he's moved on to a state of tired, depressed, and resigned contemplation.
  • Ms. Grey's Heel–Face Turn. She goes to the prison to apologize to Asgore and Papyrus. She says, amid tears, that she knows she doesn't deserve any forgiveness, and accepts Asgore's kindness silently, obviously not taking it to heart. When she goes to Papyrus' cell, however, she rejects any attempt of Papyrus to forgive her. She says, amid tears, that even though she didn't kill Sans herself, if it wasn't for her, he'd still be alive. Papyrus eventually gives up on words and simply gives Ms. Grey a big hug, saying "I forgive you", thus giving Ms. Grey back her trait of Integrity.
  • Alphys' death. Made even worse by the severe Mood Whiplash from going straight from a triumphant moment ( the supposed death of Bete) to... well, this. For extra tears, Bete proceeds to manipulate Undyne into being the one to deal the finishing blow. The end result? Undyne in tears. Even worse is knowing Alphys went into the chamber willing, knowing she would die if she didn't kill Bete.
    • Undyne: Trembling within the breeze/ I can feel my soul is shaking/ Even with a single blow/ Everything that is comes undone/ Using every ounce of strength / Just to keep myself from breaking/ I can only watch you walk by...
    • Undyne: Holding onto everything / Even when my body shatters/ I will never let you pass/ Even when my tears run dry/ Beating with our hearts as one/ Everyone I know is praying... I will strike you down, Do or Die.
  • From early glimpses of "Love," we get to see more of those hallucinations Gaster had in "Do or Die" during his fight with Bete. It is a flashback of when he fell into the CORE. And then there's what was above him and who Gaster was reaching towards in that moment...
  • When the viewer gets to see the twenty-six souls Akumu's already collected, an astute viewer might notice that there is an odd color out. There is one and only one green soul. The soul of Cam, the kid who died protecting his sister.
  • The entire discussion that Frisk and Asriel have at the end of Part 1 for Love. Not only does Frisk reveal everything they've done and hidden, but they also diss their best friend and compare him to Flowey. All so they can raise their LV without killing someone.
  • Another sad moment for Bete of all people. Frisk is imagining all the past enemies who have killed them - Undyne, Flowey, Asgore... and then they find themselves in what appears to be a new Imagine Spot staring down Bete, and her Slasher Smile changes all of a sudden to an innocent and fearful look, complete with her body glitching and her colors inverting.
  • Asgore and Asriel's heart-felt conversation about friendship and facing consequences.
  • Just before Frisk is about to leave to confront Bete, Toriel tries to stop them. They respond by drawing a sword made from Determination and slicing Toriel's hand. They then proceed to say that they are not Toriel's child and Toriel is not their mother. This is enough to get them to LV 3. Seeing her walk around the rest of the episode with her hand in bandages is extremely difficult to watch knowing that she deserved nothing close to that.
    • Gaster screaming his hatred of Jessica to her face. He nearly attacks her, but loses heart, and simply walks away while stating that he wished that he had never met her. This causes Jessica to lose nearly all of her Integrity, with her hair changing back almost completely to a dull grey.
  • Asriel's death. This time, it's goddamned Asriel. His Famous Last Words make it even worse. Truly worse than it could be even if he doesn't said anything. That's too sad.
I'm sorry Frisk... (chuckle) Guess I really am an idiot.
~ Asriel
  • In "My Promise" Frisk ends up doing the unthinkable and goes to the void to meet up with Chara. After a small conversation, Frisk reveals he was intending to erasing himself from the timeline. As memories are either replaced or changed entirely, Chara tells Frisk to stop it, but they're sent off to do their thing, leaving Frisk to eventually disintegrate into nothingness and be erased from the timeline. Frisk got erased from Cami's channel banner and a lot of her own art, but it's not a sudden.
  • Also from My Promise: When Bete goes on a rampage because of the many HATE corrupted souls that were contained after her previous battle, she immediately starts smashing and breaking souls with hate on them effortlessly. Just think of all those kids she just straight up Murdered.
    • And just to drive the point home this creature is absolutely soulless, she absorbs the magic of the Kindness soul in her possession. And promptly destroys it, barring any chance of our dear friend Cam from returning. Forever.



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