You fail to realize, that for me... This is just the beginning But for you... It's Game Over.
~ Bete Noire

Game Over is the 6th episode of Glitchtale's 2nd Season.


Before Game Over Part 1, Camila released a video that elaborates on the end scene of the previous episode, My Promise.

The Failed Timeline File

The video begins with the well-known reminder at the beginning of each Glitchtale Episode, telling us to watch the "watch the previous episodes". But instead of the episode commencing as it usually does, it glitches and finds no previous episodes, but rather a file by the name "gameover.file".

The screen is fully surrounded by the word "ERASE", followed by a switch to a strange dark-red photo. The scene where Asriel is asleep while having a dream with Flowey plays. Asriel wakes up and the screen, once again, switches to the dark-red photo. The screen then switches to a drawer before returning to the previous dark-red photo. Asriel is seen holding his sweater by the chest before the screen, then switches to the scene where Asriel turns to Dust in Love Part 2, after being killed by Bete.

Part 1

Due to the ending of the previous episode, My Promise, the scene which originally featured Frisk, now features Chara, who pushes Asriel and indirectly saves Asgore and Toriel. Chara says he has to get something from Asriel's room and that they will go back to the city after he retrieves it. Chara is seen opening the same drawer from the dark-reddish scene and takes the golden locket. Chara holds it for a moment before preparing. The screen switches back to the city, where Chara and Asriel's fight will take place. While Chara is trying to protect the locket, Asriel attacks. First, he uses his Shocker Breaker attack while Chara shields it. Asriel slashes his Chaos Saber at Chara, but Chara shields it once again. This time, we see him escaping from an explosion while fireballs are thrown at him as well. Chara runs as fast as he can, but an explosion occurs in front of him and he jumps down from the building. He uses a knife to slow his descent downward by sticking it in the wall of the building.

Then Chara thinks "he won't listen", but decides to show the locket to Asriel regardless. Asriel notices the locket is his and asks where's Chara's locket. The next scene is a small flashback to Season 1 Episode 5 "Continue", where Chara is seen breaking the locket Asriel gave him due to being possessed by HATE. Asriel is then seen mad at Chara and stabs him. Chara then appears at the Game Over screen, with his immense DETERMINATION he turns back time to when Asriel was having his dream.

Chara first puts a blanket on the sleeping Asriel, from the earlier scene described, and then puts the locket he was holding on the desk, already knowing Asriel's locket is still in the drawer. Chara dries the last of his tears before, finally, being erased. The game notices the different outcome and reacts by creating another timeline, connecting to Camila's statement "who said this was the first timeline where Glitchtale has happened?". The second timeline is created during the first's erasure.

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Finally, the episode begins and Chara is seen sleeping, possibly after talking to Gaster in the true lab. He soon wakes up and looks outside the window. Toriel enters the room where Chara was sleeping, seeming rather shocked as if she hasn't seen Chara in a long time. Both Toriel and Chara converse while Asgore and Gaster come to see them. Toriel says that she and Asgore heard a huge explosion, while Chara and Gaster were in the true lab; however, neither of them can seem to recall what actually happened.

After, Gaster discovers a vial that contained Frisk's blood, which Gaster took from him in My Promise, in his jacket pocket. Gaster then says that he wants to go do something, so he leaves the others.

Chara then begins talking about Asriel and says he needs something from his room. Toriel begins worrying for Chara but is calmed down when Asgore tells her that he will accompany Chara. Toriel agrees with Asgore and proceeds to go with them afterward.

The next scene consists of Gaster in the true lab, injecting Determination (Frisk's blood, but since he was replaced, it was technically Chara's blood) into Sans. There are several vials breaking, leaving only one on the top of Gaster's stand where all the vials were. Gaster begins to talk about certain topics, including lying to Papyrus as well as his thoughts of failing to bring Sans back. During that scene, three different wingdings messages are visible; all three translating to "He'll die." The message can possibly be related to Sans. Gaster is shown to know about the Amalgamates, as a flashback occurs of him finding the melted pieces of those monsters. We then get another flashback, this time being Undyne The Undying. Gaster, after remembering Undyne has Determination, goes to the Nullifier room where he and Undyne both fought Bete Noire in Do or Die and Love Part 1.

