This is the second battle of Glitchtale's 1st Season.


After another reset, Frisk decided to do the Pacifist Route. However, Frisk discovered a mysterious door during their trip to Waterfall. Inside of the strange room stood an unidentified creature, also known as W.D Gaster.

Sans realizes frisk has disappeared after they were late to their meeting at Grillby's. They were planning to discuss the resets.

After discovering Frisk's soul was powerful enough to bring him into the real world, Gaster attempts to capture it.


After trapping Frisk in the unknown room, Gaster begins

Sans blaster

Sans holding himself against Gaster's blaster.

attacking them several times. However, Sans comes in and tries to protect Frisk, but he isn't powerful enough.

Sans realizes the only way to defeat Gaster is through absorbing Frisk's soul yet again, as seen in the previous episode. Before he could do so, Sans is stabbed by Gaster, who attempts to take Frisk's soul for himself.

With the determination of helping sans, the soul breaks free from Gaster and flies right to Sans.

Due to their combined efforts and power, Sans and Frisk win the battle. Sans then confronts Gaster, telling him killing others isn't the right way to escape the Void, but Gaster refuses to listen. He attempts to attack Sans from behind, but he is impaled by bones before the attack can hurt Sans. Gaster turns to Dust, and Sans resets the timeline once again.