The moment Gaster enters the Nullifier room, a bit of blood is seen on the ground. Gaster proceeds to then take a small fragment of it, saying "This will work." He is then seen pulling something from his pocket, which is probably Undyne's hair. Gaster scans it with the blood, the result is "100% Match", confirming the blood Gaster found belongs to Undyne. Gaster injects the final substance into Sans' body, but Gaster himself says it will still not work. He continues, saying instead of letting him pass in peace, it will force him to be fully awake to experience it. Gaster is referring to Sans as he starts blaming himself, saying he made it worse for the others as well.

LeafyBoilingAmberpenshell-size restricted

There is a transition to the city and what's currently happening in it. We can see Undyne leading the civilians to the Arena, the place Asgore told Ronan to put a barrier around. Ronan can be seen fighting two Pink Creatures, before mistaking Undyne as a civilian. They both start talking about their jobs and eventually introduce themselves to each other. Ronan gets a call from an unknown person who told him Rave Rutrow has come to the city to speak with Jessica Grey. Undyne questions Ronan if everything is alright. In which he responds with "Not sure... you can come along if you want. I'll leave the rest of this area to my

DecisiveUltimateHochstettersfrog-size restricted

men for now."

They proceed to go to the "Safe Perimeter 01" area, where Rave is waiting for them. He first greets them both but proceeds to insult Ronan saying "I said I wanted to talk to the one in charge. Not her dog." He asks Ronan where Jessica is. The screen fades to black.

ExcitableColdAmericanshorthair-size restricted

The scene goes back on and Jessica's wounded outfit can be seen on a bed. We then see Jessica sitting on top of it while looking at her wounds. Then, her phone rings and she gets a call from Ronan Cass in which she proceeds to answer it. Ronan first asks her if she's alright, to which Jessica then responds with "I've had better days, what's going on". Afterward, Ronan explains to her that Rave wants to speak with her directly. Jessica agrees and tells Ronan to send a vehicle and her field suit to her location.

Jessica then proceeds to take Toriel's outfit and head outside. She doesn't want to be seen by anyone, because she thinks it's extremely embarrassing. However, when Toriel, Papyrus, and Gaster appear, she feels really uncomfortable. Toriel asks her why she's up after being hurt by the Pink Creature and Jessica responds, saying that they need her in the city for something. Toriel explains that it's dangerous for her to go alone. Papyrus quickly responds by saying "I'll go with her!".

Gaster reacts negatively towards Papyrus by starting to yell at him, saying it's too dangerous to go. Papyrus demands that he needs to go because there are other humans and monsters who need their help aside from themselves. They start an argument but Gaster unexpectedly for Papyrus starts preparing an attack with his hands to attack him. Before even doing anything, Papyrus strikes him first with his famous "Blue Attack" from Undertale. While trapped, Gaster remembers that a similar moment happened to him when he was fighting Bete Noire in Do or Die. He furiously screams at Papyrus to let go of him, then tries to escape by brute force.

He succeeds but gets hurt by Papyrus' bones in the process. After freeing one of his hands, he proceeds to trap Papyrus with a Patience attack, which covered his whole body. He then slams Papyrus into the wall without second thoughts or hesitation at all. After realizing what he has done, he emotionally collapses while tearing up and soon apologizes to Papyrus. He hugs Gaster and they start talking again, this time calmer. Gaster suggests that he should go with Jessica instead because he still needs Papyrus to take care of his brother. With Jessica's vehicle already arriving, Papyrus agrees. He then promises Gaster that he'll stay safe and the screen fades to black once again.

In the final scene of Part 1, Chara is seen outside waiting for Toriel and Asgore, so they can go find Asriel. Toriel informs Papyrus that they will be heading outside and asks him if he's gonna be alright for sure. He says that he can handle it and so, the others head out, leaving Papyrus alone in the house to look after Sans.

Bete da Noire
Sc Gt Game Over Quote

Bete Noire's quote at the end of Game Over Part 1

The next thing we see is Bete and Asriel in the roof of a building, looking towards the Arena. Bete then proceeds to say "It's time Asriel...", as we see several Pink Creatures preparing to attack the house that Papyrus is in.

The first part of the episode then ends, with Bete saying "They're doomed to make the same mistakes."

Part 2

KaleidoscopicQuickErin-size restricted

The episode begins with the classic "watch the previous episodes" screen. Not soon after we get to a scene that is from the exact same rooftop view that the episode ended in last time, but this time, we see everyone gathering up in the arena with Bete nowhere to be seen.

Later on, we get a camera view from the inside where we see clips of the silhouettes of monsters and humans in a room, with Mettaton's phone abruptly ringing. Soon after, Isabelle tells Mettaton his phone is ringing, and we seem to start off the episode with Asgore telling Mettaton the news that Alphys has died, which causes Mettaton to drop his phone in shock.


Mettaton after receiving the news of Alphys's fate

Not soon after the call, Asgore asks Chara if something's wrong with him, saying that he can't help but believe that something is going to go wrong.

Asgore proceeds to consult Chara, telling him that Asriel and he were more than just brothers, but best friends with the necklace being proof of that, and telling Chara that he and Toriel will also be there for them. Chara thanks Asgore and then says that they should get going to the arena. The screen goes black with Chara proclaiming that they won't fail this time.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Gaster are riding a train, with Jessica on the phone presumably telling Ronan that he is indeed in charge of the AMD for now. The doors behind her begin to close, with her apologizing to Gaster for the wait, and telling him that they were heading towards the arena and hoping that Undyne would be there for them, with Jessica doubting if it was ever a good idea to bring Gaster, and then proceeds to think she should say something.

Happy now greyster shippers

Gaster and Jessica talking at the same time

Gaster then gets flashbacks of Papyrus asking Gaster to give Jessica a second chance. They both talk at the same time, with Jessica then asking Gaster that he should talk first. Gaster then explains that there are many subjects on which he wants to talk about, but can't seem to put them into words, so to compensate, he asks Jessica if he could take a nap with Jessica complying and telling him not to fret. Gaster starts snoring mid-sentence of Jessica asking him if he could possibly sleep like that. The screen then fades to the moving train.

Capture 20190202162821

Gaster possibly eavesdropping on Undyne and Ronan's conversation.

Much later, outside of Rave's temporary little hut, curiously Undyne asks Ronan about the issue with Rave, with her elaborating that from what she understands, the city is supposedly run by Jessica. Ronan tells her that Rave also has a certain authority over the surface. Gaster is also seen behind a wall presumably eavesdropping before it quickly switching over to a zoomed-in focus of Ronan. Undyne asks Ronan, how come with Ronan responding to her by explaining that, Rave is the guy behind the largest technological advancements in the era, but however, is focusing on mixing magic with weapons at that current moment.

Originally, the city was under Noah Rutrow's command, him being Jessica's husband and Rave's older brother. But, after Noah died, Jessica took his position, instead of Rave who should have been the one in charge at the time, but was far too young.

Merely, Ronan believes that Rave held a grudge for Jessica because of something else, with the silhouette like animation hinting at what happened with Alina. As Rave's family asked to take care of her soon after Noah died, but Jessica refused. Eventually, it became prevalent for Jessica that she couldn't take charge of her job and her daughter at the same time, but it was too late for her to realize.

Rave jessica

Rave talking with Jessica

The screen quickly swaps over to Rave and Jessica's meeting inside of the hut, but we quickly learn from context clues that it's more of a tense family reunion rather than a formal meeting. Rave begins by making a comment about how he wasn't expecting Jessica to agree that time. Then Jessica with a worrisome look in her face clearly stressing about the blobs tells him that, Ronan or Jessica will contact him if they needed his assistance, but should wait until then.

Rave then, exclaims that there are people dying left and right, with none of the cops having magical training. Jessica, then says that, if his people die then that will be on her, and she doesn't want any more casualties.


Rave then asks, commenting in a more lamenting tone that it wouldn't be the first time someone died under her care, referencing Alina's death. Further adding that if she wasn't able to take care of her, how is he supposed to think she can take care of a city. Rave then ends the tangent saying he'll wait for Jessica's subordinate to give him orders, but after that, he will take proper care of the place. Jessica then says that she'll take two monsters and Ronan outside of the city to help evacuate.

CircularEarnestHippopotamus-size restricted
InexperiencedImaginativeJackrabbit-size restricted

Back to the city arena, Isabelle calls Mettaton, who was crying over Alphys' death. Mettaton tells her to leave him alone, though, Isabelle ignores him and walks over to Mettaton anyway. Mettaton then tells Alphys that Bete had killed her. Presumably one of the members of the HSO requests that someone is needed outside. Isabelle offers Mettaton a lollipop to which Mettaton refuses the offer because she said that it was disgusting. During Isabelle and Mettaton's conversation, one of the guards outside of the Arena reported that there was a sighting on the rooftop of other buildings and requests to activate the barrier for safety measurement. The Arena is sealed because there was a sighting of Bete nearby. Mettaton quickly requests Isabelle to bring him a briefcase in the storage room immediately. Bete then destroys the barrier effortlessly using one attack.

ConcreteEasyBooby-size restricted
Metel metel crusher

Mettaton firing a spotlight at Betty


Mettaton in his NEO form

She ends up killing around three people in the process. Seth was then seen on the ground trembling. Bete targets him, only for her to be interrupted by Mettaton's spotlight which causes her to fall over. Mettaton grabs Seth and brings him with them, Mettaton then tells Seth to head inside the arena.


Bete then in a cunning manner breaks the spotlight and throws Mettaton at least a floor down in the arena. Bete then jumps down to follow Mettaton. Isabelle then throws the suitcase at Mettaton, so he could go into his NEO form. Betty prepares to attack Mettaton when he has the suitcase in hand, to where Mettaton jumps over Betty's attack and uses the NEO suitcase, which turns him into Mettaton NEO. Betty attempts to attack Mettaton, but he then casts a powerful blast at Bete that removes a majority of her skin, with Betty stating that it hurt a little.

WhirlwindMajorJohndory-size restricted

Papyrus talking to Sans

Bonestrife begin

Papyrus attacking with his bone


Papyrus punching the ground with a blue aura

Back at the house, Papyrus is seen looking at Sans’ fingers crack. He tells him to hang in there, then proceeds to go upstairs. When he goes upstairs, he is seen walking near a window with a blob hiding in it. The pink blob attacks and Papyrus hits it with a bone, then proceeds to slash his bone at the other blobs coming. A blob breaks through the window, to where Papyrus attacks it. Blobs continue to enter through the broken window while Papyrus starts flying bones at them. He is then attacked by a bigger blob, to where he is stuck and smaller blobs start attacking him. He then flashes his eye red and does a bone spin attack. He continues attacking the blobs with bones till he is knocked out of the house. A bigger blob attacks him to where he blocks it with a half Gaster Blaster, which turns into a full blaster and blasts away the blobs in an effort.

LegitimateGiganticChrysomelid-size restricted

Then, he uses his blue magic on blobs and throws them into bones, and then makes the blobs attack a half blaster then throws the bones back at them. He then notices that blobs are still inside, and goes back. When he sees a ton of blobs standing around, he proceeds to use his special attack, where very large bones are used and they even go out of the house. He then believes that the place is now safe to where he witnesses some of them are still left. After that, a blob stabs Papyrus in the back, then blobs start pulling on his arms and legs and another blob stabs him. Then, he punches his hand on the ground with a blue aura, which then traps the pink blobs in bones, and then spawns in several blasters and blows up the house with him inside, though spawning in a blaster on top of him, saving Papyrus from death.

PepperyThankfulGerbil-size restricted
Injured mettaboi

Mettaton injured by Betty

Girlby muyfet

Muffet and Grillby protecting Mettaton from Betty

Spotlight NEO

Mettaton using the last of his power to fire a large spotlight


Back at the arena, Mettaton in his NEO form is seen firing beams at Betty. Betty dodges these and fires a dark pink attack at him. Mettaton flies from it and dodges it. Betty then fires another one of those at him and Mettaton flies away, turns back, and fires a beam at it. Through the explosion that happens Mettaton fires another beam at Betty, but Betty dodges this. Betty then jumps up to Mettaton and attempts to claw his head. Mettaton uses his jetpack to fly away from this and Betty falls to the ground, Asriel is seen looking over this fight from above and is most likely looking out for Chara and the Dreemurrs. Betty then notices rocks on the ground and tries throwing one at Mettaton. Mettaton quickly dodges this one, but then Betty throws another one. Mettaton dodges this but gets hit by Betty's dark pink attack. Betty then jumps up, taunting Mettaton by saying "You don't fight very often, do you?".

BadQuaintGoldeneye-size restricted

Mettaton is then hit onto the ground, where he is seen practically broken. Betty prepares to execute him to end his life, but luckily for Mettaton, she is interrupted by spider webs from Muffet that traps her in a spider web. Then Grillby comes and fires fire at Betty. Mettaton asks Muffet that why is she here saying that Betty will kill them both. Mettaton falls to the ground due to being damaged. Grillby continues firing fire at Betty, but then Betty jumps at him, and throws him into a wall. She then goes to Muffet and hits her. She is about to kill Muffet when Mettaton connects himself to a large spotlight and fires a huge blast at her. Betty, however, is unfazed by this and simply walks through the blast, while Mettaton tries so desperately to stop her, and gets insanely surprised when Betty is walking through it. Betty then jumps and destroys the huge spotlight.

PlainDependableBlackmamba-size restricted
Stay Down

Chara telling Betty to stay down, as he prepares to attack her

Betty then turns her attention to Isabelle who is crying. Mettaton then grabs her leg, saying if she wants to hurt anyone else, she must kill Mettaton first. Betty asks why Mettaton fights even though he knows he will lose. Mettaton says that he just needed to make some time and then we see Chara preparing to attack Betty. Betty notices that Mettaton is holding her leg and attempts to block Chara's sword, but by failing to block it, ultimately gets hit into a wall. Toriel is seen tending Grillby's wounds and Asgore is seen telling an injured Muffet who is carrying a broken Mettaton to find a place safe. Chara takes a worried look at everyone, then a menacing look at Betty. Betty, while trying to get up, is yelled at by Chara ordering her to stay down. He then fires a blast with his sword which is intercepted by Asriel. Betty then asks Chara if he's sure Betty is the only thing he should worry about as Chara prepares his shield for the battle.

MarriedScrawnyFly-size restricted
Capture 20190202181248

Gaster and Jessica first seeing Kumuzilla

We then come back to the city, to where we see Undyne and Ronan talking, Ronan notices Undyne seems to be down lately and asks her if she

Undyne zac hugo and zac mom

Undyne seeing Hugo, Zachary and Zachary's mother

Ronan deadss

Ronan severely injured by the huge Pink Creature

Gaster firing monotone at big boi

Gaster firing Monotone while Jessica fires her Justice Gun

has lost someone, and motivates her by saying she should use this pain to ensure no one else will have to go through this. Undyne is thankful for this and feels better. Ronan then mentions the emptiness of the city and wonders where the blobs went. He calls Jessica and Gaster and asks if they've seen anything, but they also haven't seen anything. Undyne then spots three people still in the city, these are Hugo, Zachary, and his mother. Undyne first yells and questions why they are there, to where Hugo says the people had something important to say. Undyne still says that they can't just come to the city like that, but Zachary's mother insists that this is important. Zachary is blind but is able to sense magical energy. He says he has been sensing something big under the ground and the officers would not listen to him, so he and his mother asked Hugo to (1)

Undyne about to throw a spear but she is reminded of Alphys


Perseverance Officers firing at the huge creature

bring him to the one in charge, who is Ronan. The Kumuzilla under the ground heads to the direction of Jessica and Gaster, which then Gaster and Jessica feel intense movement, and then see the Kumuzilla itself. Gaster looks at the creature in fear when it is about to hit Gaster. Jessica grabs Gaster's hand and tells him to run. They run but are not fast enough and get hit, but they are shielded thanks to Gaster. Gaster tells Jessica to get up because they need to get out of there quickly. The Kumuzilla goes on a rampage destroying several buildings, and smaller creatures come out of it going somewhere. The Kumuzilla notices the number of souls in the school and starts heading there. Ronan notices this and desperately calls in reinforcements. Perseverance officers are seen firing a Persistence Shot at Kumuzilla.

However, this attack is counterproductive, as smaller pink creatures head out from the big one and stab the three officers. Ronan then fires Justice Beams at the smaller creatures, but one sneaks up on him and Undyne prepares to throw a spear but is reminded of how Alphys had died. Ronan is saved by his son Hugo firing a shot at the creature, however, Kumuzilla comes from behind Hugo, and is about to hit him when Ronan takes the hit for Hugo. He is hit into a wall to where he is hit again and is severely injured, and unconscious. Undyne watches this in horror.

We then switch back to Gaster and Jessica attacking Kumuzilla, with Gaster firing Monotone and Jessica using a J.M.R. This proves ineffective, and Jessica calls Rave telling him that he can use his magical weapons now. Gaster notices Kumuzilla hitting a building, which begins to collapse. Gaster summons a shield and attempts to shield him and Jessica from the rubble falling down, but his hands break and he falls unconscious and gets crushed by the rubble. Jessica also gets crushed by the rubble.

Jessica hang over

Jessica waking up

Jessica then wakes up and looks for Gaster. Gaster, however, is stuck under a huge boulder and is unconscious. Jessica quickly goes to him and tries to wake him up, and worries when he doesn't.

Gaster cries

Gaster struggling to get out of the rubble

Gaster then wakes up. Jessica asks if he is hurt and he replies saying that he isn't hurt too much, but is stuck. They both look up above and see sunlight. Jessica notices that she still has her teleporter and regains hope for a second, but Gaster then tells her that the teleporter can teleport only one person. He then tells her to use it and get out of there. Jessica refuses, attempting to carry the rock but failing. Gaster then questions why Jessica is so nice to him, even though he had threatened, insulted her, and even tried to kill her just so he could feel better over his failures. Gaster tells her to go, but Jessica naively plans to use the gun she has to amplify the magic output to make its blasts stronger. However, when she uses the gun, her soul cracks more which causes her to cough more blood. Gaster tells her to stop because if she continues they will both die.

Game Over P2 - Jessica sacrifice

Jessica sacrificing herself for Gaster

Gaster then says he forgives her for everything and to go. Jessica smiles and says she'll go, but before the teleporter teleports, she puts it in Gaster's hand and tells him to give Betty hell for her, simultaneously regaining her Integrity. Gaster is then teleported, to where the rubble falls upon Jessica, and she dies.

Game Over P2 - Grey family group hug

Jessica, Alina, and Noah hugging

She wakes up in an afterlife-like area, to where she is reunited with Alina and her husband, Noah. Alina asks Jessica if they can play now, and Jessica asks her for a hug. Jessica hugs her tightly, crying about how she was so sorry for what she had done. Noah joins the hug and they twinkle away.

Back at the arena, Chara and Betty seem to be preparing to fight. Betty, however, says how ignorance is bliss and that she's just trying to prevent humans and monsters from killing each other, sacrificing hundreds to save thousands. She then tells Chara that she has enough magic to complete her plan, which is to wipe out every monster on the surface so that the humans will be powerless and will have to submit to her. She questions why Chara even tries to stop her anymore as she believes he cannot.


The montage of the main characters' current states

Bete says for her, this is just the beginning. The screen then displays Gaster with his eye lighting up, but tears running down from his eye, Papyrus barely surviving under the destroyed house, Undyne preparing to face against the giant Pink Creature, Asgore firing his trident, Toriel spawning a flame, Asriel preparing his sword, Chara preparing his sword and knife, and Sans waking up in terror. Betty then tells Chara that it is Game Over for him. The episode ends with the credits.


Deleted Scenes


  • This is the first episode without Frisk considering his erasure from the timeline.
    • It is unlikely he will appear ever again.
  • This episode's OST was made by Nevan Dove, NyxTheShield, and Rush Garcia. Two of Nevan's tracks, Eschatonphobia and Eschatology, seem to be both hintings at the "end of all things".
  • Camila published this episode's intro animation on June 3, 2018.
  • All that we've been watching so far since Season 2 started, has been Timeline 2.
    • Timeline 1 was the same as Timeline 2, up until Chara lost to Asriel.
  • According to the Episode's Intro and Camila's statements, the entirety of Season 2 is NOT the original Glitchtale timeline. The original timeline got erased due to Asriel killing the "main character", which in this case is Chara. But, through their DETERMINATION, they managed to enter an old-point in the timeline and leave the locket from his timeline there for Asriel to take, with hopes that, this might be a turning point in the future. Season 2 is the second timeline. Timeline #1 and #2 are exactly the same up to the point where Chara fights Asriel, except that in Timeline 2, there are 2 lockets instead of 1. From now on, everything is new and a new outcome is yet to be discovered.
  • According to one of Camila's Tumblr posts, Game Over will be split into two parts, just like Love.
  • Game Over Part 1 is the first episode where Bete Noire doesn't have a major role, as the viewer only gets to see her at its ending.
  • At the end of Game Over Part 1, Bete quotes that "They're doomed to make the same mistakes", which is a direct callback to the music video "Scared Of Me".
  • The last seconds of the end of Game Over Part 2 signify teasers for the next episode. We see Asgore and Toriel preparing to fight, Asriel taking out his sword, Chara preparing his sword and knife, Undyne taking a stand against the gigantic Pink Creature, Gaster turning his eye red while crying, Papyrus clinging onto life, and Sans waking up in terror.
  • Gaster’s eye is seen shining red at the end of the episode. His blue color seems to be gone which means that Sans is dead.
    • The DETERMINATION that was injected into Sans is what's keeping him alive, and he is no longer connected to Gaster.
  • What Mettaton's state will be in the next episode is unknown. He is seen alive but broken. It is unknown if he’ll be able to be repaired or will die.
  • Ronan is seen immensely bleeding after being slapped around by the gigantic Pink Creature. It is unknown if he’ll be able to survive this.
  • If Gaster is able to walk or not is unknown, though it is possible he may not be able to as his legs had suffered under the rubble.
  • At the end of the episode, Sans is seen waking up in terror. It is unknown what his status will be for the rest of the season. As of right now, since Camila has hinted a possible chance of his demise, or if he will have a more major role.
    • If he didn't wake up to only experience his death, this means he should be okay if he rests in bed for a couple of weeks.
    • It could also be possible that Camila was doing this to set some fans off.
  • During the Jessica Grey afterlife scene, the background and setting may be a reference to in some anime when they have bubbles and bright backgrounds during a romantic or emotional scene.
  • The Kumuzilla has around 600 Pink Creatures inside of it.


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